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  1. Is the 4231 press tactic link in the OP updated to work with the 1.5 patch?
  2. I got 97 points with Newcastle mainly using this tactic but City got 98 points. So sick. Think if I had won both games against them I would have won the league, but somehow I am struggling against them and their quick wingers. Any ideas on how to beat them?
  3. U can't train more than 3 tactics at the same time. Just train the ones u think u have most use for
  4. Knap, would you agree with the other poster on here that Balanced is the best mentality to use when playing away from home?
  5. I have to admit I haven't actually dared to download the update yet, because I'm currently 2nd with Newcastle in January and hoping to win the league, or at least get Champions League next year. I think I will play out the season then update the game. But it would be nice if you could test the Volante anchor tactic and see if it still works. Cheers
  6. Sorry for my outburst. Lol. Not mad or irritated on any of you guys to make it clear.
  7. Whuuuut. All this tweaking on the beta for nuthing I've bought players specifically for this tactic. What works now?
  8. Ok, cheers. I've changed to the 4-2-2-2 (4-4-2) Volante Anchor one and it seems to work well
  9. Is it still working after the latest patch? I can't seem to get good results with my Newcastle team, but was flying on my Liverpool save before the patch update
  10. But I lost the aggregate in the semi-finals?
  11. What does this mean? Am I out of the FMS Cup?
  12. Thanks guys Very happy to win it this year after finishing second last season. Hope to do the double now
  13. Looks like someone's running away with the title Still have Bench Boost, Triple Captain and Free Hit left, so I should be able to pull through now
  14. Clash of the top is on! Need KdB to not outperform Sterling for a win against Haven't Got A Kalou and increase the gap at the top
  15. One point off the top, and another performance of the week. Woop Woop!
  16. Anyone else having problems with this tactic after the update? I won the league with Bournemouth in my first season, but somehow after improving my squad alot and updating the game, I am in 8th place at the end of December in my second season. We seem to not create as many big chances as the season before, except for some games.
  17. Hoping to do one better this year. Last year's runners up has changed team name from Dung's squad to triforce
  18. Ok, thanks Guess as a player alone he may not be worth 23 mill and almost 500 k a week.
  19. Ok. Did he play well for you? I have some beast regens that really need tutoring and Ronaldo is homegrown, so still tempted to go for him.
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