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  1. I lived in another country for 6 years and got very homesick and returned. Its feasible and realistic. Worries me that we are going to point out gripes and frustrations as bugs in the game..... And I'm sure he missed more than the assumed Spanish food....La Liga, Sunshine, beautiful cities, culture, wider family....makes sense to me that you would make a choice on this later in your tenure than earlier. I personally think it adds spice to the game and is what could very likely happen and does happen at clubs....a test of management there then.
  2. Cant figure that out either. Cant see a way in preferences, so might be the way it is. Runs at a good speed here. FM17 is faster, as its like lightening now in terms of processing and match engine (after all patches) and with FM18 being the newer version was expecting it to be slightly more intensive on my hardware, but runs well so far to be honest. But given the amount of frustration being shared on here and on steam they will need get some work done before release, think though given the backlash and the frustration voting on Steam (IN A BETA!!!??!!!) I can almost see an early release BETA becoming a thing of the past which would be a shame as its meant to be so we can give constructive feedback to improve a game we clearly all love. Not to bash SI to death during a beta, give feedback like yours here (kind of) as it would help though with such feedback to provide specs and anything else useful to SI (I'm guessing) to understand what might be causing it to be slow etc etc etc. My thoughts anyway......guessing no developer deserves any form of user loyalty for making games we love anymore?? Yes we pay for it, but its not for free to develop, but the comments on Steam in the review section are bordering on just unreasonable as it is AGAIN a Beta you are reviewing, stamp, stamp, stamp your feet, squidge your yorkshire pud in disgust or post in the bugs forum to help the game be better people! The main thing SI can do wrong is to completely ignore the feedback when it is constructive.
  3. Ahhh. Never seen them as only had 2D on for one match, but guessing they really flash alot and brightly etc as many have commented.
  4. Hard to say. Hard to say with your spec. If its the interface, then certainly optimization needs to improve and not your sepc. If the match, then my bet is the GPU is now getting a little old for FM, 2D fine most likely but 3D may be hard unless they (as I boringly keep saying) optimise it more for a better frame rate performance (most games do eventually!). Its a laptop GPU, so not much opportunity to upgrade though. My old laptop I refferred to earlier had a GEForce GT 650m (higher version than 230m) and that struggled in Fm15. Might be a 2D year unless it does indeed get better?
  5. Then suggest bug forum? As is surely again either optimization (beta) or as I added above PC's can be damn funny machines with compatibility on certain games, even when working on ones that "look" better doesn't always mean that the lesser looking game is no less hardware hungry, sometimes more. My old laptop years ago could run decent games for the time but always struggled with the 3d engine in FM15!
  6. FM 17: MINIMUM: OS: Windows Vista (SP2), 7 (SP1), 8, 8.1, 10 (1607) – 64-bit or 32-bit Processor: Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core or AMD Athlon – 2.2 GHz + Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: Intel GMA X3100, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT or AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 – 256MB VRAM DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 3 GB available spac FM18: OS: Windows Vista (SP2), 7 (SP1), 8/8.1, 10 (1703/Creators Update) - 64-bit or 32-bit Processor: Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core or AMD Athlon – 2.2 GHz + Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: Intel GMA X4500, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT or AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 – 256MB VRAM DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 7 GB available space Graphics card requirements have gone up this year from what I can see. Guessing that will be the cause for most peoples gripes and issues (aside from it being a beta), could be first version of now many that wont work with without one at all, to be expected though in this day and age now, soon will probably be far more important than a processor and most likely make them redundant as hardware. If I run a game in minimum specs (any game) I expect to play it, but all be it very barely. Perhaps recommended specs should be on the Steam store page as well, or game publishers provide a 3 tiered level of spec requirements getting rid of minimum altogether as often minimum now doesn't mean this game will run fine. Combine that with numerous other PC issues that contribute to whether a game runs smoothly or not, its a nightmare to develop for I'm sure as users have so many variables on their systems as to why a game may or may not be running!!!
  7. Also have noticed that you cant hold the mouse button when upping or lowering a bid, have to click it loads instead to do the same thing. Small and teeny tiny issue, but certainly noticed it.
  8. Regarding scouts, I believe right now, no. But as a contingency I have set up my scout meetings to happen every 2 days (1 day is overkill). Its in preferences in the scouting screen.
  9. Then would hazard a guess that it would be optimization that is required for the release. Or minimum specs meaning the game runs at the slowest it possibly can and anyone below minimum, would mean they cannot run it.
  10. What are these "flashing" ads that I keep reading about? In my game I can only see static ad boards at the side of the pitch?
  11. No news is good news....and to post here means gripes rather than majority of YAYs!!! Way it always is. So my feedback: Match Engine So far so good for me, haven't seen anything strange and loving the immersion, wish there could be more tbh!! But its a start. And anything I may have seen "wrong" will be because "its my tactics!" rather than anything game breaking. Its a BETA, so I am reserving judgement for implementation of tactics as ones that work will soon be redundant after the countless posts here are reacted to and the engine is adjusted accordingly. Found it harder with lower league teams at the mo than top flight, but most likely as I always have the top flight mindset ingrained after succeeding in previous versions. Animations are still a little wooden, but after sinking into FIFA and PES for the past month again my brain has probably become conditioned to them there! lol! But its certainly the best beta release I can remember!! 2d lovers and those unable to run it leaving on mass? Probably...but maybe not eventually, many a steak and kidney pie is being spat out at the mo!!! I can sympathise with this view to a certain extent and yes there is going to be many players that will be phased out this year and going forward as it becomes more tech heavy. But there are also some of the "hardcore" fans that also love the new graphics engine and the immersion that comes with it, myself fully included. Been playing and been hooked since the first Champ Man and the game is slowly becoming what my 14 year old self back in 1993 could have only dreamed of!! I remember the same outcry as CM4 was released and I had to upgrade my PC for that version (and I did!!). Its a tough choice and road to take, BUT there is a 2D version, much like the text stayed in CM4...that was too a watered down version of the previous in CM01/02. Again just progress and this 2D Classic is hardly a killer and I can see from the outcry on the forums here that it will take a while for change and progress to be accepted. Normal to be honest. UI Interesting one. I neither love it or hate it. I don't like how I cannot see the height and weight of a player on their profile. But skins will be my friend soon. Capitals? Its a non issue, but a choice of taste. Also there are not enough options to fill the boxes with different info on the player screen, hopefully to be resolved as having the same info there twice is odd. Overall though its familiar and consistent and still the most intuitive UI for a sports management game out there...full stop. I agree with the posts about scouting needing to be in the inbox, yes I get that I can set weekly reminders, but it would be easier to get emailed a scouting update when completed. Oh and pleeeease can the tactics UI on the match day be changed? Its a killer that the same screen from the tactics menu cannot be entered, its on its side with no analysis and just not user friendly, have to say its the one thing that has had me close to the word "hate" so far!!! Scouting Love it! Best ever in my opinion. I will openly say that I have resorted to Genie Scout in previous versions in the end, but this year its already different, it feels extensive and accurate according to the stats of your scouts, I actually love finding players now in the game again. I like how in my shortlist I can view their scouted ratings, like the data analysts, its now close to being the real thing! Yes! Transfers I haven't again seen anything out of the ordinary here. AI appears to behave normally and also give me two fingers as do players if my offers are low etc. Top tier teams seem a little more conservative in their purchases, but also to fill the gaps they need. I purchased a DM from Lazio and almost immediately I could see them desperately trying to plug the gap with a new player. Feels like FM17 and just with better options, so a non issue for me to be honest. And its feedback that its GOOD, positive feedback. Tactics Its FM17 with additions, simple. But one addition is amazing, analysis. Love it! And the feedback given is far more extensive, bordering on sometimes way too much information everywhere, but this is a simulation right? So its loved and wanted! Just cannot get Blackburn to play football in my lower league game, but maybe its true to life right now!!!! Arsenal I was a wrecking machine and Wengers rightful replacement!! Worried to experiement as I said earlier as no doubt everything will be changed...which is annoying as tactics should be ala football and not changed to counter people complaining which then turns it into tactics to beat the AI only and not football, so please babysteps in this area, no knee jerking, remember those who complain will always have the loudest voices. Performance No issues. At all. Occasional lag on screens, but nothing where I need to run out of the house screaming in the street. Sure there is more optimization coming, but like "its your tactics," "its your pc." Overall enjoying it so far and can actually see myself getting back into this years more. Last version I sunk over 1000 hours into was FM15, (FM16 and FM17 just over 500 each). So hoping for some solid gaming and some immersive, simulated management football this year and next!! Is it worth full price? Probably not as its a face lift with more options (albeit a probable new engine), but nothing new (Madden, FIFA, PES, NHL and any other sports game on the planet.....I swallow them and will this as Im sure the development team hasn't just been sitting around for a year chilling!!) Its a beta as well, so will await the updates and full release. But well done!
  12. And sorry to be clear.....when I set up a new game it freezes about a quarter of the way and doesn't move have left it for an age... I have a rather powerful rig, so it is not an issue with that, considering I have been playing happily since release with over 42 leagues running.
  13. Hi, I have ploughed through every post on here and tried everything so far that I can see has been advised here, deleted cache, preferences folder, deleted files in Local, run in compatibility mode in Steam for Win 8 blah blah blah....literally everything. Now out of ideas and resorting to posting here in the vain hope that there is a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Been playing with this tactic through a couple of experimental seasons so far. Works very well in terms of possession and shots. CCC's arent always as easy to come by and although I have been relatively successful (better than any of my attempts so far and other tactics for the beta so far) I am getting a very high number of yellow and red cards which may be down to the tackling side.
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