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  1. Players created outside of the standard database are given an ID when a game is created so if you deleted some players, it would've shifted the ID created when you start a game.
  2. I believe there's a bug when you remove/add leagues that can cause a season to not happen. It happened to Second Yellow Card in his Poland save on YouTube. It should fix itself if you go ahead a season, but there's not a way to fix the current season.
  3. I don't know if you plan to update the light version (I see you mentioned being burnt out) but the National Team history menu has two "Overview" options instead of Overview and Competitions.
  4. The only other thing I can think of is they're only listed as founded in 2017 as they were a merged club and there's a rule that doesn't show anywhere in the interface that you have to exist for a few years to join a Pro League?
  5. Timo's Belgian leagues uses the built-in rules for the first three divisions and the only thing I can see KFC Mandel United not qualifying for is the stadium minimums for the next division up. I don't know if there's something different about Belgium that doesn't let you groundshare until your board upgrades or if you received a message about it. The only other rule is it can't be a B/reserve team and Mandel isn't.
  6. Because he used a Mali division to create the parent division and you probably have a real name fix which overrides his change in name.
  7. The second post in the thread says it. He's made a fantasy version in the past where there is promotions between the system, but this is the real life version.
  8. It hasn't been updated to 19.3 so you'd want to use the original database if you want to use it.
  9. If you convert to advanced rules you should be able to edit. Obviously it's riskier to edit built in leagues, but you can still do it.
  10. Did we ever get a somewhat definitive list of duplicates that need to be deleted?
  11. Let me know how the FFA Cup is supposed to work and I can take a look when I get a chance.
  12. lolol I even remember checking the league stage end date as that seemed to be the only possibility and seeing 2nd Aug, but apparently didn't notice it was *2001* (or I'm use to cross calendar leagues, that's my story) Awesome! It's an impressive amount of work and glad the Finals Series is working in it.
  13. It goes until 7/6/2020 on the verification and then gets the error. Weird thing is it seems to match New South Wales 2, which verifies fine. And NSW3 doesn't have clubs from other leagues joining to cause problems. Did you copy NSW2 when you made NSW3? Maybe like prot651 said, it doesn't like it. I recreated the Finals Stage, but not the whole comp and it still didn't work.
  14. I assumed he meant he copied manually, I always forget the copy function is there. Haha. Here's a version verified down to Level 3. Getting the "comp doesn't finish by reset date" for New South Wales 3 and I haven't figured out what it is since it looks correct. What are the promotion and relegation rules supposed to be? Australia Football Pyramid (Real) 6.fmf
  15. This is with the file in post 1, not the Level 9. Only because there was a whole lot less that it needed to check and had just down to the NPL Premier Leagues. I just wanted to make sure it would work using the parent competition and it wasn't just dates. But it lets me verify both levels and I tested it in game to make sure it took the right teams. If you get rid of the NPL Finals Series comp in your file and recreate the cup stage in the parent competition National Premier Leagues and copy the qualification rules I used (make sure each indiv comp has the qualification and the matching record in the "Teams" in the cup) it might work. (I may have not set up the cup exactly the same in terms of default rules, stadiums, etc because I was focusing on the qualifying.) If you don't have a chance, I'll try it in the bigger file tomorrow, it's just super late and I'm going to bed soon lol NPL Test.fmf
  16. My other thought is to try it within the parent competition rather than as a separate competition.
  17. Here's one where it will let me verify Level 2 with it having the leaders after the league stages set to qualify for the Finals Series. Australia Football Pyramid (Real) 5(1).fmf But it won't even get past "Creating Competitions" if I do A-League/All (Below Level 2 it's giving me other errors)
  18. So I can get it get the teams and verify except if I try to verify the A-League (or all), it gets the error. It's gotta be something with dates since you have a calendar that crosses years for the A-League. But you have all the second year set to be in the first year of the competitions/nation. But you have a helluva lot of dates to change if that's the case.
  19. Oh, it's not the Grand Finals winners? EDIT: Oh I see in the Wikipedia article now.
  20. Two biggest issues I see: Grand Finals of the NPLs are ending AFTER the draw date for the Finals Series. Also you have the NPL Finals Series as August of Year 0 to August of Year 0. But you have Australia updating in September so the game thinks you're trying to start the comp before the nation is supposed to start. I changed that to August of Year 1 to August of Year 1. Now to see if it'll grab all 8 teams.
  21. Unless they changed something, last winner of competition should grab the last winner regardless of year. That could be an issue with setup date. If you have it setup/draw before the game records the history of the Premier Leagues, it will take it from the season before.
  22. The version available doesn't look like it has the Finals Series set up and I don't know enough about Australian football to create it myself. Do you have a version with it? I can't promise I'll figure it out, though.
  23. I know the editor requires the qualifying from the comp and the teams/qualified teams in the other to match exactly. Even tiny things can throw it off. I've spent way too much time with the editor giving me errors for little things.
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