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  1. I have no doubts that us AI users, well maybe excluding myself here, will get the same result out of 4-1-4-1 but as you notice I was entirely talking about the AI. @Rashidi don't the AI managers also have the 'defensive formations'? For example Barcelona usually line up with a 4-5-1 but when they played for example against us away from home the formation was 4-1-4-1 which was set as the manager's defensive formation. Well needless to say that we basically witnessed a dull 0-2 game where Barcelona instead of winning through two defensive errors were really uninspiring as the distance between Suarez (up front) and Messi & Neymar was too big and the support was either too slow or non existent. I feel that also with my team at times but during this version I'm not really that bothered to start sorting it out as the system usually gives me those 1-0 or 2-0 victories.
  2. But using 4-1-4-1 instead of 4-3-3 or whatever you want to call it would more than likely influence negatively on amount of goals. A MR in my experience doesn't rush forward in the same way as a AMR does and rushing forward already at times seems too slow. This could also influence in team selections as the AI might not select players to those positions where they 'can't play'. With 4-1-4-1 it's quite easy to shut the door for the opposition and keep clean sheets. Imagine how it would be like if there were two AI teams playing against each other with 4-1-4-1. I would think that the amount of 0-0s would increase drastically.
  3. I've uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube of me playing with Real Sociedad. I doubt that I'm anywhere near an entertaining but on this video I have captioned a few defensive issues that are minor details but ones that I don't like. So if you watch it out, then you should turn on the captions that are in English, not Finnish. And this is not an aim to get followers or views to my video but I think that it is an easy way to show these issues by showing them in gameplay. By any means my aim is not to become big name on YouTube.
  4. E: probably not the right thread for this.
  5. Well they certainly aren't doing too good of a backtracking and are switching off regularly. Also if they didn't track back then overlaps would be even more devastating than they currently are. Basically with the current system teams can freely wait with the ball down the flank or in the middle for the overlap and eventually play the ball there and get a free cross. In general I would hope that it would be possible to see more dynamic defensive movement where players actively shift to areas where they are needed and by that it would look like the attacking side is in a hurry to move the ball around to retain possession.
  6. Come to think about you might be right about that. Although City never win the possession back and Yuri would be a real danger there if someone decided to play the ball to him. With the limitations I had with the recording I couldn't pick up a great example on that one but I can try to provide something. Not thinking of starting a career on YouTube though as my content would be really boring as I totally refuse to talk and explain things on those videos.
  7. @westy8chimp I made an awful quality video with some screen recording program that limited me to 5 minutes of recording. So it's basically extended highlights with awful quality and some of the highlights cut short. It's not showing all the mistakes that were shown in comprehensive but I will try to make a better one. Worst example about Nasri is around 2 minutes of time.
  8. Yes but there is a clear difference in errors between 'trying to do the right thing' instead of doing something mindless. For example against strikers I'm more than willing to see my centre backs trying to engage for the first ball and the striker then beating him instead of allowing a free collect and from there either dribble past the defender or freely setting up the runner from midfield. For example in here Stones not letting Willian Jose take all the time he wants with the ball but instead staying tight and forcing Willian Jose to make a hasty decision and if that hasty decision that Willian Jose makes here is the right one that creates something then it's fine: at least Stones tried to defend. And also it's fine for Oyarzabal to score from here set by Willian Jose if De Bruyne tried to follow Oyarzabal but was simply beaten by the more pacy midfielder. But what here is not okay is that Stones is letting Willian Jose to perform with freedom and De Bruyne makes no effort to follow his man. And those two things make defending look unrealistically poor. And this is not the only area on the pitch where this applies.
  9. With all due respect I doubt that you are not someone who has an almighty rights to tell people here what to discuss about. I feel that this is all good stuff for the Dev-team of SI. And if you don't enjoy then don't participate or read it. You really haven't provided anything to the conversation here. And if there isn't a clear problem here then why has it been acknowledged by the Dev team and they're aiming to improve it in the future?
  10. That is a correct claim that midfielders are often too close to each other and that is also part of the bad midfield organizing. What I noticed during those 30 minutes that I watched that the left full back of mine was constantly pulling their midfield in pieces as Nasri spent so much time just having a chat with the touchline and when he finally stepped inside they often forced my team to revert back to the halfway line.
  11. Here are some screenshots from my game against Manchester City. Only had interest to watch it for like 20 minutes on comprehensive before I became bored. During that Nasri was single handedly ruining City's defensive shape like 4-5 times by positioning like this. I don't know why Yuri was tucking so actively inside even though he is on FB(A) duty but fair play from him: going where the space exists. Also by watching this comprehensive stuff I think I could have easily exploited the right side as Firmino (9) wouldn't have followed Corchia there. Well Nasri was not the only issue for them as the general organizing of the middle of the park was a mess. Merino here is closed down too late and well we know which passing movement we produced. Stones allows Willian Jose take couple of touches with the ball and Oyarzabal escapes through on goal without any reaction by De Bruyne. Again this move started because of Nasri's positioning. because Yuri was able to create overload down the left side and by that pull the City midfield to pieces. Well, City were not the only team having problems. I have beautifully highlighted the thing that Merino should be blocking here: the connection between Gündogan and Agüero. He has fair amount of time to do so here as Gündogan needs to beat Canales first here. I can forgive Canales this soft play as he isn't really a defensive play expert, well he is quite equally pacey as Gündogan so of course I would hope that a player in possession wouldn't beat him with the ball but I guess that he did something there. But the thing that Merino does is not acceptable here as he doesn't do anything. He is just loafing around behind Canales doing nothing and again here Agüero beats the centre backs with ease. This is why I constantly keep saying that defensive minded midfielders are not good enough in the game. Okay Merino is not the best possible defensive midfielder but this is really basic defensive midfielder work: protecting the defensive line by blocking that dangerous connection. So why I bring these up? Well the basic thing here is that the defensive positioning of the wingers is dragging the defending midfielders out of position is a big problem but it's certainly not the only problem. And for me that is why for me defending in the middle of the park has been a problem for several versions. I am a bit busy at the moment and because of that I have to only settle for couple of screenshots from a short period of a game. Might upload some more in the afternoon after I have ran my errands. And as you may notice: yes I always view the FM match engine in a split screen and that's because I always like to get the impression that there isn't that much time and space on the ball as the pitch seems smaller while the dots on the pitch don't really get that much smaller.
  12. I think this wide midfielders defensive positioning was made to improve defending wide areas which was the main issue on FM 16. The thing though is that it really didn't fix that area. Especially the Ai uses wingers on AM strata which means that they will not backtrack too well which means that the overlaps still are effective. By looking at statistics we can still see that ever so often the amount of crosses attempted highly exceed the amounts that we see in real life. How I would expect them to defend is to actively shift from wide to middle and back depending on where they are needed. Currently the most awful thing that I see is when they stay even outside the opposition full backs when they are 'defending'. So the defensive effort that especially a AMRL produces quite often is a round zero.
  13. @Rashidi I think that you know quite well that this topic isn't just about 4-4-2 defending so don't act like you didn't. The idea of the topic clearly is that the wingers are not helping defending in the middle of the park which is highly related on how easy it is for players to perform there and that is why I brought Joe Hanks to the discussion. So more about Hanks. Having decent passing and vision don't make him a good player. For middle of the park he is lacking bravery, off the ball and anticipation. Also he hasn't the mobility to make up those weaknesses. Most of the vital attributes that are required to perform in midfield are in League 1 level (if even that) and nothing makes him stand out. If the quality of Premier league and Champions League haven't drastically dropped then you are facing a lot of players with close to 20 for most of the defensive attributes and that kind of players should be making dog meat out of a mediocre player like Hanks. I have the same 'problem' too as I decided to develop one of my twenty years old and throw him into the deep end by making him a starter as a DM. Well he is maybe a decent player for Segunda League but as he isn't pressurized or bullied in any way on the pitch the end product is in same level as it is for Mikel Merino or the other more experienced players who have played on this level for years.
  14. @Rashidi I have no doubts that you have a system that makes it easy for him but basically a League 1 level player shouldn't be successful in any role on that level.
  15. @Rashidi isn't something like Joe Hanks performing well in top level a good example that to perform in middle of the park is too easy? Player like him would never perform in real football.