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  1. Jesus!! I was typing a similar post about real life Man Utd stature financially and within football world but when I saw your post I stopped!!! You said it better than I was about to... Much respect to all of you the researchers doing the hard work. Don't let ignorant comments and/or persons affect what you do. Thank you.
  2. Player condition you see it anyway (the little heart icons next to the shirts). Body language probably removed, can't find it either... Nope!! Found it! Body language is in the tablet as filter above squads (stats)
  3. Been an honour one more year lads! See you next year same place!!
  4. no matter what the worst case scenario (i hope!!) is 2hrs49mins till BEEEETTTTAAAAAA
  5. i suggest next year we should start a beta thread before the "stable" one for the speculation of the beta fm22
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