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  1. Hey, I have a problem with my defenders.Everytime they only attack the threatening players in groups...like two or three players go to tackle one player, leaving a lot of space for others.For example, my right DC goes to tackle a striker, after 2 seconds, the DR comes "to help him", leaving the opposite's team left winger alone.Another thing is that strikers pass my defenders like they're not even there.I have a pretty average squad at Real Sporting(SPA) and this happens to every tactic I apply, so I don't think it's because of the instructions. Also, what would you suggest(style of play) for a team like Real Sporting with no really "star" in the team. #LE:I also have problems with players passing to the keeper for no reason, and the opposition's strikers intercept the ball.
  2. Hey, I just started the game again to test the updates and... 1.I shoot better than all of my players...they just pass the ball to the keeper.I have a striker with 17 finishing, 15 composure and he misses all the time...just passes the ball to the opposite keeper or misses the net. 2.I have like 60% possesion and I lose with 1-0,2-0...and a lot of goals from corners... 3.I just can't explain why we don't score. 4.Players keep passing the ball back instead of trying create a goal scoring opportunity.It's 1-0 in 80' and they pass the ball to the keeper :| 5.Most of times if I don't use the "Extended" option of showing the match, I only see the beggining and the end...so it means that there are no "Key" opportunities... 6.Wingers keep cutting inside and shoot instead of looking for a pass or smth...long shots...long shots everywhere. 7.Still can't score goals. 8.Silly mistakes like passing the ball to the opposition and stuff... I play 4-4-2 or 4-3-3(3 midfielders, 2 wingers, 1 striker), standard, fluid, press more, more direct, more disciplined, float crosses, zonal marking.Some advices? PS:I play Rangers in the 3rd season, second divison.I had no problems(won foruth&third league+3cups) 'till the update.
  3. Nevermind, my FM just crashed, so I'm not going to start this crappy game again.At least for a while.
  4. Well...that's my problem...I don't score a lot...so I lose alomost everytime(1-0,2-0,2-1...****** scores).My players don't seem to know what they're doing...just passing around 'till they lose it...or when they reach an attacking position, they pass the ball back to the keeper O.o.Wtf? LE:And when they hold the ball, sometimes they just leave it behind instead of shooting...WTF?Who does that?Who is in front of goal and walks forward without the ball, then turns around trying a dribbling, ending up gaining a corner AT MOST?WHO?
  5. Hello, I have a big problem with my players...they reach the penalty area, but instead of doing something with the ball...they stop...just wait for some defender to attack them and then they either lose it or obtain a corner.This is very annoying especially on the counter-attacks when we have like 3 to 1 superiority and a players holds up the ball instead of crossing or shooting or ANYTHING. I also have problems with losing the ball in the midfield...or players passing like they are blind(I even have Canales who has 20 creativty and 18 passing...still he gives the ball away everytime).Also problems with defenders who instead of anticipating the opposing player's future position, they go in and attack him like they are ********...and after they miss the tackle, run after him trying to get the ball...this is like a comedy movie, watching my team play like that. I don't use wings, I play either balanced or fluid, attacking and I checked that my players don't have "Hold ball" activated.Also they are told to cross the ball frequently. PS:I don't use wings because this is the only tactic that used to work(doesn't anymore).My team is AS Monaco.
  6. Well...I'm trying to play a short passing game, without long balls and long shots...basically working the ball into the box.The aggressive tackling and pressing are adjusted recently because I was on the last place at aggresivity and tacklings...Also the stick to position, because I don't want players running on the field how they want(wich they do, leaving a lot of space).
  7. I tried almost everything around the forums, and sadly, nothing works...I win everything in the pre-season, but when the official games start, it's a disaster...I usually score 1 goal, then concede 2-3 right away...no matter what tactics I use.I downloaded tactics, made my own, followed the instructions in here...but nothing.The only career that was succesful was at Shakthar with a tactic made by me, but when I left, nothing worked, I managed St.Pauli,Schalke and AS Monaco, and I'm near the last places everytime.I also started a new career with Betis, but I lost 0-5 with Athletic 0-3 with Rayo, and so on...no victory.I use one attack and one defend role in each compartiment(4-4-1-1), short passing, aggressive taclking, zonal marking, float crosses, press more, more disciplined, stick to position. It seems that the ME doesn't even put my tactic into the game, because my players still play longs balls, and the defenders act like they are blind, the ball just passes them everytime, and sometimes they don't even attack the opponent or they leave their position to attack an opponent that is aleready being taken care of.
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