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  1. Good Thread mate. Slovakia 2nd Division is hard to play, specially in the Promotion phase. Good Luck
  2. Great improvement on the second half of the season. Glad you make it
  3. Good aqquisiotions for your team. The Swedish yong kid seems to have potencial. The liberian guy seems to be the better transfer. Hope you can do better than last season. Boa sorte
  4. Not a great start. Sobis should be a good add to the team. You should reflect now what could be better for your team: getting to the playoff's or restructure the team with a top pick on the draft. Good luck
  5. It's strange Porto B (a north team) being on 2nd division south. Great start on the season It's alway hard against top league teams on the cup, maybe next year you'll be more lucky
  6. Good luck on Louletano. II division South is usually more easy if there aren't the B Teams on the same division. It gets a lot harder on Segunda Liga
  7. Great season so far. Zozulya was a great signing. Shaktar usually get big adavantage point on Ukraine. Keep on the good work
  8. Congrats to avoid relagation ! The SS of the key players are with fixtures and table Good luck on the new season
  9. Congrats on the promotion. It seems like second half of the season was tough ... Next season is going to be difficult ... Good luck
  10. I must say that on FM Ukraine leagues are one of my favourites... Although i always like Metalurg, i wish good luck on Chornmorets. It's hard to fight shaktar...
  11. That's what i call loyalty to a club. 2041 and you're still there! 3 championships in a row. Great carreer
  12. Good start You have some good youth prospects there
  13. Yesterday i rad this carrer since the first page. Great carrer Keep on going on Levski. How can you have 2 games in onde day?
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