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  1. whats with the hating of hart, wilshere and rooney, they some of englands best players
  2. what gets me is why do I have to keep increasing the stadium by 6k seats at a time. For example if I took a team into the premier league and its riches, why not increase by 30k?best yet, have an option to choose from say you can have it increased by so much depending on the teams finances. Same with facilities. why not improve to best straight away instead of incremental increases. any unbalancing could be offset by pressure on finances.
  3. Brian Mclair makes a great assistant manager and can be got in Jan 1st season
  4. don't get me wrong If I lose champs league final I don't reload. because that's not fair. but what if you bought 2 or 3 hotprospects and they are out for months. like 9 months in some cases. Hey just started a game as Blackburn and lowe is out for 9 corry evans 8 and that's at the start of the game when it loads first time. bought Jordan rossiter for 3.8 m. zikovic went to psg
  5. opposition teams score from counter attack against attacking team more probably because of leicesters success in the premier league. tbh I think counter attack has radically changed, its now short and fast mixed with balls over the top
  6. tell them you will be replacing him with a better play and follow up on your word
  7. If your hot prospect like lewis cook gets injured for 6 months load save. If you have any arguments, who would continue playing a game where your best players get injured, u would start again if it was really bad. so honestly guys its better. If you are signing a hot prospect and need to give him key player status, as soon as you sign him, save, then move him to hot prospect to get his determination up by tutoring. They rarely complain but if they do u can always reload
  8. Blackburn needed promotion before patch to stay in the black. since then they sold Rhodes and only just started new game so might have changed. what about Bolton?
  9. Ismael azzaoui and bakkali can play amr see if they've been trained up
  10. neither if you can get martial, u can get depay of utd
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