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  1. @Seb Wassell Have you internally noticed any issues with the newgen personalities when they are created? In my opinion quite a few of those youngsters have great personalities (even model professional) straight from the start. I'm not saying that any of those youngsters shouldn't have a good personality but for me there might be too many with excellent ones from the beginning.
  2. Well, I've been a spiker while playing with experienced players who are 30cm taller than I am and I can dunk a basketball... I bet that the newgen I posted with those physicals would also be really good at jumping as he has both superior strength and pace which are required from a good jumper. Also he is light so I see no problem with him also having great jumping skills.
  3. I think that in football height is also linked to strength. You can clearly notice a pattern that the players who are close or under 170cm have low strength attribute. Of course you can train for example Messi to be strong and bulky but not with a downside to his other qualities I would say. For example Alexis is quite muscular looking and short player but he only has 11 for strength. Also I would still claim that I would reach 13-15 on jumping reach as a 170cm man.
  4. Worst one I've faced so far. Of course there is no insurance that this isn't edited any way but this is physically easily the best player ever featured in football by far and probably also one of the smallest players in football. Would think that with physique like this the player would also be able to jump: he is fast, strong and light but still his jumping reach is only four. For example I'm not a top level athlete but I'm a 170cm volleyball player, well a former volleyball player but my jumping reach at prime would easily have been somewhere between 13-16. With those physicals it makes no sense that this guy's jumping reach is so low.
  5. If I remember correctly there were very little (if any at all) db changes last year in terms of Athletic and for example in the original db Yeray and Kepa were both still both ranked and placed to the reserve squad while both really were solid first teamers and Kepa taken over the place as a starting goalkeeper. Hope that this isn't the case this year and for example Unai Nuñez's presence and generally really good performances, also Córdoba has been featuring in the first team for three times already in La Liga and for me Vesga has been really good in the midfield. Hope that these will be also notified in the game db. Would also like to see upgrades on Lekue who has been solid for couple of seasons now and also upgrade to De Marcos' defensive attributes that still are rated fairly low even though he has played and performed really well as a right back for years now at the top level.
  6. Why is squad building so easy?

    On the Finnish (now dead one) FM Community the general opinion in the latest years have been that the game's difficulty level is on the low side. And for example this view of mine about the transfer system and AI performing there was highly agreed. What was notable in the latter years of the Finnish community is that no one basically was asking for help on anything related to the game play but instead on technical problems with the game itself. In the past the community used to be really active and had lots of discussion about tactics, transfers, developing players etc. But all that has died and no one in the end seemed to have difficulties to be successful. Also we had a lot of career update 'diaries' and especially now everybody was overachieving. And the two YouTubers that we had in the Finnish community also highly overachieved even though on the videos we could all see that they mainly don't know anything about football or how to for example set up tactics. What we could also see is that in the transfer market they could sign whoever they wanted etc. Well I think that we who do hope that parts of the game could and definitely should be made more challenging are on the wrong here and the game should be just designed for those who want everything to be nice and easy and we should somehow find a way to make it more challenging by maybe playing the game blindfolded or something.
  7. About staff

    Fair enough, I will raise my hands on this issue.
  8. About staff

    Are you on purpose misunderstanding me on every thread? I'm talking here about for example signing a new assistant manager with good attributes on tactical knowledge and with good media handling = fairly easy to find one with every club. And you can delegate the media handling to this guy so you don't have to do it yourself. Fair enough, the media handling gets really boring in a short time and I understand that some of us want to skip that. But, the same assistant manager also probably has the good tactical knowledge attributes and motivation attributes and you can also delegate he to do your team talks, opposition instructions and even training. This for me is a bit laughable to be honest as this game should be about you making decisions and being successful or making mistakes. I think that all this amount of delegating and not getting any real causation to this is something that I don't understand. I know that no one forces using these features but I personally don't understand why on this type of game where you should be the manager you can basically delegate everything away from your tasks without any real issues. These type of features are the ones that keep creating that arcade feeling.
  9. About staff

    Would think that eventually there would be some kind of causation to this if you don't do anything yourself but use your staff to do the dirty work. Players in real life kick off from much less than that. And considering how easy it is to upgrade your staff these options mean really simple exploits.
  10. Why is squad building so easy?

    I'm not talking about delegating squad building.
  11. Why is squad building so easy?

    I think it's a matter of opinion which were harder and my opinion is that the older ones were. They had more complicated tactics, training system and on the transfer market the AI challenged you. Also you couldn't delegate everything to your staff.
  12. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Athletic Bilbao like always.
  13. Goalkeeper ratings

    It needs an overhaul for sure. N'Golo Kante for example was the player of the year last season in the Premier league and Manuel Neuer competed for Ballon d'or one year. And those trophies usually go to the players with highest average rating. It should also variate a lot: for example you could have a BWM in one tactic that performs with 7,66 avr for the whole season while on a badly working tactic or with a worse player or mix of both the BWM might struggle and have something like 6,22 as average rating. Also there should be a possibility that your right full back performs with much higher ratings than the left one or the same even with centre backs. For me there isn't large enough differences and variation . Not easy to balance this though for sure as this has been the case as long as I've remember as have the stats itself. I know that whoscored is not a legit source but for example there the ratings variate much more as the best players rate high above 8 in ratings and some struggle to get sixes in same leagues and even same teams.
  14. Why is squad building so easy?

    @michaeltmurrayuk of course in Finland we have these so called marquee signings (like Julien Faubert for example in Inter Turku) but they don't come to Finland to play for 200-300£ a week and actually especially for the smaller teams most of the players they bring from abroad are badly scouted and too quickly tested and they end up being flops. The thing is that on FM you can basically build a great first team and staff team from abroad with certainty of quality and a very little money. Totally agree with Svenc in terms of 'difficulty level'. There are guides, downloadable things and also you are forgetting that a human is a learning specie that can improve and evolve by studying things. And this type of game also should require a little bit of effort as it is supposed to be a realistic simulation that adults are playing. I understand that 7-year-olds could start whining when things don't come easily and won't always go their way but most of FM players are grown men. For me it's stupid that the ones who pay effort and actually are the ones interested in the game and to post quality content etc. should somehow downgrade their playing to make it more challenging. Most definitely it's other way around. And in terms of business, yes we all understand that but is there a certainty that the not putting on an effort whiners will abandon the game for certain instead of growing up and improving themselves. With the current way the game is not designed for the players that want to put on effort and producing the content to this site. For example in Finland many players that used to play FM have stopped playing because the game doesn't really offer anything interesting to them and this is a fact. So in terms of business and FM players abandoning the game it definitely swings both ways.
  15. Why is squad building so easy?

    They kinda do but kinda don't. And that's why I suggested removing it: