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  1. Appreciate the help and advice. Makes sense now that you’ve explained it that way. Granted they were friendlies, but a couple of screenshots from my first two games, which left me frustrated and in need of help! Seems I can’t shoot and score and the opposition scores with their only shot. So I’ve tweaked things a little, slowing the tempo down now to match the slow passing, working things patiently into the box. With some overlapping FBs to use the space my IF vacate. Idea also to squeeze the opposition and to win the ball back high up. Hopefully this might pay off
  2. I’m really struggling for any consistency and to score goals. Perhaps the obvious answer is that my striker is pants, but I regularly have a lot of shots, not many on target and even less going in. One game I had 30+ shots, about 11 on target and scored once! The other team seem to have one or two shots and score from them. I pretty much played this same formation in FMT18 and it worked fine, but it’s not working (maybe it’s my imagination) this year. The basic idea is to pass the ball around quickly, but to a man close by and up the pitch into the box, where my star striker slots it home. Out of possession a bit of a pressing game. I also seem to concede a fair few. Any ideas on how to get more shots on goals and more shots in the back of the net? Other than buying Any and all advice is welcome
  3. Ah OK. I'm on the iPad, so maybe this should be under iOS? I'm away at the moment, but will be able to upload the save file on Friday. I'm playing the create a club version, so not sure if that makes a difference.
  4. In all the years I've been playing CM / FM and all of the FMT, I've never had an issue with training until FMT19. My method has always been the same and it's always seemed to work. Team training left on balanced after pre-season and then individual training on everyone for their position. At most I only ever had one or two people unhappy and that was due to the "high" intensity. This time around however, sticking with the above method has left 8 people unhappy and with things I don't know how to correct, as there doesn't seem to be an obvious solution. A lot of my players are saying "their unit has not been getting enough attention" I don't even know what that mean? What makes up a unit? Is leaving team training on balanced no longer good enough? Do I need to rotate every few weeks to a different focus?
  5. I couldn’t see anywhere on the website where the options and challenges were listed, so just wanted to check it was still there. Thanks for the response
  6. Is this a part of FMT19 like it was in 18? I do enjoy inserting myself into the game and want to check it’s still a feature before buying
  7. What people’s approach to individual training. I take the approach of choosing the training regime that has the best spread of traits, rather than position specific. For example, I have a Segundo Volante in my starting 11 and he currently doesn’t have the bright green circle to show he is completely at ease in that position. But on the individual training, choosing Roaming Playmaker rather than Segundo Volante, covers more traits. SV has 17 but RP has 21 and covers all SV traits except Marking. So would I be better off training him in SV so he becomes better at playing in that position or RP as it covers more traits and will make him. A better player?
  8. Now I know every year everyone plays FM and thinks the game conspires against and hates them, due to the amount of injuries they get. I really don’t want to be one of those people, but I am getting what i would consider more injuries than real life. So perhaps I’m doing something wrong? In the last 11 games I’ve had 8 players go off injured, ranging from concussion, bruising, twists and muscle. This has been the standard trend all season. Below is my training regime, which is only medium workload and they all have individual for the position they play in. I monitor and rest anyone who is at high risk of injury as per the medical centre. Should I rest before the game as well? Would that allow them to be fresher in game and maybe avoid injuries? Or is 8 in 11 games standard?
  9. Someone said you could on another thread, but didn’t say how. I’m desperate for this as I hate it as well, I’d like to turn off all player pictures
  10. So I spent time going back and reading the thread and trying to understand how the shape / roles impacted how I played. Came up with a formation that I thought would feed the ball out from the back, through the team in a patient manner and ultimately end up at Kane’s feet, where he would smash it in. While the sample size isn’t huge yet, my win ratio has gone from 44% pre-Bournemouth, which is when I switched to the new formation, to 63% post-Bournemouth! Perhaps I’ve played worse teams or now have better players in the starting 11, but it does seem to be working (if you ignore the humping from United). thanks for everyone’s advice and for the kick in the right direction @Cleon
  11. At no point did I think you were laughing and you were giving me a kick in the right direction, so it was welcome!
  12. That’s fair enough, I appreciate the time and advice above. I guess the answer is invest the time or download, as there isn’t a shape I know inside out. I’ll read the thread again and see what it inspires. thanks for the tips @ifoundthatessence
  13. To be fair, in my disclaimer I did say I don’t like that aspect of the game these days. I read some of your thread and tried to read it all, but if I have to spend hours reading a thread, then hours on top creating a tactic and then hours watching game after game to see if its working, then the game is lost for me. But the thread was excellent and you clearly know your stuff. But gaming is all about enjoyment on a personal level and I enjoy transfers, picking teams, hopefully winning games etc. I don’t enjoy hours upon hours of analysis, data mining and tactic creation. So that’s why I reached out for some advice on how to improve. Maybe in some people’s mind that defeats the purpose of what CM / FM now is, but for me having to invest that much time in one aspect of the game to be successful, isn’t what I enjoy.
  14. Well that’s why I’m reaching out. I don’t have the knowledge or time to spend hours building a tactic and watching game after game to see if its working and what tweaks I need to make, but would like to know if there’s any advice anyone can give on how I can improve. I made a few changes to your tactic @Cleon, although granted not many. I changed a position, changed a couple of TIs and added PIs that I thought would help. If anyone has further advice, then awesome, I welcome it and would appreciate it. If not, I’ll carry on losing / struggling I guess
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