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  1. Great skin! However, for some reason my fonts change between regular and bold determined when starting FM. Anyone experiencing the same and is there a possible fix?
  2. Unlocking my Raumdeuter

    I would love if you could guide me in the general direction of that video!
  3. Nikigreat's It's a Wing Thing

    If you simply remove the % from the filename, you can successfully import the tactic
  4. How long you rate it takes before they reach that team understanding? I did it for a whole season but they only ever reached "our current players have forged an extremely strong understanding".
  5. [FM13] [RELEASED] Alavanja 13 Amazing Skin

    Sick skin, loving every detail of it :-)!
  6. Alright, so I'm managing Swansea and everything is going smooth. Currently 5th in the league mid-season. I've been building my football around a counter-attacking philosophy and really feel that I've been spot-on with the tactic (according to my players) This has been working against bigger teams such as United, City and Chelsea. To my surprise I even beat United 4-0 and were very pleased by it. However against lower sides, such as Southampton (etc., etc.) It's been poor performances. Which led me to think, that using a high (MAXIMUM!!!) pressure against lower sides would be much more ideal while still playing on the counter-attack after the ball have been intercepted. Since this is the first year I'm playing FM... TL;DR:I would very much appreciate help for a tactic contributing high pressure, direct counter-attacking! Any suggestions for this idea?