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  1. Game freezes after couple of days. Than my notebook freezes. The only way is doing ctrl+alt+delete and than turning of the computer. Tried with another team as well, same result. The most recent was 11/7/2016 ingame. Also deleted the game and re-installed, same result. I have a i7 6700HQ with Gtx960 and 8gb ram memory. Running rambased games like EU4, Csgo without any problems. Also gpu based games like dying light and Cities skylines are no problem. Those are the crashdumps. FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.05 13.51.38).dmp FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.12 20.39.52).dmp FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.12 20.53.05).dmp FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.13 12.30.46).dmp FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.13 16.57.33).dmp
  2. My game closed without giving an error or something. Deleted. Thankyou
  3. Hi, There was allways a .xml that replaced the kits on the main match screen with logos. Cant find it for FM17. Someone?
  4. Sorry guys. Fm16 is by far the worst FM ever made. Where can i ask my money back?
  5. Hehe you are creating 5 ccc, they still say that its your tactics that fails ;x come on guys, get real. No one plays the game in the same way, but you guys on this forum dont like perfectionists do you? I want more than winning a game and playing LLM where you can argue every fault by a player, because they just suck. When i see my rightback is giving 30 long range passes, im getting mad. When i see my MC is joining the attack, while we are taking a corner and lose possession than i got mad. When i see my striker is missing everything and they score 2 times from a cross that goes right into the goal, than im getting mad. The defensive shape, Dutch clubs buying only South-American players.... Im sure the guys at SI are doing a great job to fix it, but those users/mods are frustrating when they are yelling that the game is great and there is no need for a patch. 4dec, the last day i played fm..
  6. Changing the closing down of my backs, helped me defending crosses. The wingers of AI just dont know what to do when there is no pressure.
  7. I somewhere hoped you'll understand that all those passes where to Benteke. Not to Beneke but somewhere nearby. I selectively cut the images.. For what? Why should i do that?
  8. this cant be real. The weird thing is dat Clyne stopped with those passes when i gave him more freedom(WB/A).
  9. I really like your post and want to thank you. But on the way you explain it, you can change everything and everything could lead into everything. Ok but doesnt that take the logic away from this tactic. If i do it like you, than im just searching for something that works. That cant be the logic behind managing a team in RL. Ofc, this is something else, but it really sounds weird. But the last thing you say: doesnt that lead into 2 or more blocks and that leads into losing the balance? I want to keep the guys close to each other, so i can dominate the possession and let players like Coutinho and Firmino creat chances.
  10. Same result. Those are examples from the first 45minutes. Clyne having the sick amount of 59% passingrate
  11. No No No No Maybe, but im playing with Liverpool. So i guess those players can do it. No
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