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  1. lee_uk

    Screen Flow

    yup..it sucks...they should go back to how it was in FM07
  2. lee_uk

    [FM12]Seven Skin

    many thanks for the update.....best skin always for me
  3. lee_uk

    [FM12]Seven Skin

    Noooooo!!!..my fave skin...to be honest im enjoying it the way it is anyway.thx cleiria,sorry you dont have the time to fix it
  4. lee_uk

    Merry Xmas Steam Achievement

    just start a new game with a diff team and do what you have to do RebelMC if you want the achievement
  5. lee_uk

    Merry Xmas Steam Achievement

    dont buy this at all
  6. lee_uk

    Laptop help

    looks good to me for the money mate...wish i would have held back and got this one myself..will run FM2012 fine
  7. lee_uk

    How to stop Man City?

    if only anybody can stop us in real life
  8. i often rest players after matches with no problems.
  9. lee_uk

    Going back to FM11

    aaaah...spectrum football manager,no morale to deal with there
  10. lee_uk

    Going back to FM11

    patch has improved it.
  11. lee_uk

    FM2012 difficulty.

    This!!! after a few months certain players are now reacting to my talks....really enjoying this game so much now
  12. i started a new game with the latest update and so far havent experienced no strange morale behaviour,yes its been harder to motivate certain players but for me thats the way it should be.although i havent tried it out managing a "big" club so dont know whether that makes any difference? what i will say though is although i am really enjoying this latest update i do tend to agree with people that may want to go back to a previous patch and now cant because of the steam client. this is the only fault with using steam and its patching process. for me personally,i love using steam for games and at least you dont have to go searching the net looking for updates/patches but i feel for FM it does seem to be detrimental especially how in the past a lot of people do prefer picking their choice of patch and no longer can.