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  1. Hi again Llama !!! For this weekend im triyng this..... PI: GK: pass shorter distribute to defenders WB: shot less MC: shot less AP: roam IF:sit narrower, shot less I want my team to press high, try to win the ball as soon as they lost it, regarding attack, as Falcao have aPPM shot from far i think, i want that the ball arrives to him just before the net... my IF, i bought Griezmann and try to training him to if right, as he s left footed. please Llama, any improvements or big issues you see here?
  2. ok....lets make the first seoson and keep this post updated
  3. finnished 4th game and won just have to say that the team is build up some good plays but steal miss some passes... my big problem is the possession game....below 45%.... please anyone can hepl???? regarding the combo CF(s) and CF(a) with the AP(a) on their back? what do you suggest????
  4. finnished first half 4th game.... winning 2-0 but still a lot of bad passes... my DMC try passing to the WB and the oponents intercept.... dont think the 2 AC in S and A dont get the job done.... please sugestions are welcome.... the tactic i played is this one
  5. Cool.... keep us posted. i just finnished dinner and now start my 3rd game.....ill put here what happened and my issues
  6. i perfectly understand when people say that a tactic have to fit in players you have and atletico play a counhter 442 in real life. but you people also have to understand that is usuall to a coach when he arrives to a team to put some of it owns priciples....
  7. finnished first half of my 3rd game... issues: dont like my WB right on (s) as Alinp sugest; i found him often too back and near my CD and make me an issue to pass the ball and in offensive transition he dont offer a pass line. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/811/godu.png Regarding the CFa i see know up in front diego costa....but with 6.3 rate please any comments?
  8. be diego costa..... high pressure whitout the ball, a pain in the #$# all game just dont want that he argues with ref and other players....
  9. there are 2 ways I think put im on attack duty ou as PI put hold position.....
  10. Finished my second game.... for me is the possession i want... need to put the GK to distribute to defenders as PI also Diego Costa in coming to deep into my half...what can i do?
  11. First half I played like i said above... play better, but think the retain possession take my players to kept the ball more than i want...but inpossession i achieved 56% but not a lot of CCC... winning 2-0 with a own goal and the other from freeckick dont like the heatmap as diego costa came to deep in is own half.... for the second half i gonna put as Alinp suggest, WB in Suport and take off retain possession. as i change my all 11 in the second half.... i analize the changes on my 3rd pre season game... sugestions?
  12. will play with thePI but take off the paly narrower for this second game.... Edit: ill remove all PI
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