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  1. My game is running slowly again. I upload save game to server. Its name is slowly again YS-1965. Old topic:
  2. New patch worked for me. Progressing looks very good. Thanks.
  3. My problem did not solved. When I am on holiday the progressing takes 5 seconds, when I am not on holiday the progressing takes 1 minute for same game time. I uploaded my saves. Their names are slow processing - YS-1965.fm and slow processing - YS-1965(v02).fm (have not been saved with 17.3) I attached screens, dxdiag file and files. DxDiag.txt YS-1965 cache.rar
  4. Game running slowly on processing. Game creation version number is 919512. I uploaded image for game info and uploaded dxdiag. And I have no antivirus. DxDiag.txt
  5. Yesterday, fm works fine but after the update runs very slowly. New game works fine but older saves too slow.
  6. I have same problem too. Yesterday, fm works finely but after the update runs very slowly. My all older saves and new save with new database runs very slowly. edit: New game work fine now but older is same.
  7. I want to customize player roles. For example I use wing back with attack duty. But I want him to cross less often. In advance we could that freely. Now I don't what I want in tactics.
  8. My request is adding new camera to bench. Watching the game with real angle would be good.
  9. I did not read all posts, If someone asked that I'm sorry. Why I don't select favourite team as a team which is not in the playable leagues. Like team of Turkish Third League. edit: My bad. All teams are selectable.
  10. This status is very unrealistic. For example team A sack manager and appoint team B's manager. Team B appoint team C's manager, Team C appoint team D's manager... All the happenings happen in the mid season.
  11. There are some mistakes to convert Turkish. my fail. Sorry
  12. This mean is "sacking"? I have continued 2-3 day. No message to me from board. Do I continue my fight?
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