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  1. Should happen with every club in Japan due to licensing issues.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1397141207
  3. As long as you have the Mexico/Central American league files active, you don't have to load the leagues. If you're not planning on using those leagues in a particular save, all you'd lose by having all of them turned off is the CONCACAF league.
  4. See image for where to find the nations. Though I'd probably utilize the "Team Pool" and have it grab random teams from it in the group stage if you're not going to have the same qualifiers every time. FMM is FM Mobile, I believe. French Cup is probably smaller in that version due to processing and database size reasons. I might take a look at what you're doing with the French Cup and try it on my end. Again, part of it could be because it's a built in comp. It also might be how you have the teams qualifying organized. If you didn't change the structure for the cup to accommodate more teams, it might be trying to grab them in order you have listed.
  5. Sorry--the teams for the Lusophony and Francophone games are in Qualified Teams below the stages. The 'teams' part just grabs them from there. As for the French Cup, you can't just change the number of qualified teams if you're gonna do it that way. You'd have to go into the rounds and make it work with that number of teams. Also, it could just be because you're messing with a built in comp.
  6. I mean, I would consider it easy to do that, especially if you're not changing anything about the stages, just the teams used. You could erase the Get Specific Team instances, other than the ones you always want (Portugal and Brazil for example) and have it take X amount of other teams in the team pool/qualified teams. The qualified teams are listed in "Teams" under the first stage of the comps for these two competitions. I've not spent a lot of time messing with built-in comps, but looking at the French Cup, you could probably lower the number of lowest seeds it takes (i.e. the random teams from the French regional leagues) and add in the comp winners/runners up for those nations and it would probably be okay. Testing the French Cup just seems like a pain since the early rounds have so many fixtures.
  7. It's set up to grab the teams from cups in French Guyana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, and Tahiti. For Reunion it's grabbing from the league, and Mayotte just grabs one best team. Nothing from STM, St Martin or Wallis & Futuna. It is set to combine with rules from code, so it may still grab from them, not sure. He has the Wallis and Futuna Cup active. And yeah, the French Cup will only load with France. There is a setting in the advanced rules to show comps in multiple nations, but I've never tried it.
  8. He has them set to fixed nations so there are no qualifiers. Francophony Games has: Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Canada, Congo, DR Congo, France, Gabon, Haiti, Lebanon, Morocco, Niger, Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Tunisia Lusophony Games: Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Macau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Sri Lanka, India, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea I think all his games files are like this--although a couple I haven't pulled up in the editor. I don't know if the above competitions have qualifiers (the Lusophony Games has 10 teams, so I assume unless a nation doesn't want to send a team, they're all in) but to use the Pan Am Games as an example: He has 16 fixed nations. IRL, it's an 8 team tournament and qualifications has varied. For 2019 they're using the CONCACAF U20 and CONMEBOL U20 comps. Those are obviously used in-game to qualify for the U20 World Cup, so if you want to mess with them--assuming you can without wrecking them in-game--you'd probably also have to edit the U20 World Cup. The built-in CONCACAF U20 doesn't seem to classify anything beyond the winners and runners up. I tried to get it to grab 3rd and 4th place using team indexes, but what happens is it just fills the whole comp with CONCACAF nations (other than a CONMEBOL host.) The CONMEBOL U20 conveniently has a group final which may make it easier to grab the positions, but I didn't bother trying and just took the Winners/Runners up from both, one "Best Team" from each and then a random nation from each to mix it up. One day I'm gonna see if I can mess with the CONCACAF U20 and get it to work**. ** I want to rebuild the U20 World Cup--again, if possible--anyway, because if you've noticed, the game doesn't grab the OFC nations from claassen's OFC U20 championship. I've seen nations other than NZL and NCL win or finish 2nd and it still almost always takes them lol
  9. It's because the first tier changes from 12 to 14 teams in 2018, but there's still only 12 "teams for next year" in the database. It doesn't sim the pro/rel for the year, so if you start a game after Bolivia ends in 2017, it doesn't have the teams to create the league. The second division has enough teams for next year, so it loads fine. Two workarounds: 1) If you don't want to mess with the editor, and you want to start in 2018, if the league has a pre-season start date when Bolivia is still running in 2017, it'll play the end of the season and work. The earliest Brazil 2018 is in in December 2017 and works fine. Haven't tried the late pre-season.** 2) Add two of the second division clubs (real ones, high reputations, etc.) to the teams for next year in the Bolivian Premier Division and the league loads. ** I haven't tested, but I think anything before the Jan 15 Season Update day should work. I'm guessing if you're starting in 2018, you're playing in a calendar year league so they'll have a start date early enough. If not, you could add one.
  10. Because he uses extinct leagues for leagues/cups that aren't in the game. If you have the sortitoutsi real name files, those IDs are gonna be renamed. Open the lnc files with notepad and get rid of the lines for those leagues and they'll default back to edited name in claassen's files.
  11. Are you using the updated files he did for 18.3?
  12. You can set what level needs to be active to make individual competitions active in the editor.
  13. Then delete the files from your editor data. Editor data files don't alter anything permanently.
  14. No, it's a straight knockout competition.