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  1. Oh ok thank you. That means then that I will have to start a new game after the official release since i bought him for my Man Utd game... Bye bye Lucas...
  2. So as a matter of fact as for FM19 he is still a Flamengo player... I mean even after January.
  3. A question from me to the researchers. In Transfermarkt's Lucas Paqueta profile has an information of future transfer arranged to AC Milan for him. https://www.transfermarkt.com/lucas-paqueta/profil/spieler/444523 Is it official then or not? Thank you.
  4. As a matter of fact he has an expiry date in beta db set to 15/7/2021... And the researcher said it will be fixed. Relax maybe?
  5. I'm in November too and I noticed that fatigue and injury problems are way too many so far... I have at least 1 injured player in every game so far, and in 1 game i had 4! I found it strange too but I didn't mentioned it, waiting for next season. I assumed that maybe the World Cup holidays and little pre-season training was the cause... Or maybe not?
  6. Jardim not @ Monaco anymore. Henry there now...
  7. Where is Xavier Simons of Barcelona?
  8. The "champions league squad registration" bug, scouting centre player images not showing, staff screen text mixed in graphs, etc... check UI thread...
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