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  1. Hi fellas. Don't often post on here and really didn't want to start a topic over this however was looking for a quick answer and I thought this would be the best place. My squad has some good quality box to box midfielders however I'm looking to find the best role to play along side it? I play a typical 4-2-3-1, 2 midfielders behind the attacking midfielder. Something tells me, deep lying playmaker however I have always been a sucker for a ball winning midfielder in any save I play. Quick feedback is much appreciated.
  2. Doing amazingly well, can you show your tactics?Team instructions, player roles etc. Incredible to see your team consistently adapt to each league and essentially dominate everyone.
  3. Couldn't find a relative topic for this and thought it was worthy of being shared. 5-1 down at halftime, team in meltdown, I'm tactically clueless, no idea how to explain why this is happening. Make some tweaks, give the boys a row, send them out and BOOM. The best comeback I've ever experienced. We win 6-5. (See below). Anyone else had anything like this before?
  4. Failed fist time, however second time it worked! Thanks for a cracking background pack.
  5. Currently trying it with Google drive just now, fingers crossed.
  6. I've tried twice now to download this and both times it's failed. First time I had it on in the background so I don't know when it failed, second time after 1.7gb was downloaded. Can#t be bothered trying a third time as it takes hours with my connection.
  7. Actually chuffed to see someone had started there story with Kilmarnock! A rare sight, don't blame you for moving on though, we are awful!! Good move to Bolton, keep it up!
  8. Ok, so its been what? 4 months since the release and i'm still getting no where with this game. It's not broken, because others are obviously having success but I just cant have any success with anyone! Mutiple saves, multiple failures and sackings. Even simple saves, like going CELTIC and not winning the league, I mean what the?! I won the champions league with them on last years version and this years I cant even win the spfl and get sacked. This is the example I've chosen out of my bunch of failures because I believe its the most extreme. During the save I was 3-1 up against Basel with 20 shots to their 1 and 70% possession. Full time result? 3-3, they had two shots and scored them second half and we missed all of ours. I'm about done with this game and I ain't attention seeking - I needed somewhere to vent my anger & frustrations. Tactics, I've absolute no idea - tried everything with mutiple teams, ain't working. Dominating games then losing, being dominated in games and losing heavily etc. It's almost like they make this game so much difficult every year that it becomes a chore to play.
  9. You've did it again Tom, quality skin lad. Worth the wait. I'll give you the heads up if I find any bugs.
  10. Looks incredible mate, looking forward to the release of this one. Delighted someone has put the badge up in the top left corner like the old steklo skins.
  11. Yeah, I was gobsmacked when it came up - it's the first time i've been sacked over a board takeover, but I had no idea my job was under threat at all. I was doing a cracking job! However, it's made for an interesting save, as I've been sacked the team I support has sacked their manager and bookies have made favorite to land the job.
  12. I know this happened in FM14, however 9/10 if you was doing well you would keep your job, no problem or they would at least hint you was gonna get sacked Coventry City, just got a new owner from a takeover and nothing was mentioned about my job, I was unbeaten in my first five games of the league 1 season, won 2 and drew 3 in the playoffs and was in the third round of the league cup with an easy home draw against Leyton Orient after knocking out back to back Championship sides Rotherham and Fulham..then out of no where! http://gyazo.com/f03d72487ed70ed67c57674de0610e0a You're kidding me right?
  13. Three injuries to all three of my strikers before the season begins, the smallest injurie putting them out for at least 2 months! Severe bad luck or a bug in the game?
  14. Got yourself a real challenge their. Queens Park are an amateur based team and most of your players are not on contract, which usually means that any half decent players get snapped off you for nothing from teams around you or above you. However it's a great challenge and it would have done amazingly well if you turned them into the best team in scotland, since they are the oldest team in scotland.
  15. It won't allow me to install it once i've subscribed, it shows up but once I click on install nothing happens. Maybe it's something to do with the date? It says 1970 on mine? LOL
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