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  1. Do i need a new save or i can add it in an old one?
  2. Hello. Did anyone find the national Tunisian player Yassine Meriah in the 2018 data base? Is there in the database or will be addet in fm2019? Thanks a lot.
  3. ftp://ftp-public@ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-save/gas1.fm Yes i try to run the official data editor and save some changes. I cant load this game but if i try to load another save without data changes from official data editor, i can load it. So the problem is the official editor? Thanks
  4. Somebody? Many users have the same problem after the new update. I try low graphic settings.Doesnt work
  5. Hello. As you can see i cant load a saved game. All my save before could not be loaded after I have updated to 18.1.2 I try to make a new one but when i save it and try to load it i see this: I playe the game for 7 days and its the first time i have a problem Can you help me? DxDiag.txt Also. I usually save a game always.Manually When i exit the game, i 'Save and Exit. I always shut my system down normaly. I first exit from FM and then shutdown my pc. I cant load any of my old back up game. Antivirus the bitdefender but as i told you i did not have any problem until today. Its the first time i see something like this update- Restore Previous Versions not working. Ιts not the solution for my problem
  6. I think last year was announced at midnight of the day before
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