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  1. Youth Academy saves are pretty neat in classic mode. You have much more control over training in Fmc 15. So you can train the weaknesses of your youth players. In fm14 anyways, it was always such a bummer to get a 4 stars potential striker with like 7 finishing. Now you can easily re-train them by position or by attribute or by role \
  2. Ugh I just fell for the whole April 1st day joke thingy. though I'm managing Real Madrid, so I was Like...Why did the board slash my transfer budget?
  3. That's Great to hear. I was very dissappointed with most of my youth intakes in 14.
  4. AAB is a great Danish Club with a great youth-setup, Danish League doesn't really provide much of a challenge If you're a top club. Check Out the challenges Forum if the want more difficulty. The Youth Academy Challenge is pretty challenging
  5. Scandinavia in general. Norway and Denmark in particular
  6. I don't know. Big clubs with unlimited resources like PSG and all the big EPL clubs are good at building up their squads. Of course they spend like 100 to 250 million dollars in transfers per year to do so. But still... Any league with limited resources like the Scottish leagues and the lower english leagues are really no challenge long term to the human player. Huge clubs like Barca and Real Madrid still provide some resistance to winning everything.
  7. Playing with a "big fish in a small pond" type of club is an easy start. Like Celtic in Scotland or Ajax in Holland or maybe Sparta Prague. Clubs like that are probably some of the easiest ones to play. I'd pick Celtic and play a season or so, and maybe that will help you get the hang of the game.
  8. I don't think you can, because the home grown rules aren't included in Classic mode
  9. Have you tried Mr hough brings back the funk tactic. Works for me anyways
  10. Bah this 2014 ME is totally unrealistic. Playing as Chelsea, destroy Arsenal 6-0. Next match lose to Crystal Palace 1-0 on an OG. lulz
  11. Classic mode is so much less time intensive. Stick with classic
  12. I think Judging Potential, Judging Ability is super important for your ass man. I think your assistants evaluation is the easiest/quickest way to judge your players in classic mode. Otherwise I want him to be rated 4+ stars as an assistant manager. Yeah, his training abilities really don't seem to matter
  13. I'd just like to say this tactic won me the World cup in 2030 and the euro champs in 2028. Its great defensively for me
  14. The youth intake in Classic is the day the league re-sets. So like June 20 in Scotland and France. To Find the other dates, Click on the World icon thingy on the top. Then Select "transfers", and the Continent you want. Then Select "youth intake". Scroll Back thru the months and you will see all the youth generating dates.
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