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  1. I uploaded my save under the name " Gate 13 !!! " with Panathinaikos ( as manager John Papadopoylos ) i had continued my game being in Mach of 2019 though... Hope here back soon. Thanks in advance.
  2. I tried with 3 different ways ( regular transfer,future transfer,loan...) with 4 different players under 23...And it didnt worked...it was telling me to delay the transfer for a week again and again until the transfer was cancelled... I ll upload the save afterwards tonight when i ll finish work.. Thanks in advance Christofer.
  3. I am looking forward for an answer from a SI Member cause i wanna know if i can continue my save or i ll have to start a new save... Its very important to me Plss..
  4. Hellozzz there... I am tryin to confirm a signing of a player (under 23..) in the January transfer window but it doesn't let me finalize it...( I Am playin with Panathinaikos F.C ) Even as a regular transfer(january window..) or loan or transfer from next year ( July 2019 ) it doesn't let me finalize it... it supposed to be fixed after the latest update by knowing the transfer restrictios of the embargo @ Panathinaikos F.C Someone else have the same problem...??? Can Anyone help..
  5. So.. in January transfer window i can buy one player over 23 ( greek player only... ) ????? Or the maximum wages i can offer for a player is less than 100.000 per year...? A dude in the previous page wrote u the exact restrictions as they exist this year ( while the embargo is happening..) in real life. Thats what i am asking to.. Are u plan to "put" those restrictions detailed as they mentioned or is it too complicated for coding them. No offence just wondering Ed.. Thanks in advance..
  6. Good Mornin 2 everyone and a Happy New Year with love and happines for every single one person .. For the last time i am wondering, can anyone from SI team answer to us if they are plannin to "put" in the game the transfer restrictions as they mentioned above about Panathinaikos transfer embargo or not...?? Thanks in advance...
  7. OK WHATEVER...have a good night 2 everyone and merry christmas ppl..! peace.
  8. Can anyone from SI "team" answer my question..? Dissident21 suggest and put in his post the real terms about Panathinaikos transfer restrictions for this year, so it would be very useful if u can add this in the game... Thanks in advance..
  9. did you also "put" in the game the restrictions about Panathinaikos transfer policy after the embargo mentioned by Dissident21 ..???
  10. THANKS my friend ! Yeah Savvidis is one of my main targets as a free agent. Thanks bro i ll give it a try.. Peace..
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