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  1. And another thing, i told a player i would loan him out, he said ok, i offer him to loan he gets offes from to clubs in the same league tht i accpeted and he rejects them both, he calls that a broken promise.... :S
  2. For the 15th time, i understand that might happen, but he is contradicting himself by saying he loves the club and fans and is being forced out when if he doesnt leave he will cause the club to go into financial crisis, if he just said he doesnt care about the club then fair enoug, but the conversations are not civilised enough, i wanted to explain we cant afford him, thats not alienating him, he doesnt have to leave it would help if he did, ovb he has the right to hus contract but hes contradicitng himself by saying he cares about the ckub, and im not alienating him, we simply cant afford him, which leads me to another thing: Why is it that every club a takeover are in a financial mess, ot seems like no AI managers take finances into consideration when offering wages, i dont eve know how the teams i dont take over survive, there a clubs in the championship who where relegated 4 seasones ago with a 400k per week wage budget, how have they sirvived this long when theyre losing 2 million pound a month in the chmapionship??
  3. I have this probelm too, many times, as well as teem meetings, i will say to them when we are going good, we've been doing well keep up the good work, and then a main player will tell me im being unreasonable and the team will be demotivated :S
  4. The point im making is i know he would be dissapointed but i would appreciate it if the conversation was able to go as far as me not being happy about having to list him, a way of trying to avoid a bad relationship but it gets to the point so fast that you cant say anything nice to them, or atleast a little less damaging, i dont want to be cold with them, and youre right about bridge but he hasnt came out and said he loves the club and fans and is not happy about being listed and that, but he is sitting on the wage. My hands are tied because of the financial difficulties, therefore he should still be upset yes, but he should have a little understanding that its not a personal attack, im trying to save the club, the options to explain that enough just are not there.
  5. I dont do stuff like that, takes the fun out of the game for me, knowing i have altered something, prefer to try and find a more realistic way around it.
  6. Another example of bad interaction, a guy wants to go i said he can go in the next window he said he cant wait that long so my only options are "im the boss" and "your being unprofessionial" or lets leave it for now.... i cant even say "ok"
  7. Alls i said to him was the club cant afford to keep him, calmly, i have been honest their is nothing wrong with how i have spoken to him, the problem is he went to the press an i had to reitererate we cant keep him, the options i had too select where not very helpful, hence the problems with private chat, and i cant offer him a lower contract now because hes just ignoring me. Sorry for not being EXACT...
  8. Im aware thats if it happens in training maybe its the aerobics, but does that still have an effect if its always happening in the match? i had played around 5 seasons at 2 different clubs different clubs and apart from one injury free season i must have had atleast 10 torn hamstring injuries to players caused in a match out for 3 months at a time, all different players. Is this just bad luck? Or can i change something?
  9. I understand what your saying, my point is that hes contradicting himself, there should be more options as replies, like "thats not my problem i dont care about the club they should have thought about that before they signed me" then i would be like alteast everyone knows where they stand
  10. Your missing the point, if he didnt care then he shoud say it but he said he loves the club and fans in real life if that was true he would understand the problems hes causing, furthermore i can categorically say that the PFA would have no say over a clubs decision to transfer list someone over financial difficulties.
  11. Are you joking? Hes telling th fans im forcing him out, the fans would want him out if he was going to wreck the club, my point is if he cared about the club he would leave which he claims he does, obviously there would be spoilt brats who wouldnt care but he is contradicting himself
  12. If he doesnt leave the club will enter financial difficulty, whats more important? He can still play for another club for less money if hes being realistic and wants to play he should realise hes declining and would have to make that choice instead of trying to ruin a club. Now he feels alienated and wont talk to me, childish.
  13. So i have taken over a new club in the championship and theres is a player on 46.5k per week and way past his peak, therefore i transfer list him before he sucks the club dry, he complains i have a private chat and tell him we cant afford to keep him, he asks me if im trying to make things worse.... im actually trying to save the club from debt and alls he wants to do is put the club in debt depsite the fact hes told the fans hes being forced out of the club, surely if he cared about the club he would understand that we cnt afford to keep him on a wage like that.... Hes unwilling to accept mutual termination too.
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