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  1. If I may pile on the UI a little more: regardless of the workflow and all the clicks, it's also very...gray. Probably making matters worse is that I'm Colorado, so the whole game is purple and gray gray gray... I feel a little depressed looking at it. Dressing room especially (grayest screen in a game ever!) Also the blur confuses my eyes, but that's another issue...
  2. I hear you OP. There have been years when I've quit FM because I start feeling like the game is playing itself, and I am quite irrelevant to it. Agreed, the game has too many things to click on that have an undetectable effect (e.g., should I conduct this press conference calmly or assertively?), and I start to feel like "am I really even doing anything?" The tactics are an exception to that. Tinkering with formations, mentalities, and roles have a noticeable and rewarding impact. I try to focus on that stuff and less on the "noise". A season of football in real life is a strategy game. If FM is going to simulate that, it should likewise be a strategy game, right?
  3. I don't want to miss an opportunity to complain about this. And Miles's justification reveals that he hasn't the faintest idea what our complaint even is (nobody is arguing for putting a 2D photo on the 3D figure). And who cares about the title screen anyway? It's absolutely baffling.
  4. Yes! Ok good, someone gets what I'm saying. I get what you're saying too, about the shouts creating immersion.
  5. Right, I know what it's for, but that wasn't my point. My point was there's no downside to clicking on "concentrate!", so there's no interesting decision to be made about whether to click it or not. So it becomes a chore of "ok my team just scored, time to go click the concentrate button". I think it offers no gameplay value. It's like having a driving game that has a button to fasten the seatbelt. Drivers certainly do fasten seat belts, and they certainly are important. That is not enough reason to put it in the game. Just my opinion. I understand that people might like the extra immersion. But I think that FM has too many unnecessary buttons already, and the extra team tactics talks just sounds like more buttons. (BTW I am content with press conferences and team talks as they are....but no more please!)
  6. It's a large part of the reason I play FMT. Can't you just delegate the responsibility for this to your assistant? I feel he stuffs up, then it's an issue but otherwise it gets you round all this stuff. Agreed, you can always delegate stuff to your assistant, though that's also unsatisfying. Then you're watching the game play itself. I just think it's not good design. It's more and more bloat. I counted up the possible team talk choices once and I think it was 27, considering the combinations of mood + message. And that's not including specific defenders/midfielders/attackers talks. The interactions always make me think of the Sid Meier adage about a good game being a series of interesting decisions. Deciding among 27 team talk options is not very interesting when surely most of them have the same outcome (or possibly negligible outcome). Neither is deciding among 20 responses to each press conference question (4 moods x 5 messages). The worst offender IMO is the touchline talks like "concentrate!". Why wouldn't I want the team to concentrate? Why is the game offering me this choice?
  7. Yep these are my thoughts too. The least satisfying and most chore-like parts of the game are all these interactions. And the forums are full of posts complaining about how a team talk ruined a game, and likewise full of posts about how team talks have barely any effect. The game is too opaque for people to tell. To me every press conference and team talk is just me clicking stuff by rote and thinking "bah ok whatever who cares". I am a little baffled that they've decided FM needs even more of this.
  8. I use annual if I manage in the US, weekly if I manage in the UK . I'm surprised I'm the first one with that answer!
  9. All of @MrPompey's suggestions sound quite manageable to me. The game already has triggered cheers for goals and boos when the away team has possession, and they don't create problems with the play speed or the highlights modes.
  10. I don't think the game is too difficult, but I also think it's too complex, if that makes any sense. It has too many switches and gizmos and gadgets that you can adjust, and it's too hard to tell what they do, if anything even (team talks, touchline team talks, match training focus, press conferences, tactical familiarity...). Like KingCanary says, there is a lack of feedback to the user. Most of the feedback that does exist is in the form of assman advice, and the prevailing opinion on this forum is that it's usually best ignored. And it's not informative anyway ("I think we should switch to long passes", umm ok why? "I don't see so-and-so being able to switch the play to the opposite flank", umm ok why?) I also agree that it would help to be able to test things out on a training ground. It would be very illuminating. I'd love to be able to see that my winger's crossing training is paying off, or that our set piece training is helping, or that my guys are confused by my tactics. It's impossible to see this in matches where the opponent and circumstances change every week.
  11. At least in my experience, on any mentality above Standard they absolutely will not pass backward. And if they have no forward pass options, then they'll dribble forward into packs of defenders and lose the ball. On Defensive it's much, much better. Standard and Defensive is now what I use 90% of the time.
  12. If you've made a promise of more first team football, does the player have to start? I have trouble with this...
  13. I'd be happy if they improved the crowd noise. All they have is one sample of 20,000 people even if you're playing semi pro ball in front of a hundred fans. It's a bit absurd... I agree that commentary would be a herculean effort, and it doesn't really make sense anyway. Why would we as managers on the touchline be hearing commentary?
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