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  1. id absolutely love it of we could start as the under 19s manager and wprk our way up to the first team. if managers get sacked and what not as currently theres only so much you can do in 1 saved game
  2. For me he's got 22 goals in the prem and 18 assists
  3. Just sold welbeck to Marseille 35 million considering he played all of 6 games last season
  4. Anyone doing an West ham guide?
  5. He's just come back for me so far 5 in 2 games I know he won't keep that up but still
  6. Signed belotti for 15 mil rising to 23 over 48 months and he's broken his leg 7 months out ?
  7. Play him on the left winger as an inside forward he's scored 4 in 2 for me
  8. Hi no these are players contracted to the club not a youth in take these are first team players/ reserves, I can't even get into the trialist team
  9. Hi, some of my players have become stuck in the trialist teams when they are still contracted to the club all i can do sell them and get them to play reserve games but can't get them to the first team.I don't know why or how this has happened. Even if I offer them a new contract they don't appear in the first team
  10. Just gone into into season 3 and sold Welbeck for 40million to liverpool he was very disappointing last season. Will post screen shot when I get home
  11. Jose Luis Valdez or icardi just scored 64 goals in all comps for me
  12. Any tried Luis Jose Valdez or Jose Luis Valdez I can remember which way round it is but this guy is an absolute animal
  13. I've not had many issues with fitness and injuries about to start second season
  14. Hi can some one tell me how you can get the proper German players in the national team
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