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  1. yup..it sucks...they should go back to how it was in FM07
  2. many thanks for the update.....best skin always for me
  3. Noooooo!!!..my fave skin...to be honest im enjoying it the way it is anyway.thx cleiria,sorry you dont have the time to fix it
  4. just start a new game with a diff team and do what you have to do RebelMC if you want the achievement
  5. i got errors when using the 2011 one,although it didnt crash, every few seconds it would come up with error when trying to load certain sounds and it wasnt using the match events cfg file neither.
  6. the pitches and nets do Yes!!....havent tried anything else
  7. hey jon...delighted to see your ok and back here again just relax mate and take things easy.
  8. id also like to know what logos your using too pls
  9. any chance of a shortened version for half time comments...kinda slows the game down a bit....excellent work on the commentary though..Love it!!!
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