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  1. Redster, I was literally just about to post about the exact same issue with Spurs as well. I can have 20 odd shots a game to the opposition's 5 to 10 and draw 1-1. It gets a bit infuriating after a while. I've got my coaches to a decent standard, train ball control often as I've noticed this work in the past in gaining more accurate shots, but still experiencing the problem.
  2. Working for me, however squandering a heck of an amount of chances. Anyone else having a lot of chances hit the woodwork or going straight at the opposition keeper?
  3. Sorry Enders, I've just tried to upload a screenshot but it's not having it. Azzaoui is 2 star potential in my 3rd season however his stats aren't the worst I've seen for a 19yr old. Worth keeping an eye on.
  4. I bought Bony in my third season with Spurs and he's been on fire as a Complete Forward up top with Max Kruse, 24 goals in 26 (4 sub apps). Lost him for the African Nations and games took some winning without him.
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