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  1. All the mistakes that you have mentioned are caused by importing my database to newer versions of FM (btw i really appreciate the efforts of Dircks to keep my DB alive) If you try to play my mod with FM 2010 you will notice that Osgood and Harris are with Chelsea and the GK's of Leeds are Harvey and Sprake.
  2. The link to the normal version still works. I also wanted to upload the superleague mod but i keep getting an IO error.....
  3. Fixed. http://www.filefront.com/16959999/All%20Stars%20DataBase%20by%20Chiellini%20SUPERLEAGUE%20MOD%201.1.rar
  4. Never heard of him,but now i have added him to the DB.
  5. I have already explained why Cruyff isn't at Ajax. I have made the Ajax from the 90' because i was tired playing with the same team from the 70', so i have placed Cruyff and Neeskens at Barca to make the team stronger because in all the games that i have played before Real Madrid won the title too easily.....Rep is at Valencia. Look Better........
  6. I have already made it,if you wait a couple of days it will be in my next update....
  7. The file only put the players of some teams in the game,but if you don't want those players you can untick the box when you start a "normal" game and select it again when you start a game with my DB.
  8. If you have followed the instructions, you should get a screen like this: btw,the retain file is only optional,just to be sure to have all the players that i have created in the game,but without it most of the players (90% at least) will be still available.
  9. I have forgotten to change the date of birth......fixed. P.S. Raul have a low influence because is only 17.
  10. Like the other versions of my DB you have to unzip the file here: C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\editor data No, You must load only the Superleague MOD...... http://rapidshare.com/files/399798748/All_Stars_DataBase_SuperLeague_MOD.rar.html
  11. Maybe you have no idea how much work is necessary to do something like that......you can't expect the same level of accuracy of the regular database from my work and IMHO updating the achievements is pointless because doesn't add anything to the game.
  12. All stars DB SuperLeague MOD: - 168 Teams - 6 Levels League Structure - 2 Cups Link: http://www.filefront.com/16757451/All%20Stars%20DataBase%20SuperLeague%20MOD.rar
  13. It would be great if you can post here a list of players of San Lorenzo. P.S. Everyone who wants his favourite teams in my DB can do the same.
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