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  1. Went to Partick Thistle on my current save and had this one thinking maybe I could make it work, was going to leave after a season (but got sacked before then anyway for annoying the board) because there was no way in which I could get close to any of the top sides due to the issues with recruiting foreign players. All British players as is now really were super inflated, think it would have been near impossible to progress the side without seriously investing in the academy to bring monies in which the board were simply unwilling to do.
  2. Always play LLM, unemployed with no rep. 1st Season: Ended up at Bradford Park Avenue already in the VNN relegation zone couldn't get them out of it all season ended up resigning 2nd Season: Joined Welling in the VSS after relegation from the National, did OK for the first 6 months or so, flirted with the play offs but struggled for goals, then players started getting all mardy after we dropped down the league due to us having a game postponed and everyone else playing. Got to the point where nobody wanted to play for me and I ended up getting sacked, no way that would ever happen in real life 3rd Season: Started out at Hednesford Town back in the VNN, pretty uneventful, again pushed for the play offs a little bit but lacked the consistency to mount a real challenge and finished 14th 4th Season: Stayed at Hednesford for about 6 months got some offers from National League sides because I was doing better than expected for us even though it wasn't particularly impressive. Ended up moving to Margate who were in the relegation battle in the National, got the results needed to comfortably keep them up before the Macclesfield Town job became available (my own club) went there for the final few games of the season 5th Season: Started off struggling with a new 3-2-3-2 formation, led to me almost getting sacked early on but turned thing's round once players stopped making stupid defensive errors and finished a strong 9th, definitely agree about the crossing bug, my WBR last season who is rated 2 and half stars managed 20 assists and was easily the leagues player of the season because he constantly puts in strong early balls for my two centre forwards to get on the end of. With the right additions to the side I think we should be making the play offs next time around.
  3. Having massive issues with frame rate following the update that is essentially making the game unplayable, any advice?
  4. Think it might just be the skrill prem, I'm managing Macclesfield it's mid November now and we've only kept two clean sheets all season no matter how much defensive training we do, well, and the fact that Efe Sodje is our best CB, currently 9th which is pleasantly surprising
  5. the lad has got serious potential from what I've seen of him in his short career, bags of energy, loads of pace, just pure quality
  6. Thanks guys, went and won the league cos I was first seed, good times
  7. Just wondering, I'm currently one game to go in the Belgium Pro League as Standard Liege manager 3 points behind STVV who are top, our goal difference is way worse than theres, however, in the league rules it mentions that the league is sorted by seeding if teams are level on points. Does anyone know what this means? I don't want to play a full strength squad knowing that I probably won't win the league with a Cup final to look forward a week after the last day of the season.
  8. Had exactly the same problem with Newcastle in the Champions League on the last FM, was 4-1 up from the first leg which was at home then went and lost 5-0 in Madrid, wanted to throw my laptop out of a window
  9. Sooooo many legendary players probably choose either Nathan Delfounso on loan at Redditch United FM08, tore up the league got over a goal a game or this Senegalese gen I had at Hodd in Norway signed him as 17 year old on FM11 went onto become the best player in the world for Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga
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