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  1. @bowieinspace We'll see when I know how much I like this edition of FM but probably yes.
  2. You should report on these in the data issues to get them fixed. I feel that there are generally no changes at all in terms of Athletic players' attributes which is wrong as for example Williams broke into the national team last season and like said Yeray and Kepa now play a first team role and Yeray still has maybe Segunda level CA.
  3. Cheers bowieinspace. It's a shame that Premierleague seems to get that much more attention and those attribute changes are more accurate there. The good thing is that it is quite simple to edit these on our own. Not sure that I will start a new one anymore. Might go with Villarreal or just stick with my DoF with Everton.
  4. Anyone tried the new update? Have there been any changes to Athletic players? Seems that Muniain is finally coming alive IRL and Aduriz still world class and right there with Suarez and Benzema.
  5. Players less willing to move clubs. We need more of these "I am happy with my current club and not looking to move". We see players like Morata and Bernat moving to Arsenal all the time although this will probably never happen IRL. Generally less transfers and AI more willing to keep their important players.
  6. I guess no-one wants 'cheats' like these shared here.
  7. I always find the staff with job adverts. After many weeks Phil Cannon declared his interest in the job. Also sacked all the scouts as I don't need any because I am not signing any players in this save.
  8. What a goal from Aduriz just few minutes ago against Marseille. Goal of the season candidate!
  9. I always pick all three levels of Spain and also load the big leagues as playable and use large database. I think that by doing that you maximise your player development and also get the needed challenge in Europe.
  10. Which season is that? I started a new one.Beat Barca 4-0 at home in the Super Cup and allowed 46 shots in the away game and lost 3-1. Got both Neymar and Suarez injured for weeks as well meaning that Messi now has 9 in first five league games which is so nice. Hope he can keep going. Zidane with Real and Neville with Valencia are doing poorly.
  11. Good provider (inside forward(s)) down the right side. Really versatile player and really not worth getting rid of. I personally don't like getting rid of anyone or buying anyone as that is the best way to keep it interesting and challenging.
  12. Yep and not to begin with Soldado, Negredo etc. All of them are rated better in the game yet still it is Aduriz that always scores the most. Not expecting him to be anything like a complete forward in the game and actually for example his passing might be over-rated in the game a bit (13 I think) but still a leading La liga player or even a star wouldn't go overboard. Williams only seems like the next Theo Walcott in the game. His direct approach might confuse but he still has a good technique and decent vision to back that with. I don't know how good these Zivkovic and Barbosa really are at the beginning as I never pay attention to them but for example Barbosa has been bought by Juve in couple of my saves to replace the overrated and sold Morata and he has just walked to the starting line-up... The thing with all these South American "talents" is that they have been rated really highly in the game for years and are really cheaply signed yet IRL no-one has signed them so there is something wrong with this.
  13. Same here. So many Spanish (to start with) strikers are rated higher than him even though he has outscored almost every single one of them for years. I think La liga is the best league in the world and scoring 15-20 per season there in a high mid table club deserves better than "good La liga player" status. And he has outpaced quite many defenders too. I wonder what have these Morata and Ayoze guys done to deserve their high ratings...Also Williams is a thing that annoys a bit. He is only a Basque version of Theo Walcott apparently and some unproven talents like Barboza and Zivkovic are rated much higher and yet it is Williams that has caught the eye of Premier league clubs.
  14. It is off topic although I don't mind it in this thread. The discussion should be made at the bugs forum and database issues. I haven't watched Athletic that much IRL this season so can't suggest anything. Just the thing with De Marcos and really it is odd that Aduriz is only considered as "a good La liga player" and players like Morata and Ayoze are considered that much better.. Morata IRL has about ten in fifty for Juve and Ayoze about the same for Newcastle. And at the same time Aduriz scores one in every two games...
  15. The dB discussion is a bit off topic but yes there are lots of things to be fixed. Barcelona for example should have rating system of their own to make the game world realistic. At the moment any team in the world can't play control against them while in the game you can easily dominate them with Arsenal, ManU and even Athletic. To add to those examples: how about those cheap South Americans? If these Lucas Romeros and Balantas are so good and cheap, then why no-one IRL has bought them and easily built a team to concuer everything...