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  1. Having played around with this for a few days in the Lega Pro (Not because I want to directly copy, but because I want to see how it works before changing or adapting it) two thoughts: 1. The defensive mentality really opens up the potential of back three formations. The team really uses the whole pitch and especially deep spaces. Whenever I've played a back three in the past on a higher mentality I found the three center backs to be rarely used in the attacking phase, which became a problem especially against deep lying single striker formations. We would be outnumbered higher up the pitch constantly trying to bash our way through never looking to play the ball back leaving us frustrated and vulnerable on the counter. With the defensive mentality I've seen a willingness to move the ball back into deeper space and recirculate pulling the defense out of shape or hitting a ball from deep over the top. Coupled with the 3 strikers pinning the back line we seem to be able to create little pockets of space that if used well make us absolutely lethal. 2. This is as great system for long term play as practically any player type can find a home somewhere. You could create a squad of such interesting contrasts. Some games you might play the deeper lying strikers as physically imposing hard workers, or you might play two number ten types or wingers or whatever the needs of the day might be. Same roles vastly different outcomes. And this remains true throughout the various positions. I look forward to seeing more about how you got along during the season. How you solved (or didn't!) the particular issues you encountered and so forth. It's really great work that opens up new discoveries within this game we all play much too much. And at least in this corner is greatly appreciated.
  2. Also playing the A-League, I had just had my youth update in 2024 when the patch dropped. I then got a second youth update in September, so it's possible they changed the dates.
  3. Quick question. Do you leave your players on their individual focus during this preseason period or lighten it up?
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