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  1. You should have to pass a test about a thread to reply to it.
  2. Players from the Japanese leagues haven't been in forever due to licensing reasons, and as plenty of people have mentioned, claassen doesn't add players. I'm sure Foss will have his Japanese database out when it's ready.
  3. The answer is: it wouldn't. Editor files don't mess with the match engine.
  4. Summary: The European U19 Ch'ship skips 2019 Description of Issue: As far as I know, the real U19 championship hasn't been postponed or anything, but I've tested it with multiple setups and it always skips 2019 and starts in 2020. The qualifying seems to be off because of it, too. Steps to Reproduce: Start a game, go to summer 2019, it never happens. Happens in 2020 and forward.
  5. Crplz

    In-Game editor

    You can't change club names with the built-in pre-game editor. There are other save game editors you can do it with, I believe.
  6. By "first time you load it" it means when you start a new game. So every time you start a new game using this db, it'll take a while.
  7. Should happen with every club in Japan due to licensing issues.
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1397141207
  9. As long as you have the Mexico/Central American league files active, you don't have to load the leagues. If you're not planning on using those leagues in a particular save, all you'd lose by having all of them turned off is the CONCACAF league.
  10. See image for where to find the nations. Though I'd probably utilize the "Team Pool" and have it grab random teams from it in the group stage if you're not going to have the same qualifiers every time. FMM is FM Mobile, I believe. French Cup is probably smaller in that version due to processing and database size reasons. I might take a look at what you're doing with the French Cup and try it on my end. Again, part of it could be because it's a built in comp. It also might be how you have the teams qualifying organized. If you didn't change the structure for the cup to accommodate more teams, it might be trying to grab them in order you have listed.
  11. Sorry--the teams for the Lusophony and Francophone games are in Qualified Teams below the stages. The 'teams' part just grabs them from there. As for the French Cup, you can't just change the number of qualified teams if you're gonna do it that way. You'd have to go into the rounds and make it work with that number of teams. Also, it could just be because you're messing with a built in comp.
  12. I mean, I would consider it easy to do that, especially if you're not changing anything about the stages, just the teams used. You could erase the Get Specific Team instances, other than the ones you always want (Portugal and Brazil for example) and have it take X amount of other teams in the team pool/qualified teams. The qualified teams are listed in "Teams" under the first stage of the comps for these two competitions. I've not spent a lot of time messing with built-in comps, but looking at the French Cup, you could probably lower the number of lowest seeds it takes (i.e. the random teams from the French regional leagues) and add in the comp winners/runners up for those nations and it would probably be okay. Testing the French Cup just seems like a pain since the early rounds have so many fixtures.
  13. It's set up to grab the teams from cups in French Guyana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, and Tahiti. For Reunion it's grabbing from the league, and Mayotte just grabs one best team. Nothing from STM, St Martin or Wallis & Futuna. It is set to combine with rules from code, so it may still grab from them, not sure. He has the Wallis and Futuna Cup active. And yeah, the French Cup will only load with France. There is a setting in the advanced rules to show comps in multiple nations, but I've never tried it.