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    I'm too cool for school

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    Football, Women, Music and MUFC

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    Manchester United
  1. So how did i learn Arabic

    My parents are Moroccan....people definitely speak Arabic over there. Second language is French.... which people learn in school and use regularly throughout life.
  2. Your first action as a FM09 Manager?

    make love to it? nah im kidding, i'll take over Man Utd and try to win the treble.
  3. Now the transfer window has closed

    I will manage my beloved Manchester United......i can wait to manage Berbatov!
  4. ass man suggests

    thumbs up from me.....i agree it would be cool
  5. caleb forlan

    its folen dummy
  6. maybe they bully him in the changing room lol
  7. Youth camps idea - good or bad?

    I think its a great idea. It would bring more sense of realism.