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  1. And all these passes with defenders hardly touching the ball.
  2. FM 2018 - Spanish La Liga

    Good to see people here. Betis and Malaga actually were two teams that I was considering to play with in my career update but ended up with Las Palmas. They have lot of players that I like (Jonathan Viera and Calleri along with Vitolo and Halilovic). Not a hard working squad and pretty awful defense but a side that in theory should be able to play attractive football. Currently doing well with my save but I am going to have a little bit of a break from playing now as I have lot of work to do and am traveling to North of Argentina this week. Hopefully we will see some update to the ME. Anyway, if you are interested in the career. You can find it in careers forum.
  3. Might be so as the engines between FM 2015 to 18 are pretty much the same with all of them having problems to produce anything sensible compared to real football and goalscoring/chances created scenarios along with stats are highly repetitive. I might as well toss FM to the bin or use commentary only until there is a new engine. Sad that I didn't realize this before this year's release. It makes the hope grow when you basically give up the hope on the previous version really early on and it creates an illusion that hey this year it's going to be better.
  4. Yeah basically they should defend more by positioning and by that making the player that they are marking either completely 'unplayable' or harder to reach. When they close down eventually it usually is most certainly the wrong thing to do. Currently for example playmakers and strikers are having way too much of the ball (strikers are passing the ball 2-3 times more than IRL) and this should be corrected by players stepping out of the lines and making those players marked so that the ball cannot be passed to them. Currently centre backs fold from so many long balls and stay too deep that the ME is really painful to watch at times. The game has had better tendencies of those with the current ME and for example in FM 2013 strikers did drop to defend. Something like 'players stepping out of the line' or one player from each side always trying to win a long ball should be bread and butter in terms of realms of real football but I don't get why they cannot make those happen. I think that me and @CityAndColour have been reporting about strikers' free link up play ever since FM 2015 or even 2014 and have basically never had any positive response from SI. Anyone should be seeing that but there seems to be some unwillingness to try fix obvious flaws and this is strange from people who also are 'fans of the game'.
  5. [FM 18] The final chance of the Chosen One

    JORNADA 5: Lionel Messi shines while Cristiano Ronaldo records the worst performance of the round FC Barcelona continued their good form with a dominating 5-0 victory at Camp Nou against Getafe. Lionel Messi scored a brace to add his tally all the way up to five goals in as many games while Luis Suárez leads the scoring charts with six in five. Atlético Madrid are still keeping hold of their 100% record after beating Girona with ease at home. Antoine Griezmann and Kevin Gameiro are still forming an effective partnership up front with both scoring. Basque clubs Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao continued their struggle by losing against Sevilla and Alavés which sees both teams in bottom half of the table. Fellow strugglers Málaga and Espanyol finished also this round without points. Pick of the Wednesday though was Real Madrid's loss against Celta de Vigo and struggling Cristiano Ronaldo picking the worst player of the round award. Marcelo's red card didn't help the reigning champions and after Kovacevic's equalizer in 81st minute Real threw away the point in the final minute of the game. On Thursday Real Betis opened their win account for the season by beating Valencia at home through a goal from Valencia man Joaquin. See all the results and the league table below. ________________________________________________ All likes and comments/suggestions highly appreciated. Guess that people don't enjoy La Liga that much?
  6. Exactly @MBarbaric: teams should both attack and defend as a team. At the moment (and basically always on FM) the movement and activity in both attack and defense is really poor and by that the engine is not able to reproduce real football or anything near of that. I've watched my team, Barcelona and Real Madrid in this engine and with all of them the movement is really poor. The general defensive shape is lacking, defenders and midfielders when defending are not being aggressive enough and in attack the striker is always too far away from the rest of the team and that single handedly ruins lot of the attacking play. I think that SI need to concentrate on both of these: general defensive shape and how players step out of the 'banks' or 'lines' to mark and close down and in attack how players shift to the areas where they can be profitable. And most importantly: drop the bloody striker to defend! Even though that Atlético's 'fantastic' defensive doesn't seem to make them concede or lose games.
  7. [FM 18] The final chance of the Chosen One

    Lizoáin's goalkeeping clinique secures 3 points for Las Palmas UD Las Palmas hosted Málaga on Wednesday evening in La Liga clash at Estadio Gran Canaria. The visitors came to this game as 18th team in the league table while Las Palmas were holding shared second place along with Valencia, Sevilla and Barcelona with 9 points each. Las Palmas manager David Moyes lined up his team in a 4-4-1-1 formation where Loïc Remy took a place behind Jonathan Calleri as a shadow striker. Moyes also handed first starts for Hernan Toledo and David Simon. Las Palmas were predicted to win comfortably but they were held back foot for most of the game. The first and the only goal of the game was scored by Las Palmas though as Jonathan Calleri won the second ball from a Jonathan Viera corner kick and deflected the ball to Loïc Remy who smashed it in from 24 yards out in 9th minute. This was the first goal for Remy in Las Palmas shirt. Málaga tested excellent Raul Lizoáin throughout the game in total with 9 shots on target but the Spaniard did not back down. It was though Jonathan Calleri who was close to strike the second goal of the game as he missed from 10 meters out after Jonathan Viera had broken into the penalty area with strong run. Lizoáin recorded his best save of the game in 67th minute by denying Borja Baston who had an open goal from six yards out but Lizoáin managed to get his hand in front of the ball to deflect the ball out for a corner. Las Palmas head coach David Moyes critisized his team after the game for an uninspiring performance: "I think we were lucky today. The players that we brought in today were not able to spice up our attacking play. We have to thank Raul today for the result." Málaga's Míchel on the other hand was cursing his team's luck: "We most definitely should have gotten something out of the game today. We were dominant but their goalkeeper managed to be everywhere today. If we will get that amount chances then we will eventually have to score but we need the goals sooner rather than later." Moyes didn't see the link up that he was expecting from his players: "There wasn't that today. We need to work better as a team and offer more options to those who are carrying the ball. We need more fluidity for sure." Las Palmas (4-4-1-1): Lizoáin; Simón, David García, Lemos, Navarro; Toledo, Viera, Aquilani, Vitolo; Remy; Calleri Subs: Samper, Vicente, Tannane Goals: Remy (9) Málaga (4-2-3-1): Roberto; Rosales, Baysse, Hérnandez, Diego González; Juanpi, Rolón; Rolan, Borja Lasso, Ontiveros; Bastón Subs: Ricca, Jony, Cifuentes Goals: - Man of the Match: Lizoáin
  8. Goal not registered

    Noticed something odd again in terms of goals. The result says Las Palmas won 1-0 while Málaga score a goal at time 63.00 and it isn't disallowed. 63min goal.pkm
  9. [FM 18] The final chance of the Chosen One

    PREVIEW: Las Palmas to pile up the misery for Málaga in La Liga midweek round Las Palmas 1.80 Draw 3.40 Málaga 2.75 La Liga continues with full round of fixtures from Tuesday to Thursday. At Estadio Gran Canaria UD Las Palmas host Málaga who have started the season miserably under Michél and find themselves in 18th place while Las Palmas are fifth. David Moyes is likely to give Loïc Remy his first start with the club along with Hernan Toledo to both rotate and reward the squad. Moyes will probably change the team's shape to something close to 4-4-2 and is said to be willing to see how well Jonathan Calleri and Remy can link up together. Las Palmas are only missing long term injuree Dani Castellano. Málaga on the other hand are facing a long list of injuries as Miguel Torres, Keko, Juankar, Gonzalo Castro, Jony, Roberto, Zdvarko Kuzmanovic and Adalberto Peñaranda will all miss the game through injuries while Recio is under suspension. With the horrific injury situation for Málaga and current form counted we cannot look beyond anything else but home victory. Las Palmas will pile up the misery for Málaga and take three points here. ______________________________________________________________________ Tuesday: Levante vs Deportivo Barcelona vs Getafe Wednesday: Atlético vs Girona Leganés vs Villarreal Alavés vs Athletic Club Sevilla vs Real Sociedad Celta vs Real Madrid Las Palmas vs Málaga Thursday: Betis vs Valencia
  10. +1 to this definitely @Svenc I think there are serious issues with link up play too which is for me for example limiting the amount of goals for other positions but centre forwards. Centre forwards are scoring realistic amounts if you consider players like Benzema and Suarez while there are also longer list of CFs that seem to score far too many like Afobe, Ben-Yedder, Jermain Defoe etc. They are always on those areas where they can score regularly while the link up play from other positions lack and for example Lionel Messi seems to be completely roaming out of the game as a right inside forward. I noticed this when I was watching some comprehensive highlights from Barcelona and am seeing this too with my team. I never use wingers but still my wide players seem to tuck too much to the flanks when given the option to roam and having no instruction to stay wider. I would expect a lot better attacking positioning depending on where the ball is. Also something like CM(A) seems not to be willing to link up well with the striker even when having chance to break and an attacking role (if not for example AP(A)) should be aggressively getting above the ball instead of holding back for several seconds. And with roaming I would expect him to roam and offer easy passing options for the wide players too and even getting higher up the pitch to offer them. Someone like Eden Hazard for example with option to roam will roam from one flank to another and is in the middle lot of time: he roams on those areas where he can have the ball and same most certainly applies to many other players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo on my save has declined into an assist machine while Messi luckily is so far scoring more than goal per game in La Liga. At the same time most of the teams seem to have a regular goalscorer in CF position and many CFs are scoring much more goals than they do IRL.
  11. I only hope that SI can fix the issues with defenders not marking anyone tightly when they receive the ball. Makes the ME really hard to watch when strikers can pick up all the long balls freely and wingers always have meters of space when they receive the ball. Of course there are also issues with marking in midfield too but this is quite well covered with lack of movement by the attacking side. Of course the ultimate solution would be that teams would actually defend as teams and by that would also be more likely to attack as a team but SI don't seem to want to do that and because of that there is huge distance between the striker(s) and the defense and because of that the whole thing is always going to be a big mess. But yeah not interested in writing all this stuff over and over again and reporting about the same issues in the bugs forum. Peace out.
  12. I have no interest in continuing this pointless conversation. We just need to agree to disagree on these. I believe that if IRL Chelsea thought that they could get Alba for £59M last summer they would have tried to seal this deal. And also you have to take into account the unhappiness factor with Di Maria and Manchester United having to offer what he wanted. Also a bad spell for United doesn't make them not a major side that so many players respect, they will always have high reputation and they are always a team that players want to represent. But currently the transfer system in total is too easy for human users to master and we are having huge advantages compared to the AI and I did present my view already. No need to write anything more.
  13. I wouldn't say that Real Madrid are a much bigger club than Manchester United in terms of reputation and Manchester United as a club for many players is a team that they "want to represent one day". Di Maria became unhappy at Real Madrid as he was denied a new contract and Manchester United had both the reputation and the money to offer for him and for Real Madrid he wasn't exactly a player that they cannot replace. About Pogba I don't know: I guess that United are one of his favorite club and did offer him much more money than Juventus and also it was impossible for Juventus to turn down that much money. I wouldn't say that Alba makes a smaller step to wrong direction here and the amount that Chelsea pays for him is 'only' 59 million pounds. Barcelona are in no position to have to sell their best players to Chelsea. Of course if Alba would be demanding a new contract that Barcelona don't want to give him then this would make sense but without any unhappiness it makes no sense to me. Spurs letting Kyle Walker go is again a player moving to bigger club for huge fee that they couldn't turn down and they do have a replacement. Tottenham as a club haven't won anything major for... Don't know how long time and they are in a position where they have to take the money. For Hazard a move to Arsenal in Europa league in any circumstances makes no sense. He should look to move for a world class club if Chelsea with no European qualification is a problem for him. Someone like 'world class' Özil signing for Arsenal was a good career move for him: a big club with key player status when he was in verge of dropping to rotation or backup option with Real Madrid. This has also of course lot do with what SI aim to achieve with the game: I think that they are marketing the game as a realistic football simulation but currently achieving an arcade version of the game where people are easily able to take over the footballing world with Everton or even Watford in 2-3 years. I did ask this from SI: what they are aiming to achieve with the difficulty level of the game without any answer. If someone from SI would directly tell me that "well the aim is to make a game that everybody can enjoy and because of that we don't want it to be that challenging" then I will stop complaining about these and also stop playing the game and buying it. But currently as small part of me still believes that the aim is to simulate real football world I'm still here whining and providing feedback and bug reports well lets just say whining as I don't have interest in reporting bugs anymore.
  14. But with Alba there is no reasoning especially in season one as Barcelona are bigger club than Chelsea, Alba is happy at Barcelona and Barcelona really don't have options to replace him. Alba though probably is not the best example but something like Hazard moving to Europa league Arsenal surely is. Arsenal should be able to sign players for Chelsea if they are fringe players or players that won't have use in the team anymore. I wouldn't see a problem with someone like Victor Moses or even Pedro moving to Arsenal in couple of seasons but Hazard is a world class player that should be seeking a move to a world class club such as Real Madrid or Barcelona if he is going to move. Even a move to Manchester City would be really odd as Chelsea should be looking only to sell him outside England and Hazard also should have some loyalty towards Chelsea and prefer not to move to one of the rivals. And yes we have seen Fabregas moving to Chelsea but that also had reasoning: Wenger not wanting him, him being unsettled at Barcelona and offered a key role in Chelsea with good finances behind it for Cesc. And Petr Cech, again a clear reasoning with him wanting to be a starting keeper and Chelsea showing loyalty to him. If I was dealing with these in SI I would make players a lot less willing to change club even to bigger clubs as the AI will never be able to compete with human users in terms of bidding for players and offering new contracts to players that have been bidded by other club to keep hold of him. Even someone like Dolberg should be snubbing clubs and say to the teams that for now Ajax is the best place for me to improve. I tend to re-create this behavior by upping the 'loyalty' attribute for players in my save games which sees Griezmann and Ferreira-Carrasco for example snubbing moves to Premier league and Atlético being able to retain them with new contracts which is the thing that keeps happening in real life.
  15. I think that there was clear reasoning behind both of these transfers. Özil for example: While I think that Di Maria was basically forced out of the club by Florentino Perez if I'm not totally wrong. This is a quote from Carlo Ancelotti: