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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I will give it a try, will probably try a winger on attack first and see how it goes. As for the teams pressing me harder and higher this is true in some games, the teams fighting for their places in the division are coming out to attack me it seems and must be more determined at the moment to win, plus I feel as though my players are nervous because we're still second in the league. Thanks for the last tip too, something I hadn't actually thought of.
  2. Thanks for the reply, yes complacency was an issue that I hadn't thought of, I know one player (Higuain) is complacent after scoring 30 goals so far. Yeah I have noticed teams are very deep and narrow against me, I notice this but sometimes its too late. Most of the time we do create a lot of chances still against these teams but just can't do the finishing touches.
  3. I think you could be on to something here, just looking at my results again, since the winter break we've had a lot more games and going far in the competitions has made us tired (I have given them a rest from training where I can). So for my game against Roma I decided to change closing down much more to "sometimes" and we won 2-0 with 14 shots 6 on target, an improvement of recent games (11/1).
  4. Started a save with Napoli and it was going very well before the winter break... After the winter break its not been going so well... I know it doesn't look dramatically bad but i'm still a bit confused as to why my form has dropped off, our morale has been superb up until the game i'm out now (which is quite surprising), so I don't think it's down to that, I've mainly used these tactics apart from a game or two... Now i'm expecting people to say "The AI has worked out how your tactic is working" but I kind of don't think that's true, I feel as though my problem now is that my players just can't score for love nor money. I can accept that the opposition is going to have games where they score every shot on target to win a game 2-1 or draw 2-2, but what I can't understand is why all of a sudden my players are missing really easy chances and my shots on target is a lot lower than before.
  5. Thank you for your reply. You made me think about how I was setting my team up in a different way. Since reading your post and having a day off from playing the game i've gone on a 7 game run taking me to fourth place. I've also stopped being as lazy as I was being by looking more at how the opposition are playing and shutting down not only there creative players but the guys who are supplying the creative players. Thanks again.
  6. Getting very frustrated with this game recently, i'm currently playing as Forest and I understand that it's a hard job with the transfer embargo and 7/8 first team players out until December but the team that you start with is not a bad team. I'll start with how I set my team up and how I want them to play; I play a 4-4-2 - Control - Structured. Team instructions - Higher line, Dribble less and Roam from position. Player roles - Goalkeeper - Defend Fullback - Support (Cross more often, sit narrow) Central defender - Defend Central defender - Defend Fullback - Support (Cross more often, sit narrow) Wide Midfielder - Support (Cross more often, Cross from deep, Stay wider) Central Midfielder - Defend Roaming playmaker - Support Wide Midfielder - Support (Cross more often, Cross from deep, Stay wider) Deep lying forward - Support Advanced forward - Attack The way I want my team to play is by keeping the ball and looking to exploit space on the wings and getting in a good cross for two strikers in the box and at times the other winger. The problems that I am having are as followed - 1 - Conceding a lot from crosses, I've gone with a high line to keep the defence away from my area because once the ball comes into my area my central defenders turn into Subbuteo players. But the problem i'm now having is instead of the opposition wingers turning into Theo Walcott and getting to the by line to play a simple cross, the opposition full backs are turning into David Beckham and are playing a beautiful ball straight on to the open strikers head, doesn't matter if i'm playing top of the league or bottom of the league, the opposition full back will be able to pull off these unbelievable crosses. 2 - My wide players are getting into good area's but just aren't crossing the ball and instead are shooting from impossible angle's or just standing with the ball just waiting to be tackled allowing the opposition to run up the other end and counter. Now I know I could possibly try telling them to dribble less and shoot less but I feel with the dribbling at least it's what is getting them into good areas. There was probably more that I was going to say but for now I think that will do, if anyone could give me some guidance I would be very appreciative.
  7. 1. I'd like for your assistant manager or a coach to give you training updates before each game, so for example they will tell you who's been training well all week and who hasn't and who deserves a starting spot in your team, or could be a fringe player trying to get back in the team deserves a spot on the bench. 2. Another thing i'd like to see is either in the player instructions or in the team instructions, the option to tell your player to do one thing when we have the ball and another when we don't, for example - Right back to offer some width when we have the ball, but when we lose possession come in tight to the centre back and stop the chances of a through ball.
  8. Not sure if this is a bug or not? But i'm not happy! My player was one on one, got to area, about to shoot and the ref blows for full time?!
  9. Also, does anyone know why I keep wearing my away kit when i'm at home? And why is it when the other team gets a player sent off normally early on in the second half there are no more highlights after and it just skips to the end, normally resulting in a loss or draw? It doesnt matter what you change you're style to it's always the same (for me personally)
  10. Very true, Rodgers always seems to get sacked by december as well. Just glad I had some success with them when I played as them, just a bit upsetting to see them down near the bottom of the league all the time.
  11. Anyone else agree that Liverpool are underrated on this? Just saw there results in my save and they lost 4 - 0 three weeks in a row to West Ham, Cardiff and Southampton then they just lost 7 - 3 to Crystal palace in the cup.
  12. Hi, i've had a search through this forum and i'm looking on how to edit players stats. I'm just not quite sure how you work it out as say for example you cant change a players finishing stat from 10 to 14 without changing his CA because it won't change in game. I don't want to change a player to all 20's because thats boring. Just a guide on how to edit current stats would be helpful, or at least a link to someone who's explained it before? Cheers.
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