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  1. Same here - youth recruitment went from 5/8 to 4/8. I made two requests on the same day...at first increasing the junior coaching budget was rejected, then improving the youth recruitment was accepted. Junior coaching was accepted then, too, after i discussed it - here everything was ok (4/7 to 5/7). Here´s a save where I can reproduce it directly...Save game name: "H96 Board Request"
  2. Atalanta Bergamo. They ARE gegenpressing.
  3. Scotland too here - 8th place with Ross County and they are really hard to manage.
  4. Nils Quaschner from Bielefeld - 10-15 goals in Bundesliga for my Magdeburg team and hunting down the enemies.
  5. There is no really chance to get your "superstar" there I think. In a classic 4-2-3-1, the players with the best stats are the AMR / AML, because they have the space they need...my AMC position gets his chances for assists and goals, too, but the glory old time of "10s" is over. So my AMC is important for my pressing, my first defender who attacks the deep playmakers of the enemy.
  6. Third year - we're still rocking and there are still two players from the beginning in the third league in our starting eleven - the "double 6", Preißinger and Rother.
  7. Da musst du auch nicht großartig im Netz suchen - rechts neben dem Spielerbild sieht du in einem Auswahlmenü die Grundeinstellung bzgl. der markierten Attribute, und dort wird bestätigt was du hier richtigerweise vermutest: die grau hinterlegten Attribute sind wichtig, die blauen "wünschenswert".
  8. We won the league with 84 points. Second year - second promotion, 2nd place in Zweite Bundesliga with 72 points. Fantastic! Hello Bundesliga, the only winner of an international competition in GDR's history (Cup Winners' Cup 1974) is giving his debut.
  9. Wow. Really great tactic, thank you! Most goals (38), least conceded (8), most clean sheets (14), 57% Avg. Possession (3rd), 85% passing accuracy (3rd), 88% tackling completion (3rd)...with a team which was 6th in the season preview (Odds 6,00). Playing a wonderful football even now with the "vanilla team"...I'm looking forward to the action with better players.
  10. Fantastic post AceAvenger! I´ll try to awake another fallen East-German giant - Magdeburg is calling.
  11. Thanks a lot again...I'll try it in a new save. A Half Back instead of the DMde would gain a little bit more defensive stability, or? Toonrock: I think my team is not good enough for super-gegenpress. But perhaps it will be it in a few years.
  12. Okay, thank you. Would a simple change in the CM - CMa to the left position, DLPSu to the right - solve this problem? Simplifying the TIs like you said makes sense...whats about my Defensive Line? Is a high one okay with CDs which only have Pace 10-11? I'm afraid that a standard line will give the opponent too many shots from the distance - and these are very dangerous in this FM. Frukox: thank you too - I will try a counter tactic like this vs. the teams from Glasgow, which seem to play two leagues above us.
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