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  1. If I may pile on the UI a little more: regardless of the workflow and all the clicks, it's also very...gray. Probably making matters worse is that I'm Colorado, so the whole game is purple and gray gray gray... I feel a little depressed looking at it. Dressing room especially (grayest screen in a game ever!) Also the blur confuses my eyes, but that's another issue...
  2. I don't want to miss an opportunity to complain about this. And Miles's justification reveals that he hasn't the faintest idea what our complaint even is (nobody is arguing for putting a 2D photo on the 3D figure). And who cares about the title screen anyway? It's absolutely baffling.
  3. Yes! Ok good, someone gets what I'm saying. I get what you're saying too, about the shouts creating immersion.
  4. Right, I know what it's for, but that wasn't my point. My point was there's no downside to clicking on "concentrate!", so there's no interesting decision to be made about whether to click it or not. So it becomes a chore of "ok my team just scored, time to go click the concentrate button". I think it offers no gameplay value. It's like having a driving game that has a button to fasten the seatbelt. Drivers certainly do fasten seat belts, and they certainly are important. That is not enough reason to put it in the game. Just my opinion. I understand that people might like the
  5. It's a large part of the reason I play FMT. Can't you just delegate the responsibility for this to your assistant? I feel he stuffs up, then it's an issue but otherwise it gets you round all this stuff. Agreed, you can always delegate stuff to your assistant, though that's also unsatisfying. Then you're watching the game play itself. I just think it's not good design. It's more and more bloat. I counted up the possible team talk choices once and I think it was 27, considering the combinations of mood + message. And that's not including specific defenders/midfielders/attackers ta
  6. Yep these are my thoughts too. The least satisfying and most chore-like parts of the game are all these interactions. And the forums are full of posts complaining about how a team talk ruined a game, and likewise full of posts about how team talks have barely any effect. The game is too opaque for people to tell. To me every press conference and team talk is just me clicking stuff by rote and thinking "bah ok whatever who cares". I am a little baffled that they've decided FM needs even more of this.
  7. If you've made a promise of more first team football, does the player have to start? I have trouble with this...
  8. Yep they typically use about 8 each game. And no, I'm using the default database. Will check the bugs forum...
  9. Gateshead have moved from 13th to 6th now with their ten Championship players. I know one thing--I feel like a sucker for having only 3 loans. I won't repeat this mistake next season. I'm surprised though...nobody knows what I'm talking about?
  10. Yeah I don't know....it's February 2019.
  11. Then I am confused...why do my loan rules say this: Nothing about a limit on number of players. Just a limit on number of players from the same club...
  12. So in my save Gateshead in vanarama national has 10 (!) loan players (mostly from Newcastle and Birmingham). They pretty much spank everyone they play now... I didn't even realize that was allowed (I thought there was a limit, but now I can't find one). Does this seem right?
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