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  1. I don’t know if you noticed that I didn’t say I’ve played every version. Just I have been playing various versions over the course of the years and this is the worst I can recall in terms of minor bug irritations but this is purely a personal view as what diminishes my enjoyment won’t be the same for everyone else. This is just my general view.
  2. I’ve been playing this since the old champ manager days and I have to say this is the worst I can recall. Being in my 40’s now I don’t play it anywhere near as much or as in depth as many people on here and so I don’t notice a lot of the issues here. I would say I logged a bug in December regarding the assists record holder not showing in the club records page. It was acknowledged as a known issue way back then but hasn’t been fixed. Not a major issue I guess but as one of the bits I enjoy is trying to beat my previous seasons records then it does diminish the enjoyment. I’m no IT guru so mayb
  3. So this hasn’t been resolved and the silence is deafening despite this being reported in December. Pretty poor form if you ask me
  4. Does anybody know if this has been resolved in the latest fix?
  5. Just a long shot, does it require you to finish a season or start a new game to work or has it been overlooked. I’ve abandoned FM21 for a while so haven’t checked myself.
  6. Even if they have, no sign of an update to resolve it. Would be better off buying fm22 in March, get a discount and it may have a chance of working and be relatively playable.
  7. Nope. Still totally shafted and doesn’t seem the most major issue they need to resolve. Fire up FM20 and forget about FM21 until the summer when maybe it’s playable.
  8. Totally agree. I don’t think you’ll get a reply though
  9. that’s my plan. Nobody forced me to buy it. I won’t buy it in future until I’ve checked the bugs forum and if there’s anything major I’ll give it a swerve. My record assists not showing in my club history tipped me over the edge. Quite a small thing but enough for me to stop playing it as I have no idea if a fix is coming or will be save game compatible.
  10. Sorry I must have missed that. Thanks for letting me know.
  11. Do we have confirmation if the Croatian league allows under 17 players, and if so, will this be corrected in a future update?
  12. Do we know if the 21.2 patch resolved this issue?
  13. Doesn’t seem like anyone else has the same issue. I can’t see it reported anywhere else.
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