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  1. Hi there, Sorry it's a bit of a crude way that I've assumed it's overheating. The computer simply switches off during a match and the surface of the laptop, to the left of the mouse sensor, is rather hot. It's not a restart as I have to press the power button on to launch the whole computer from start up again.
  2. Hi guys, I specifically bought a laptop three years ago to play FM14. I chose one that was able to handle the game with all the bells and whistles and leagues without much effort. Then I found that FM15 started to overheat frequently with the improved 3d match graphics. On the forum all the answers seemed to blame people's computers for it so I got a cooling fan as someone suggested and it seemed to make the overheating a less frequent occurrence but it still happened. Obviously I was gutted that I had spent a fair bit on a powerful computer that was more than capable of dealing with the game but was still having problems. Now I'm finding that with FM16 it's happening even more frequently even with the cooling fan. My 3d match engine capability in the preferences menu is still 5 stars so I really don't get it. It's set to have the GPU taking the load. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really feel it's the game that is the problem as all other games work fine but I want to exhaust all other avenues first. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 17 with an Intel i7-3630QM processor @2.40ghz with 8gb memory. The graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce GT 650M. Any ideas? Cheers, Alasdair
  3. I'm having this same problem. One of my players left his agent and still wouldn't sign after promising. He's only young and it's not a question of salary.
  4. Coaching qualifications

    I'm Spurs in the Premier League.
  5. Coaching qualifications

    Weird, maybe it's only at certain times of the year in line with when coaching courses are. I'm in May and I can't do that with anyone.
  6. Coaching qualifications

    Any official word on where this feature has gone? Do they just takes courses off their own back now?
  7. Coaching qualifications

    I believe so or at least their star rating within training.
  8. Coaching qualifications

    Trouble is, the option doesn't seem to be there in this game as it was last year.
  9. Coaching qualifications

    I believe it increases their ability as it would in real life.
  10. Coaching qualifications

    Have just tried it and the option isn't there although I have a few coaches without a pro licence.
  11. Coaching qualifications

    Thanks. Much appreciated. Wonder why it was taken off as an option on the individual coach's profile page.
  12. Had a little search but couldn't find this anywhere. Is the feature gone to send coaches on courses to increase their qualifications? Can't find it anywhere.
  13. Can anyone suggest why

    I thought that applied to in-game rather than before game? And I had that unticked before the update too when it was much faster to load.
  14. Can anyone suggest why

    Yep, every time.
  15. Since the last update the game is spending a lot longer on the initial loading screen for me? It's gone from taking 30 secs to taking a good five minutes or more to load the game since I updated. Its not the biggest deal in the world, but just wondered if anyone else had encountered it. Wondered if it might be something to do with loading player pics etc, although they were all there and in use before the update.