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  1. https://www.fmtrendgames.com/tools/fm21-welsh-level-6-database-football-manager-2021/
  2. Do you type in all the information yourself or is there a way to copy paste a lot of that information?
  3. You guys need to make a video on this spreadsheetshit for us other normal human beings (me....
  4. Going up! We're goooooing up! Finally i'm moving up to second best league in Portugal and with the club going pro this season, i hope to have my players a lot longere! And maybe therefor i can get up to the best league in short time. BUT we'll se... There is a long way ahead of us. Lucky for me i just keep getting good YI, this team with my first from Brazil and second from Luxembourg! And i know who you guys want to see now.... We lost our goalkeeper last season, but i did already have a new one ready to take over and now is playing for Schweiz u21! Silas was unhapp
  5. After the first season in the game the 3 division is created, so not sure how its working this year.. That being said, you should pick Næsby if you can. They are a small club with a focus on youth.
  6. [b]Ocotobor 2020[/b] [b]Premier League:[/b] [color=#FCE94F]Tottenham 1-1 Manchester United[/color] Kane 21' Rashford 24' [color=#729FCF]Line up: D. Henderson - A. Wan-Bissaka - H. Maguire - B. White - A. Telles - S. Mctominay - P. Pogba - B. Fernandes - M. Greenwood - M. Rashford - A. Martial[/color] [color=#4E9A06]Manchester United 7-0 Southampton[/color] Bruno 4' 22' 61' Martial 14' 25' Rashford 36' James 74' [color=#729FCF]Line up: D. De Gea - A. Wan-Bissaka - H. Maguire - B. White - L. Shaw - D. Van De Beek - Fred - B. Fernandes - D. Brooks - M. Rashford - A.
  7. 3 season done Overall a good season with a 6 place in the league. Like a said in a comment yesterday, now the goal for the next season has to be for the number 1 spot. I really need to get up to the second league. In January i lost my captain and left back Julius Ovoke S1C and my best player Carlos Lima S2C But.. The good news is that i got almost 3M € for both+ 50% of their next sales. The money is well spend to upgrade YR and YC and going pro, so i can sign longere contract and maybe keep my players longere. Our new captain and right back, Ribeiro is the new leader on caps, while Per
  8. Damn.. I just get my 3 YI and was very happy having many 2,5+ players and then you show me this?!
  9. Damn.. Nice logo A. Meyer! I would go with personality any day!
  10. Just did that, took 5 min max. Thank you! My HoYD is Modern citizen, but i dont have the money to keep him and page his wage... cry me a river.
  11. Back to give my first update! I flied through the first season, where i moved pretty much every player from the first YI up to the first team. I ended on 10 place in league, just clear of relegation. Last year i moved up in my second season with the club and this year i ended up 10 place again, so clearly i'm not as good to FM any more, or is my players just ned as good as last year... Lucky for me i got a very good YI on my second season as well, with one really good looking player. I'm not think about going up to League 2 any time soon with this team, maybe get up to 5-6
  12. Jales! Nice to see him He looks good, hope you gonna have him for a while!
  13. September 2020 The first month is now played, we have played 3 Premier League games and 2 games in Carabao Cup. Premier League: Wolves 1-1 Manchester United Wan Bissaka sent off 1' Rashford 24' Line up: D. Henderson - A. Wan-Bissaka - H. Maguire - B. White - A. Telles - S. Mctominay - P. Pogba - B. Fernandes - M. Greenwood - M. Rashford - A. Martial First game in the season away from home, very important not to lose the first game for Carrick. You have to remember that it's not easy to play away against Wolves, a real strong team! Manchester United 4-0 West Ham Bruno 26' 49' Pogba 20'
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