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  1. I play something similar to the OP, I'm trying to build a new tactic as my 4-4-2 didn't work as expected last season in the Championship. So i switched to 4-4-1-1 as i acquired a young AMC (Vlad Dragomir) and i have two coming through the system. The problem is i cannot seem to get the AMC going , i tried him on support then attack , he scored once but ever since then he keeps bunching up with my CM's. The pair plays as DLP + CM (Defend)/BWM (Defend) depending on the player. How do i go about spreading this triangle to get the AMC going?
  2. @KoKid90 I used RED PlaymOver Barrage in my Jets save , alternating with others. I don't know about your save but in mine you cannot play it for a long period of time as it will break your 1st line. In my save it did just that , because it favors 1 line more than the others so you cannot use it for 3-4 games in a row as players get tired and do not recover in a short period of time. If you push them they get injured. And usually players on the first line play have roles on other lines (PP,PK) also so the usage is greater.
  3. I've had something strange happening in my sim, in the preseason the Devils put both their goalies on the block at the same time ( Kinkaid and Schneider). It felt weird such a move by the AI, tried to go for Schneider as he's way better than what i have at Winnipeg but they wouldn't trade for him at all. But he was still available for a long time into the season. Kinkaid ended up on waivers as nobody offered to trade for him.
  4. Regarding conditioning from what i've played in the first season (each game not sim ahead) only my first line started to show signs of fatigue. And that after passing the 62 games played plateau. But i didn't make any changes to my first line all that time, only when Mark Scheifele was injured for a month they played with a different center. Now i have to alternate Ehlers and Laine with other players because they cannot play more than 2-3 games in a row. And Mark Scheifele as well. I manage the Winnipeg JETS.
  5. I feel like it's the timing. Started my Millwall save with the 17.1.1 and when the new one appeared (17.1.2) all hell broke loose. Never had keepers breaking fingers in two consecutive games. Also in the first team had some injuries , at least one per week and some taking a player out for 4-5 weeks. Checked training , reduced to low as it was on average. In my Under 23 it's worse. I have some decent players that may develop but not in this style. Late edit: if i put it on low i have half of the team complaining about training intensity.
  6. Since there would be no release any time soon isn't there a way to change the starting date like we used to do on the EHM 07 so databases can be added for the new season ? If the franchise was restarted there should be continuity and maybe I'm wrong but is seems the easier way to go forward. Since RIz's message at the start of October we haven't heard anything , the season started and the silence is not encouraging.
  7. 2015 PRE-SEASON -------------------------------------------------------------------- Nothing spectacular in pre-season, just trying out a whole bunch of players, tinkering with tactics and so on . Played some bigger teams to garner extra cash and then lined up some smaller ones to regain a little morale. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the tactic which i used most of the season. I tweaked some of the player roles and instructions depending on each match , but generally this is the form we've played in the whole season As you can see, Joe Hanks is my best player in the middle and Jonte Smith my main ofensive weapon. --------------------------------------------------------------------- REGULAR SEASON - AUGUST-DECEMBER Unexpectedly for me the first part of the season went very well, not so many hiccups more than decent for the quality of players available At the start of 2016 we get a big hit regarding one of our consistent players. And here in lies my question and what i would classify as a bug for this team at least. Two of the senior affiliates are Cheltenham and Forrest Green. Both rivals of Gloucester, so useless in trying to loan players from them. What is their use ??? I've only kept Cheltenham as an affiliate as i was loaning Hanks from them. And here is another funny part of the story: the player is loaned until 20.01.2016 and the loan cannot be extended. So one of the better players is lost and you cannot do anything about it. This problem should be looked over in my opinion.
  8. Sad news. Although in a community such as ours most members will never meet face to face, reading what others post and mainly stuff that the mod's post which gives us more little insight into FM, you get the impression that you get to know that person just a little bit. Just from what he/she writes. Feels like losing a distant relative but for those close to him probably much more... R.I.P. Kriss
  9. You need to have a combination of loan and own team training/playing chances. In my Millwall save i had a prospect in my first youth intake which turned out to be a wonderkid in 4-5 years. And i didn't commit to one or the other. I had him for a time at the club, started him in the capital cup/FA for the first three years but i always loaned him to League 1 and 2 teams for some months (3-6). Then in year 4 and 5 i always rotated him in my playing side and he grew up to be a wonderkid. On the down side , i took a Serbian prospect (almost 17 years old) which didn't get a permit and i had him loaned to a Bulgarian affiliate (Lokomotiv Plovdviv). He got the playing time that he wouldn't get in my side 30+ matches a season, was a 4.5* prospect and when he finally got a permit after 3 years wasn't even a 4* prospect. He was older and i could see he was still developing but much slower then he would have been if I was able to have him at my team and loan him out to some english lower league teams.He turned out to be a disappointment a substitute player at best.
  10. GLOUCESTER CITY STORY Gloucester City Association Football Club - is an English semi-professional association football club currently based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in South West England, via groundshare agreement. The club was established in 1883 as Gloucester, they became Gloucester City in 1902, but were briefly known as Gloucester YMCA from 1910 to 1925, before returning to their previous name. The club has competed in the Conference North since 2009, having been promoted from the Southern Premier League at the end of the 2008–09 season. It spent a record 70 years within the Southern Football League from 1939 until 2009. It secured promotion after a Playoff final win against Farnborough. In July 2007, the club was considerably affected by the Gloucestershire floods with their Meadow Park stadium under eight feet of water. The floods have meant the club has been in exile away from Gloucester since 2007. The club are currently playing their home games at Cheltenham Town's Whaddon Road, after spending the previous three seasons sharing at Cirencester Town's Corinium Stadium and Forest Green Rovers' New Lawn stadium in Nailsworth. The club however has since been awarded outline planning approval by Gloucester City Council to build a new 4,000 capacity stadium, raised by several feet, on the site of their former home of Meadow Park. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SQUAD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRANSFERS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a short presentation of the club, the first team and the transfers i've made. As i pointed out in diferrent threads, what i generally like to do at this level is clear house and get rid of the dead weight and try to bring in as many players as i can until i get an ideea of what to use in the new season. Selling is kind of hard at this level so i've let some of the contract players go for 0 money transfer fees as the wage budget is already stretched and there is very little room to manuever. That will help for now One of the few regrets in letting some people go is Tom Webb , a club favourite , who is playing here since 2000/2001 and is surely to be something that will be a negative for a while with the board. But i had beeter solutions in the middle and he wasn't that good. So after careful consideration i decided to let him join another club. Managed to get in players to help in all areas as there are many needs to fill but the most important ones are: LANCE CRONIN GK - looks like a solid goalkeeper. Brighton born, came up through the youth ranks at Crystal Palace but hasn't played at Championship level. Lots of experience at Vanarama National level and a better choice than our Jasbir Singh BILLY JONES - DL- and our captain. Good player for this level, Leyton Orient product,which has played through the various lower leagues. Experienced and good at set pieces. A valued player which at this level is hard to find. JOE HANKS - MC - A good young player, only 20 years old, on loan from rivals Cheltenham. In my opinion a star player for the team that you get from the very begining in a crucial position in the middle. JONTE SMITH - AMC/STRIKER - A good looking player , started in Bermuda before coming to England and gettin his firts taste of football at Crawley. Got loaned all over and ended up at Gloucester. If i'm not mistaking he left in the winter transfer window for Lewes. OBI ANORUO - STRIKER - Good young player at 24 years old, looks like the base striker in my squad. Started playing at Wrexham and has some experience at this level. Honorable mentions: ADAM CONNOLY (MC and Vice Captain), GEORGE MILLER (MC) , DELE ADEBOLA (STRIKER), ALFRED MUGABO (AMR) , EMMANUEL KANTEH (DC) , FRANTZ TCHONANG-NGASSA (DC) Still missing some valuable players in the middle of the defence. I'm hoping to cover this in the winter transfer window. For now i have small scouting knowledge and the very few valuable players that were available got taken until i managed to free salary space. Nothing good on the market to pry away. Will be back with and update on pre-season, tactics and the regular season games.
  11. Close this one please.
  12. Top notch story telling with a lot of details. When i get to December i will start telling my Gloucester City story. Don't think i would have the time to make it as detailed as yours but I'll give it a shot.
  13. Yeah but you need some history at the team to force their hand with a resignation. And in some cases it doesn't work.
  14. I found that applying for work permits in championship or league 1 is much more difficult. After i got promoted to the PL , at least with players from South America, permits were approved when on appliance or on appeal. Weird...
  15. Can't give you advice there as i didn't play the custom databases so i didn't go that far I'm finding the AI transfer world ridiculous also in terms of fees spent and in general in terms of wages given to players. And as you pointed out teams are spending just because they have the funds. If you choose Leamington maybe share you impressions. I'd be curious how things are in that league.
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