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  1. mmanu

    [Italy] Data Issues

    Oh ok thank you. That means then that I will have to start a new game after the official release since i bought him for my Man Utd game... Bye bye Lucas...
  2. mmanu

    [Italy] Data Issues

    So as a matter of fact as for FM19 he is still a Flamengo player... I mean even after January.
  3. mmanu

    [Italy] Data Issues

    A question from me to the researchers. In Transfermarkt's Lucas Paqueta profile has an information of future transfer arranged to AC Milan for him. https://www.transfermarkt.com/lucas-paqueta/profil/spieler/444523 Is it official then or not? Thank you.
  4. mmanu

    [Italy] Data Issues

    As a matter of fact he has an expiry date in beta db set to 15/7/2021... And the researcher said it will be fixed. Relax maybe?
  5. I'm in November too and I noticed that fatigue and injury problems are way too many so far... I have at least 1 injured player in every game so far, and in 1 game i had 4! I found it strange too but I didn't mentioned it, waiting for next season. I assumed that maybe the World Cup holidays and little pre-season training was the cause... Or maybe not?
  6. mmanu

    [France] Data Issues

    Jardim not @ Monaco anymore. Henry there now...
  7. mmanu

    [Spain] Data Issues

    Where is Xavier Simons of Barcelona?
  8. Hey facepacks KING! (this is mmanolis from sortitoutsi)
  9. Well spotted!! I just noticed I have the same issue... Well done Sheep!
  10. It worked for me with only 1 upset player whom I managed to calm down with personal talk.
  11. I have to admit I found it strange at first too. Now I'm used to it and I don't really mind, though if you ask me I would prefer Capital and lower case....
  12. When you get to the proper CH.L squad registration date (September the 1st), everything comes back to normal. So you can register a "temporary" squad until that date and sort it out then.
  13. Same problem in Squad screen with selection view selected..
  14. Am I the only one experiencing this..?
  15. Is it me or after 18.0.3 update the inbox is responding slow when you have to respond to something? For example if you have to reject a loan offer for one of your players, when you press the Reject button it takes a couple of seconds to accept the action...