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  1. Never heard of either of those, where were they at?
  2. Appreciate this is a bit of niche topic, I was chatting with a friend of mine about Lee Novak from FM 2009 the other day as this was around the time we first started playing the game and were feeling particularly nostalgic. He was on loan from Huddersfield at Gateshead at the start of the game and would absolutely destroy what is now known at the Vanarama National League North, usually guaranteed around 40 goals per season. Just wondering if anyone else has such memories of him being absolutely incredible or if this cultish obsession we developed with him was just between us?
  3. Anyone got any advice for managing Shalke? Me and four of my friends have just started a network game in the Bundlesiga and I randomly drew them, so far brought in Davie Selke from Hertha and Alan Franco CB from Independiente. No budget to sign anyone else unless players go out. Looking at playing an 4-3-3 formation with an aggressive press, Harit and Schopf as inverted wingers and the full backs overlapping. We usually only get through one season on it so not bothered about building any sort of project, just need short term success haha.
  4. I've been managing down in the Cymru South for the past couple of seasons with Ammanford AFC. Would highly recommend Niall Flint CM starts of at Newtown. Absolutely superb play-maker, playing in AP role I would say about 50% of my assists come from him playing through balls. Generally has good physical, mental and technical attributes across the board. If anyone has any gems I can try and drag from the North down to the Amman Valley let me know, desperate to get out of this league after blowing the title it on the final day of the season in my first at the club.
  5. Went to Partick Thistle on my current save and had this one thinking maybe I could make it work, was going to leave after a season (but got sacked before then anyway for annoying the board) because there was no way in which I could get close to any of the top sides due to the issues with recruiting foreign players. All British players as is now really were super inflated, think it would have been near impossible to progress the side without seriously investing in the academy to bring monies in which the board were simply unwilling to do.
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