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  1. I feel the same. Had a couple of hours playing as Bristol Rovers manager last night, and played one friendly. My AssMan is handling transfers.....I guess where I want to override I just click the appropriate boxes. Gonna have a mess around with the tactics tonight. Want to try to set up two main tactics.....one more attacking than the other. Predominantly use the attacking one at home and the defensive one away. I want to try to see allocating player presets to positions in the main. Anyone tried something similar. For example I want to set player A who is DC to be a stopper whether he plays DCL or DCR.
  2. I haven't played FM since 2010 due to having a young family. I did give the FMC13 demo a quick blast last year and liked it, but not enough to buy the game. I am however going to give it a go this year.
  3. Similar to you.....but Bristol City. We've only got 3 points also, but 2 League Cup wins, and a JP win over our local rivals, there is hope that the squad has the ability to consolidate in league one under my management.
  4. How many managers IRL fine a player for a straight red that wasnt violent? Would you alway fine a player for a handball on the line? I think you have to do it on merit. If it was a shocker, thn yes.
  5. So now we can create a thread titled "what time will we get an announcement". Suspect we will get people asking what constitutes afternoon!!!!
  6. I'm looking here everyday. It's because I rarely boot up my PC these days, as I've got an IPad. So my only real chance of getting a fix of FM is via FMH IOS. So I suspect there are a good few people as eager to play FMH. Having said that I not going to post things asking for release dates. Patience is difficult but we won't hear anything until it is time to be told!
  7. Totally agree, a player who gets a 7 for 90 mins and then a 6 for 10 mins should not get a rating of 6.50, should be 6.90 instead (if me math is correct ). E.g. (Rating x Minutes) + (ditto) + (ditto) etc DIVIDED BY Total minutes They used to have a goal per game ratio based on minutes on pitch, so ought to be possible to do this too.
  8. I don't think you really understand what I'm trying to get at! Of course I know who is my target man, but what I'm talking about is when I clear the team selection, say in the firstround of some cup, and send out the youngsters. When I set back the senior team I normally have to go into the individual instructions one @ a time, to see which of the strikers, centre halves, central midfielders is set to what tactics.. all i want is that instead of having 2 DC's, 2 CM's and 2 SC's on the initial squad selection screen is that they are now called DC1, DC2, CM1, CM2... etc. Its only something simple I want! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> i understand, and think this links nicely with personal player instructions as opposed to position instructions. in some cases you want Crouch to always be a target man, whether he starts or comes off the bench. Had you started the game with Bellamy and Fowler, you would have to amend the player instruction when Crouch comes on and vice-versa.
  9. especially once a fee is agreed. Maybe you agree £5m for Duff, get this accepted and then work out how its paid ~ offer this in 12 monthly payments, £2.5m now, £2.5m in 6 months etc. Chelsea would then accept whatever one they want. Would hopefully get around the £24k now, £10m over 12 months, that we currently see
  10. Wouldn't the club pay for your training/development? With regards to managers buying players, Gerry Francis (when manager of Bristol Rovers),pumped £10k into the club to buy Billy Clark, but that's the only example I've heard of!!
  11. I expect the opposition would suss this out pretty quickly!! What you need is perhaps the ability to specify more than one action for each set-piece, and a figure to show how likely you are to use it. E.G. Corner (Right) 1. Near Post 70% 2. Short 20% 3. Scholesy type 10% Free-kick (Attacking) 1. Cross to Best Header 50% 2. Cross to backpost 30% 3. Shoot 20% Freekick Defending 1. Man-Mark 80% 2. Run out and play offside 20% You obviously have to set up player positions/movements for each type, and then be able to save. Plus you don't need to have all 3. Any thoughts?
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