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  1. I will like I do every year since it's release...
  2. Just noticed (don't know when it started) that the workload of my coaches is set to "none" no matter what, except from fitness coaches...
  3. Is there a Brexit scenario that UK doesn't leave the EU? Thanks!
  4. Most of the times. There are times that social feed show straight away. But most of the times I have to do the "trick" to see them.
  5. Continued how far? I'm late December 2019 now and still nothing.
  6. Since latest update I have this funny social feed problem. When I receive social feed news in my inbox the screen is empty. If I click on an other tab (e.g News) and back to the Social Feed tab, everything shows. Like that:
  7. I'm late October (11 Premiership matches + 3 Europa + 1 Cup + 8 Friendlies) and still no partnerships between players have been created. I started new save with the full release. Is this normal? (wasn't like that in past years).
  8. Of course. I just made the statement to help the conversation, nothing more.
  9. In latest update he is natural as CB but his primary positions is RB.
  10. I have a question, if it could be answered would be much appreciated... The database update with 20.1 patch is the final or there is going to be another one on full release? Thank you in advance.
  11. The db update with 20.1 is the last one, or there will be one more with full release? (I'm asking because if there will be another db update on Tuesday I'll wait till then to start a new career. If possible answer me please). Thank you.
  12. on the other side I never had lag with FM and I'm buying it the last 25 years (since Championship Manager). The last 9 versions were played on the same PC. Changed PC this year after 8 years. Cheers
  13. All updates except db changes are save game compatibles...
  14. I have the same. Only the original ones when you start the game are shown... I believe it's a known issue...
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