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  1. Hey, Watch the game on key and pls use it to improve the engine. I think its my third ccc that is perfect example of why 1v1 right now is so bad. The goalkeeper is already "saving" the shot 3 seconds and 10 metres before player even shoots. For the record i have 57 chances created in 13 games. I have scored 15. FC KTP v MuSa.pkm
  2. on my online save, it says that theres only on team getting relegated from league two. Should that be atleast two teams relegated? Vanarama national says 2 getting promoted.
  3. Is there anyway to cap fps on this game ? It's heating up my graphics card cause it is all the time over 7000 fps. anyway to cap it to 144 ? Seems like this problem is only in online game. Any reason why this happens ?
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