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  1. Hello all, Are there any leagues where you can still completely control the signings/squad of your B Team. So basically, clear out their squad, fill it with your youngsters and prospects and let them play in the B Team (in an active league) without them signing their own players? Thanks
  2. This has been a debate for years. People accuse bias against humans vs AI on Transfers SI deny bias against humans vs AI on Transfers To me, this has always been an issue. And the OP has laid out some specific examples. If a club is accepting £47m from an AI club, and asking for over £130m from a human club, there is an issue - regardless of if he praised the guy in the media. He also got a £20m bid rejected for a player, who was sold days later for £2.5m I think there is a huge transfer bias against human managers - but I have absolutely no proof and if SI say otherwise, who am I to to argue
  3. He didn't retire until about 97. I've just read about people signing him in the Scottish leagues and him being decent
  4. Yeah, I remember I had a tool that would display them. I remember signing a very average, 26 year old defender from Championship/League 1 who had 200 potential but just hadn't developed - and he never got anywhere near Premiership level.
  5. Has there been many players over the games history with a fixed potential of 200? I seem to remember Diego Maradona being in the database around 1997/1998 with a fixed potential of 200. Of course, his current ability and fitness level was so low it rendered him fairly useless!
  6. Sorry for the bump? Has anyone managed an easy way to do this?
  7. Hello, I understand some of you have discovered various ways to manipulate the Brexit outcome, meaning England stays in the EU. Would it be possible for someone to let me know the easiest method, with a step by step instruction? I'm not used to using the advanced editor. Many thanks in advance
  8. Hello, I understand the Brexit outcome cannot be reversed by reloading. Has it been determined if you can alter the EU status of England/Scotland in the real time editor if you don't like the outcome? Apologies if this has been answered before. Thanks
  9. It does, thanks. I wonder why they only list the league games?
  10. Why does the player history only show league games? Any way for it to show all competitive fixtures?
  11. Agents who make you make the first offer on contracts - so you have to manually input every detail blindly.
  12. Scribe - this is a great skin and has probably helped thousands of people get more enjoyment out of the game!! Does anybody know if it is possible to combine this with a logo pack?
  13. I was on a six game unbeaten run. Updated to 15.4 - lost 4-1 to West Brom, 4 players carried off injured
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