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  1. Go to preferences -> interface -> skin colours and set the 'alpha' value of each attribute type to 1. It will make the attributes invisible regardless of the background.
  2. I'm going to sue that Danish retailer for moral injury if the beta doesn't come out tonight
  3. Doesn't Brexit actually make it easier to sign non-EU players?
  4. Strange that you're not so outspoken against countries like Serbia or Montenegro joining the EU in the game.
  5. Paulinho (the one from Barcelona) once played for my local club, back when he was 18. When they ask the players and staff who used to play with him and train him back then, they all say that the never thought he would go on to have such a great career
  6. Right, but do lower league clubs even use scouts? Where would an amateur or semi-pro club scout, if they wouldn't even be able to attract players from outside their immediate area?
  7. I wonder what those scouting packages mean, will we no longer send scouts on assignments?
  8. I know that this is "work in progress" and all, but that Watford goal in the clip gave me PTSD, first the horrible headed clearance and then nobody out of the 8 players in and around the box even looks to mark the scorer or intercept the ball
  9. Well, until now interaction seemed to be mostly limited to player <---> manager, bar the occasional squad mutiny, it seems that now the game will also include relationships between the players themselves, as in "this new guy came in and wants to take all the penalties, let's have a bust-up in the dressing room!".
  10. I'm getting too old for this ****, just give me a bunch of screens to look at instead of having to sit through ~4 minutes of youtube "experts" just to watch 10 seconds of game footage
  11. But that's already in, for better or worse, sometimes newgens they can even grow long hair and a handlebar moustache over the space of a day
  12. These forums used to be much more toxic circa 2008 or so, then the mods started cracking down on some of the worse posters and it's gotten much tamer since then.
  13. Not my screenshot, but found this rather funny - a player misses the CL final due to partying all night the day before.
  14. My save game from the previous version now takes drastically longer to load, the progress bar fills up quickly enough, but then the game gets 'stuck' on the loading screen for a couple of additional minutes, anyone else noticed this or is it only my file?
  15. I don't know why it's specifically Serbians, because from the data I found on the Internet there are actually very few Serbians living in Iceland; Poles (no surprise there) form the biggest diaspora in Iceland, but from what I've seen clubs aren't producing any Polish-Icelandic newgens. I did a quick check in my FM17 game and there have also been some Icelandic-American newgens, I guess they're supposed to be kids of soldiers who served in the US military base in Keflavik.
  16. Newgen 2nd nationalities are hardcoded in the game, Icelandic clubs will produce a bunch of players with Serbian nationalities each year.
  17. Haven't seen anyone try to round the keeper, as for lobs I once saw the match commentary claim that a striker tried to chip the keeper, but in 3d it looked more like a weak shot that went wide at knee height. I'm pretty disappointed with the finishing to be honest, players still tend to shoot for the near corner of the goal when shooting for the far corner is clearly the better decision, when running clear on goal they still shoot from the edge of the box, and there are far too many instances where strikers miss clear chances by hitting a weak shot straight at the keeper.
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