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  1. Don't forget a German scout as well. Some of the german regens on FM13 was beyond amazing.
  2. I would guess that they will be more loyal to you as a manager and more reluctant to put in a transfer request, wanting to stay at the club with you in charge. At the same time, a player at another club with you as favourite personell would be positive to the thought of you signing him.
  3. This is a really good post, that raises an important issue. The moderators in here spend a lot of time trying to make the FM experience for every kind of player and IMO they are doing a great job! It's nothing wrong with having an argument, but some of the conspiracy theories flying around this forum is getting a bit out of hand. SI on the other hand, need to realise that not everyone spend hours analyzing all their matches trying to create the best possible throw in tactic, or spend time scouting Milwall creating a masterplan to beat them in the upcoming FA cup match with Boston Utd (I do , and love it, but I get why some don't ). I love starting unemployed, taking charge over teams tipped for relegation etc., but the game needs to be playable for every kind of player, also the ones that just want to win the Premiership with Man Utd and bring back C. Ronaldo. Can't wait for the patch to get here as I want to start av proper lower league save and feel that the game is how I want it to be! Challenging and rewarding!
  4. Yes you are evil They are random, but not random during the draw if you get where i'm going. If you were to save a week earlier, it would be different. Since i'm not evil I can't guarantee this , but I read it somewhere on this forum last year.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that "extended" is the same as "key" was on previous editions. I play extended, and it's perfect. Always used to play with key highlights on FM11 and earlier versions.
  6. I think that was a problem on FM12 as well. After a few seasons, you often have 8-10 young players with good potential. I often mark them all and offer to loan them out. Find that 1-2 of these players have zero clubs interested in them, and they are often the most talented. With 0% wages and almost good enough for PL you would think 20-30 clubs would be interested IRL. Surely a scoop for a Championship/League 1 club to get a U21 international for free.
  7. I'll note that. Considered to get him myself, will sign for sure the next time I start a save with a team he would consider joining. Always had great experience with him! Passing, shooting, creative, good defensively. A true FM great I would dare to say!
  8. Cheers for your quick reply, mate. Don't isolate your fullbacks, play wide along the wings and set your striker as a trequartista to make assist and not score goals for a bit more then and whats the option? Not play FM14 because it's not 100% yet.. like that's gonna happen!
  9. Even though graphics is not top priority in FM, I gotta say it has a really nice look this year. Gameplay isn't perfect yet, but I'm sure we will get there. Personally, I often use 2D when I'm not sure about how my tactic are working in specific situations, and when analyzing those situations 2D is great. But for "normal" matches, I really like the 3D engine and for me that's the only way to play it now. But there are probably more players still using 2D than I would think. Btw, is there any news on release date for the next patch? Really enjoying the game, but I don't feel that I'm playing the full game yet
  10. Completely agree. FM13 in my opinion was too easy. Not the first season, but anyone could develop a fantastic side over a few seasons. Really enjoying this version and when the next patch fix long shots and a few other minor details, I hope it doesn't affect the overall difficulty.
  11. I agree! Some of the complaining is largely exaggerated and we all know that FM needs a little while to get perfect. They need to adjust defensive pressure as it's very weak at times as well as first post corner kicks. The long shots is a bit annoying, but I'm sure they will work it out. I personally really enjoy the game, but looking forward to the next patch that can take the game to the next level.
  12. Yes, but it only works if you've just won the Champions League 6 months earlier
  13. Agreed, but you might be generalising a bit mate, when you say its always tactical. I do agree to some extent with people complaining about the crazy number of shots and % of possession they have and still loose. This should probably be moderated with a patch. But then again, I do agree with you and a lot of people don't adjust their tactic enough in regards to 1. the current strengths of their team and 2. the opposition. Last season I won the league with QPR, only conceding 18 goals during the whole season. At that time, I never really struggled at any point, not having a big need to adjust my tactic (never change a winning team ). I always use quite a lot of oppositon instruction and I always tweak the instruction of my wingers/full backs in regards to the opposition trying to "kill" their wide play, narrowing their attacks. This worked great, but mid-way through this season the opposition got the better of me at times, scoring a lot of goals through the middle, opening my defense wide open with through balls. I then had to change my 4-5-1 with 3 CM's, to playing an anchorman/DM, and in some games playing with an AM. This got me back in form immediately, going from losing 1-3 to Wolves to beating Bayern 2-0 in Germany, instantly seeing the effects. I believe that a lot more people need to start trying to spot faults in their own tactics, rather than the ME.. at least if they want to turn a negative stretch of form around.. Edit: a lot of team's try forcing the opposition to shoot from distanse as part of their strategy. If you have 25 shots, that doesn't mean you had 25 chances...
  14. Hands down, Papadopoulos is one of the best defenders in the game! I played against him and even though he didn't injure any of my players, he was voted man of the match. I should buy him so I can combine him with Hummels.. would be one scary partnership!
  15. Lacina Traore will be a good signing for you. He scored 20 in the league for me last season as well as having several assists. What's really nice when playing him as a CF is that he drops deep to win headers when your defenders/GK plays a long ball to when they are closed down by the opposition. I have two strikers in my squad, but I also have Junior Hoilett as a backup winger. He can also play as a striker, which is really neat, and I always try to have three players who can play in the striker role. I have a great striker regen, but as you say, with three pure strikers in the squad, one of them doesn't get game time, so I've loaned him out for to Rome for the second consecutive year.
  16. Yes, it is actually! Everything we used in constructing the new stadium is old, broken material that have been replaced with fresh materials at Old Trafford, White Hart Lane, Santiago Bernabeu and Stamord Bridge
  17. My QPR board approved stadium plans after my 4th season, but only with 28 000 capacity. I'm playing in the Champions League, so it's not enough, and certainly not to the price of £65 million
  18. I agree with Anderson's post here, it's important to remember (as you would know having played the game for 10 years) that FM success is not made over night, but when a new FM is released we seem to forget that sometimes because we want immediate success, which is understandable. I'm halfway into my 6th season with QPR now and I still spend a lot of time working on my basic tactic: tweaking player instructions, training players in certain roles and skills etc. I think this is the biggest difference in this years game. Regardless of the ME acting up a bit, this game is by far the most realistic FM game ever! I certainly hope that the game will not become easier after the patch. I know a lot of people is struggling with success and will disagree with that statement, but when people start getting used to this game, everyone will relish the challenge and enjoy success! As someone who never upload or download tactics, I love reading threads where people don't get success with so called "unbeatable tactics". This style of playing doesn't give people the true FM experience, but everyone should try and get inspiration from others FM'ers! I therefore wouldn't say that there are any specific teams you should mange, there are no teams that guarantee success. Swansea got relegated the first season in my QPR save by the way, mate, so 16th isn't that bad. I finished 4th in the Premier League that year, but that was only because I played a tactic that suited my squad, a classic 4-4-2 with defensive wingers. This isn't even a tactic I prefer my teams playing, and after that season I started, slowly, to sign players that would fit into my direct, counter attacking 4-5-1 philosophy. I changed too much the first summer, and finished on a lucky 5th. After that, I havent finished outside the top 4, and I reached the semi finals of the Champions League last year. But I spend a lot of time on this team, and I dont ignore any aspect of it. As an example, I have Christian Eriksen as my advanced playmaker, playing from central midfield position. He is absolutely world class, and sometimes scores some brilliant solo goals (as well as having something like 20 assists in 20 league games so far). I changed "run with ball" from sometimes to often yesterday to see if that would work better. I then watched a large part of my next game against Stoke in full time, only to spot the change in movement from Eriksen. And even though I thought it made sense (still do ), watching the game in full for about 20 minutes, it became obvious that even though he would probably score some more nice goals this way when trying to dribble through the defense, it would reduce his number of assists. Do you usually have a go-to tactic that you play with most teams? It seems really important to have more than one tactic to use against different opposition, or at least a tactic that can easily be tweaked to suit opposition in terms of "defensive line", "tempo" and "width" (the last two are the two main key adjustments I do when playing stronger/weaker teams). I now play a 4-3-3 direct style formation and every player I buy suits that style and suits certain roles. I also train my player roles, as well as technical/physical skills to fit into the system. What kind of goals do you concede? Do you concede the same type of goals when playing, say Everton at home and Man City away? If yes, its your base defensive tactic that isn't working. If it's different, then its probably a sign that you need to adjust your tactics more to the teams you play. And I gotta say its really difficult to beat out-of-form top teams, they seem to find that form when I play them more often than not!
  19. If this is your first Football Manager game I'll say congratulations! And I will say that again if you can go the first year without breaking your pc mouse I'd definitely advice you to keep it simple, until you get properly settled with the game. Don't worry to much about detailed player instructions, rather try to make changes when you spot flaws in your tactic. If your winger isn't working the space you want him to, your striker isnt dropping down linking with your midfield etc etc, try to do something about it, but don't try to do everything at once in your first save! This game is a learning process Also, instead of just trying and failing, try to read some good guides on the different aspects of the game. That will give you a good understanding of the varying elements. Check out som of these (including some from another forum): Stupid Questions Thread Creating a Player Youth Development Guide A brilliant explanation of the 4-1-2-2-1 Training Guide These are all good guides, none of them written by me. These are the types of threads you should be reading, as it will give you a good view of some of the training/tactical elements. It's a good idea to get inspiration from others when creating a tactic, but I would advise you to create your own tactics, don't download others work. It's a lot more fun seeing your own hard work pay off, instead of just using someone else's ideas! Good luck, mate! Happy trophy hunting !
  20. I've never been active on this forum, but I've read through many pages of this thread, so I had to register for an account so I could give a reply. I gotta say, some of the feedback given here is appalling. There is no point ranting about certain results that you got against this and this opponent, and how unrealistic it is for a top team to loose against a semi-professional side.. Real Madrid lost 4-0 against semi-professional Alcoron in the 2010 season, not excactly expected, but these things happen... cup upsets happen every season! I noticed that quite a few posts here talk about FM13 not being a sandbox game and that there is only some tactics that will work. "a type of video game level design where a player can roam freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives." This is the definition of a sandbox game, but of course FM13 (or any other FM for that matter) does not give the player 100% freedom in creating their own way of playing. No matter how good the ME will be after the update, there will always be certain tactics that work better than others (and btw, 4-4-2 is certainly not made redundant IRL). After all, its just a game and it will always have limitations and certain ways will be more effective than others in reaching a goal, like all "sandbox" games. There are way too many elements in football to create a perfect game that takes every tactical aspect into consideration. But I'm also sure that people will succeed with all kinds of tactics, being 4-4-2. 4-3-3, 3-5-2 etc. There is no doubt that the ME has flaws, and I don't see any of the moderators denying that! Hopefully we will get a proper patch soon, but until then, its actually optional to play this game! I've played 4 seasons with QPR, never finishing below 5th place, and I don't think I've ever played a FM game as much as this one!! I've beaten Barcelona at Loftus Road, and I've gotten knocked out of the Cup by a League 2 side. After that game I threw my new pc mouse into the wall, and I want SI (or one of the admins) to give me a new one with a fresh ME patch no wait, that's football, and thats why we all love it! I don't think the ME discussion will stop until Jan-Feb and it's too bad, because all the **** talking here is just destroying the community. After all, this is a forum for people who love football (and know a lot about it as well), not some Counter Strike forum full of geeks... I would like to mention a couple of positives/negatives that I've experienced after a couple of seasons: Positives - I really like the added functions on game day, especially the good feedback from my assistant manager. I also think that the extended highlights(not playing with english language, so might be the wrong experession) gives a good amount of detail. - Might only be my computer, but the game is quite a lot faster this year. In FM12 it felt like an eternity between games sometimes (especially when there was international games). - I really like the scouting system, both regarding player scouting as well as opposition. - Even though it has a couple of bugs, I like the idea of the new training system. It was effective to create many individual categories in last years game, but this one seem more realistic to real life - Correct me if Im wrong, but on FM12 you could not tick a box to give the players an automatic rest day after games, and this is great in FM13. Negatives - I think that sometimes the game overcomplicates the menus. When I'm in the tactics screen I would like to go straight to player instructions when clicking on the position, not go via the player menu. - Like in FM12, I think that many of the re-gens are too good at young age. After a few seasons, you can create a world-class team of almost exclusively 18-19 year olds, who you can sign for almost nothing. - I think it should be possible to use more than your original wage budget when signing players on the Bosman-rule in late December. At my current save I just missed out on some major talents because of my small wage budget, when it obviously would have been good signings for the club. After all, I also have players leaving at the end of the season, who would make up for it. In general, I think it's a great game, and after the next patch I think we will see a game that is way better than any previous version. It's sad to see that moderators who are using their own spare time helping out people, leaving the forum because of abuse. IMO, that's not worthy of a Football Manager community As I mentioned earlier in the post, English is not my first language, so please ignore typos
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