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  1. Only discouragement when I see my team with a good chance to exchange passes to reach the goal and my player kicks from afar? AND DO NOTHING? And above all is a horrible kick.
  2. It really would be nice. Some moderator could come take our doubt, since the new patch we have no news. Back to the 13.1.2 is the best thing to do!
  3. If we expect that will be tricky. The ME is very bad, I hope they do not close this topic, seems an oppression, any matter related to a new patch is closed on time!
  4. Hi guys, fine? So I wonder if before the final patch that always comes out after closing the window will have a patch correcting the ME? Thank you.
  5. next patch only window transfers??????
  6. Miles Jacobson ‏@milesSI @stukennedy with the office shut, and no plans at all for a patch, you're safe to be hit by snowballs. WTF MAN?? The game is horrible... WE NEED UPDATE FAST
  7. It's very dirty. A game that we spend our money and we have no concrete news. Do not feel like buying the next
  8. Return to this topic, some predicting a new patch?
  9. Hey Dudes, fine? I'am Brazilian and would like to thank you for the idea of ​​putting the language in the next pt-br fm. But I wonder staff, is scheduled for a new update? This Match Engine is horrible, thank outset. Byeee =)
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