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  1. I'll try these settings as well on 11.3. What a massive tactic it would be if you can win everything with a 100% TC tactic by adjusting game strategy when needed and all that with the original Arsenal squad! I've usually preferred 4-1-2-1-2 and 4-3-1-2 formations myself for Arsenal but this is much closer to how they play IRL. I wonder if having your keeper on Sweeper-Keeper/Support isn't too risky? What were your observations, llama3?
  2. Freezing 3D screen

    Sometimes updating your graphics card drivers helps with this kind of issues but not with this game. It's probably down to how this game is programmed and as advised earlier you will learn to live with it. Hopefully the new patch will improve the graphical side of the game (doubt it).
  3. Hello there! After spending a lot of time on creating tactics I finally went for a full season with one of my tactics. No, it's not 4-1-2-1-2! I decided to play with three central midfielders instead, thus yielding a 4-3-1-2 formation. I call my tactic the Arsenal Three Wheel Bicycle. Why? Because it has three creative attack-minded midfielders (MCL, MCR, AMC) and also three players who are a constant threat in the final third (STL, STR, AMC) supported by attacking full backs and left and right central midfielders. Here is an illustration of my tactic: Restrictions: I decided to make NO signings in the first season (there are players joining and leaving in the second summer though). Also, I used my tactic throughout the first season along with my training schedules. What is obvious, no match was 'replayed from save' even if I drew or lost. Results: League - 3rd (the title was effectively gone because of poor form in February [one loss brought poor form!] but we remained strong and challenged for it until April 30th when our only loss against Chelsea [we won all other games comfortably] sealed our fate; first Chelsea overtook us to see Liverpool snatching the title in May) Champions League - Runners-up (lost at Wembley against Real Madrid 0-1 while having beaten Sevilla, Rangers and Barcelona to get there) FA Cup - Winners (2-0 against Chelsea in the final, Liverpool was beaten in the semi-final) Carling Cup - Runners-up (in one of the most frustrating fixtures lost 0-1 against Bolton, they must thank us for Europe) Yes, not too much silverware but we were really close and challenged on all fronts. To my delight, my team was the best attacking force in the league and also solid defensively. One of the most remarkable achievements was staying unbeaten for 30 games in all competitions. We were a little bit unlucky if you compare our statistics with Liverpool and Chelsea but that's football. Fabregas had some big games but in general he could have performed better in his (slightly modified) CMR: Advanced Playmaker/Support role. Our title challenge was struck by having van Persie injured in November and December and also since mid-March until the end of the season. Djourou, Sagna, Eboue and van Persie and Arshavin delighted with best performances. Jack Wilshere was the biggest disappointment to me but hopefully he will perform better next year when he will also get more appearances in his (slightly modified) AMC: Attacking Midfielder/Attack role. Statistics in all competitions: GOALS Chamakh - 29 (yes, he is our top scorer!) van Persie - 22 (injuries...) Walcott - 19 Bendtner - 10 Arshavin - 9 ASSISTS Arshavin - 22 (I can't believe it!) Fabregas - 10 Walcott - 9 Chamakh - 9 Ramsey - 8 (only joined in winter from injury) Plans for the next season: I intend to make a complete overhaul in the GK position. Almunia and Fabianski will make way to new first and second choice goalkeepers. As I have a change to bring Ibrahim Affellay (confirmed) and Thiago in for free, two of the AMC players must leave. These will be most likely Rosicky (best age to sell him) and Emmanuel-Thomas (very versatile and young but worse than Affellay and Thiago). I can't see more changes at the moment and I also believe that my current tactic is not to blame. So, I'll carry on with my current tactical setup and training which have produced some good attacking play while remaining responsible in defence. Questions: 1) Defeats happen, that's a fact. What cost me the title was mainly poor form in consecutive games. In other words, I lost one game and then drew three games in a row or lost another game right after. I gather it's very much to do with right team talks and psychology. How do you cope with draws and losses and make them as short as possible? 2) Any suggestions to achieve better individual performances (Fabregas, Wilshere...) or anything that could be made better? Thank you for reading and I wish you the best gaming experience!
  4. Good job! In fact, your results make me jealous! If it's not a secret, what kind of a tactic are you using? Your own tactic or a downloaded one? Best of luck for the second season!
  5. Happy recharging, JEinchy! In the meantime I'll try to mastermind one successful Arsenal save: no signings in the first season. Your comments today have been most helpful. Now I have some fresh ideas to work with. What a pity creating a really explosive tactic has been so difficult for me so far. Can't wait having you back with these famous season reports of yours!
  6. Your reasoning seems to be right, so I take your point aboard and see how I can force other players to make passes to Fabregas more often as well as force Fabregas to make longer passes and more importantly run forward and run with the ball a lot. My own analysis reveal something interesting as well. You see that Fabregas' performances have in fact improved since I set him on Advanced Playmaker/Attack (from Support). I need to tweak him a little more. I just discovered one more thing: the default playmaker is the AMC player. In the game what very often happens is (since I have counter attack on 'Yes') a long ball straing to Arshavin who is THE GOD by ratings. Arshavin either runs from deep and scores himself or gives the key assist. He won't even bother with Fabregas who is tightly marked by the opposition and way behind him. Is it worth ticking the 'Primary playmaker' check box and set it to Fabregas? Maybe I set Fabregas' partners on shorter passing as well. In that way they search Fabregas who is on advanced position or making a run there. At the moment my ratings confirm your theory that Fabregas has been given a very simple role where he won't excel. Denilson, his partner, for instance, has a much better rating. One more finding: this tactic won't need a major overhaul because whenever 'it clicks', the opposition won't score anything. My strategy is also attacking and the whole thing is rather adventurous.
  7. I'm back with more information and screenshots you require. I played one match against West Brom away from home. By the way, our away form is better that home form. I have the largest possible pitch size at the Emirates. This game was a little unfortunate. We lost it 0-1 and Squillaci got sent off due to a vicious foul. We have had a lot of red cards for some reason and I'm even not playing very aggresively. http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/6224/prematch.jpg http://img828.imageshack.us/img828/9793/cescpos.jpg http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/1525/heatmapj.jpg http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/4720/matchs.jpg http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/4863/statshr.jpg I'm very excited if this proves your theory. Thanks!
  8. Yes, I'm playing 4-1-2-1-2. The team instructions are basically high tempo, shorter passing, focus passing mixed, wide width, time wasting set to rarely and my defenders push up, attacking mentality and philosophy. It's not that the team plays badly, they don't, but Fabregas seems to have no role in the team. In matches he usually has less passes than his partner (box-to-box midfielder) and on the contrary, AMC plays very well as well: lots of goals and assists (modified trequartista). I set him to Advanced Playmaker/Attack from Advanced Playmaker/Support because I wanted him to have more assists and more presence in the box. JEinchy, llama3, and others, what can you say?
  9. Hey guys! I might need your help once more. These are the instructions for Cesc Fabregas. The first one is the current one and the second one was the previous one. The thing is that he is not performing at all: no goals, just a couple of assists, average rating about 6.80... I don't want to change his position on the pitch, I just want some performances from him. The first (current) instructions seem to suit him better but still not good enough though. Big thanks!
  10. lucatonix, I stumbled upon your tactic while browsing this thread. Even though I'm not interested in using downloadable tactics, I could perhaps learn a thing or two from them. So, for you, scoring is no problem! In my 4-1-2-1-2 defence is solid but goals are just not coming. Thus, I want to know what striker partnerships are likely to work with Arsenal squad. I had a Target Man/Attack and a Poacher/Attack but it did not produce too many goals. If I adopt something similar to your idea of combining strikers, should I play Bendtner, Chamakh and van Persie as False nine and Walcott and Vela as a Poacher? Can van Persie play as a poacher should I play him along with Chamakh? I do not want to make any signings at all and play the real world Arsenal players because they have the talent. The question is how to unleash their attacking fire-power... Thanks!
  11. Very impressive first half of the season, ArsenalFan7! That's exactly the kind of season I'm dreaming of with my 4-1-2-1-2. Defensively I'm there, offensively some way apart. JEinchy, I played around with my tactic and now I have normal mentality which worked as well for me. I don't see much of a difference between normal, fluid and very fluid in terms of goals scored and conceded. The more fluid you play, the smaller the difference between defensive and offensive players but I gather it won't win games alone. Current team settings are: Any blunders here you can spot? So, now I think I will focus on getting attacking players' roles and duties as well as more specific tweaks with sliders right. I would like to ask which two striker partnerships have worked best for you. As my team has five natural strikers, I would like to play with two of them up front. Currently I employ my left striker as Target man/Attack with long shooting rarely and through balls sometimes, tight marking sometimes and closing down as much as possible (maximum), hard tackling, hold up ball. I play Chamakh and Bendtner there and also van Persie if the first two don't play. His partner, right striker, is a poacher with no significant tweaks to mention. I play Walcott and Vela there. If Chamakh and van Persie play together, then Chamakh plays on the left as a target man and van Persie is on the right as a poacher. For some reason, Chamakh won't find his game in other roles, so target man must remain. Poachers, however, don't perform in most games and that needs to be addressed first. I've set myself a challenge to make no signings in the first season but win the league first season with best defensive record in the league and scoring at least 100 goals. Like I said, the bottleneck is attack. Which striker partnerships could be really explosive given the players real life Arsenal have in your opinion? I'm working towards a plug-and-play tactic which means that I must find settings that any striker of the five shall have at least one position where he could play well. Currently Chamakh and Bendtner are good in the air and strong, Walcott and Vela are fast but I think that with these settings I might not see performances from van Persie. Thank you lads for sharing ideas!
  12. Oh, thanks. I considered an option to play narrow and very slowly. Then the squad would not rush to shoot and perhaps I would get more clinical finishing. Personally, I do not like that style and Arsenal is a team who can play with fast tempo and get things right due to their good technical abilities. So my team is asked to close down opposition a lot, tackle aggressively and maintain a high defensive line. Also, high tempo, short to normal passing and some time wasting. Do you have anything to say about the best philosophy for Arsenal? I've had anything from rigid to very fluid which I currently have. The idea of attacking and defending as a one unit quite appeals to me. Or is very fluid perhaps too extreme?
  13. Hi there! I've been working on an Arsenal tactic based on the 4-1-2-1-2 formation for some time now. However, I've had mixed results so far. The tactic seems to be promising in defence, yet quite the opposite in attack. Matches are beautiful to watch and my tactic does create quite a number of chances but many of these chances are wasted. As many of you know the Arsenal manager job inside and out, please test (or at least take a look at the tactic) my tactic and offer suggestions. I would really want to get it better offensively. [thread=248657]HERE[/thread] you can find more information as well as the tactic itself. Cheers!
  14. Hello everyone! I have been working on a tactic and have had relative success. I would like to go further with this tactic but I'm out of ideas. Thus, please try the tactic out and tell me how you would change it. My aim is to create a plug-and-play (no changes needed during the match) tactic which would be defensively solid yet high-scoring. The first part seems to be better as this tactic does not leak many goals even with Almunia/Fabianski on goal. My own observations have shown that I have had the best defence in the EPL with it. The main problem is that with Arsenal's attacking talent in mind, the tactic seems to lack in producing goals. Team (and possible players who should do well there) Team instructions Position instructions Please download the tactic to see the details. GK: Goalkeeper/Defend DR: Full back/Support DCR: Central defender/Defend DCL: Central defender/Defend (same as DCR, except set pieces) DL: Full back/Support (same as DR, except set pieces) DM: Defensive midfielder/Defend MCR: Advanced playmaker/Attack MCL: Box-to-box midfielder/Support AMC: Attacking midfielder/Attack STR: Poacher/Attack STL: Target man/Attack Note: I play Chamakh and Bendtner in STL, Walcott and Vela in STR, van Persie both in STR as well as in STL positions. How I tested this tactic? I've been using a similar tactic for a while and I've always ended up having a solid defence coupled with a relatively poor attack. I've deleted those previous tactics out of frustration because with Arsenal you expect to score goals as well. I've taken over certain elements from previous tactics. Testing itself was mainly automated: I set up a game (team settings, training, tactic and match preparation) in July and then went on a holiday until January 1st. Team talks as well as press conferences and matches were assigned to my assistant (Pat Rice) who was asked to use my tactic in all matches. I repeated it three times with promising but not perfect results each time. 1st try: 47 points in 20 games, 1st place in the league, lacked in scoring goals, yet by far the best defence, only 8 goals conceded 2nd try: 41 points in 20 games, 4th place in the league (Liverpool had 55 points!), neither attack nor defence were impressive 3rd try: 43 points in 20 games, 2nd place in the league, 38 goals scored (best in the league but not good enough for me), 15 conceded, struggled in big matches I don't expect too much if I'm on holiday all the time but it speeds up testing for me. Some manual testing was done as well. Main issues 1) scoring goals, scoring goals, scoring goals! I would like to have 3 goals scored on an average. 2) tweak suggestions here are there, including defence 3) set pieces seem to be fine already 4) is the current philosophy (very fluid) any good? I had fluid before. Download You can get it HERE! Thanks for testing, helping, commenting...