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  1. My opponent captained Kane - which I don't have - but I still managed to win A nice 88 points this round
  2. Yeah, was pretty happy with my 88 (-4) score before I saw Sanchez net a hatty and and an assist. Console myself in that even if I hadn't taken a hit, I would still have lost. This round I've taken a -8 so a real possibility that I'm getting a 4 week losing streak, and another one tops the table for now.
  3. Well played Lets hope Mane makes it a happy day for both of us Edit: Actually found that it was another guy. You both capped Sanchez. Still, well played
  4. Im getting 76-77 points including bonus points, but Im still gonna lose this gameweeks h2h round as the guy Im up against capped Sanchez
  5. Looks like my unbeaten run is coming to an end. Took a -12 hit before the gameweek and the ones brought in haven't made up for it at all. All my outfield players have blanked
  6. Ok, thanks Guess as a player alone he may not be worth 23 mill and almost 500 k a week.
  7. Ok. Did he play well for you? I have some beast regens that really need tutoring and Ronaldo is homegrown, so still tempted to go for him.
  8. I can buy a 33 year old Ronaldo for 23 Mill. He wants a 2 year contract and 5 mill a week. I already have Martial, Griezmann, Dybala, Morata and a couple of young regens. Think I'll get Ronaldo in as a tutor. Might sell Griezmann as he has lost some pace after an injury.
  9. Bought all the players on 48 months installments, and sold a couple of players I went for Morata. He had better stats for Real compared to Icardi for Inter. Plus he's an allrounder whereas Icardi is more a limited player with good finishing.
  10. Won the league first season. Playing a 4-3-1-2. Now I have the option to buy Icardi or Morata, both for 25,5-30 mill. Got 1 bill in the bank. I already have Martial, Dybala and Griezmann is coming in. In midfield Kroos and Busquets are coming in. Would you buy Morata or Icardi?
  11. I was really lucky to get that 5th win after only getting 38 points. Haven't made any major changes for this week so don't expect to do that well. Gonna need to WC soon if my team keeps getting low scores
  12. Ok, I've rejoined the league now. Thanks
  13. Hi mark. Why am I not in this league? I can't find the league anymore on the list of joined leagues, and when I try to join it says the creator of this league has banned me from joining?
  14. What about my original questions? Are there any way to get around a player's long term goals or are they permanent? We obviously differ in views in regards to what we can do to get a player, but that's another debate
  15. I had a chance to sign one of the best prospects in the game for 3,1 mill pounds, of course I was gonna sign him.. Even if it doesn't work out I can sell him for a profit later. I didnt know at the time I bought him that he didn't prefer to play for my club. Only by looking back at my previous saved files did I find it out. He only demanded first team status, but because my board didn't allow enough wage at the time, I had to set him as a key player. He hasn't complained about lack of playing time since I've signed him half a year ago. When he was on loan he was set as a rotation player. Could it be that it was because I cancelled his loan that his career plans are the way they are? If I had refused to cancel his loan and played him sometimes maybe he wouldn't have had a problem with my club. As stated above, his long-term plans about not wanting to play for my club came from the time he was at loan at my club.
  16. Hi I have a problem with one of my players that have would prefer not to play for Leeds (my team) as part of his long-term plans. The background is that he went on loan to my club a couple of seasons ago, and then asked me to cancel his loan as he wasnt getting enough game-time. I think (but not 100 percent sure) that this is the reason for him not wanting to play for my club. But then after I canceled his loan he was transferlisted by his club after not getting enough game-time. I made an offer him and he agreed to move to me even though not wanting to play for Leeds was still part of his long-term plans. Now I'm a couple of months in and he has been playing really well. I dont want to loose him as he has 199 in potential ability (he's a newgen) and becomes one of the best strikers in the game. He is listed as a key player for the team and plays fairly regularly. But he isn't interested in signing a new contract because of his long-term plans. Is there any way to make it so that he wants to play for my team and sign a new contract? Or are the long-term career plans permanent? I've bought the in-game editor and it doesn't say that Leeds is one of his disliked clubs. He hasn't had any bust-ups with me and in fact I'm one of his favored personell. I find it not very realistic that just because he didn't get enough game time when he was 17 years old he doesn't want to play for my club anymore.
  17. Thanks for the tips on a deeplying playmaker. @westmarsh: Can't go wrong with Gaya IMO. He may be a little expensive and not the best defensively, but he's really good offensively. As for right back, I've played Dier on the right back and he does a really good job there. But if not, then Mario Fernandes is really solid. If you want to bring in a centre back, look at mammana, stones, laporte or romagnoli.
  18. Played 3 seasons now Finished fifth the first season. Second season went alot better and won the league on the last day of the season. Also won the Europa League and league cup in my second season. Third season, I won the league with 4 games still to be played. And the biggest achievement; won the Champions league, beating PSG 2-0 in the final This is my squad: De Gea/Donnarumma Mario Fernandes/Dier, Stones, Romagnoli/Laporte, Gaya/Rose Dembele, Pogba/Bentancur Bernardo Silva/Zivkovic, Eriksen/Götze/Nouri, Depay Lukaku/Icardi I need a deeplying playmaker on defend duty, as Dembele solid as he is playing, isn't world class. Any ideas?
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