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  1. You don't get paid while on ban in general... Still FIFA went way to easy on someone who did this 3 times...if it was someone with lesser football status, they would have get at least 12+ months...shameful..
  2. This is first FM that i didn't purchase since early 90's, and living in USA i use to order from UK (didn't want WSM ) and had no problems paying almost double price for it. But after all of reports on this forums about ME bugs , i passed it. Hopefully SI will fix ME, and till then game is not must buy anymore, sadly.FM 12 and FM 10 can cover it just fine.
  3. Well, i can't say that it didn't improve, but not by much..Only reason that i have mentioned 2010 was because that was the last time that i left club that i started career with.After that i just didn't have heart to do same to my other teams that i have played. One of the Italian Seria 2a with insecure balance ,no sugar daddy and 1000 seats pitch was signing players to the point that they ended up with 60+ players under contract (plus youth)- just example as the whole league was doing similar.I just don't see that being reasonable. If they make changes that make more (or any ) sense sure, but in 90% of cases it leads to complete downgrade or destruction of team in question.
  4. It's nothing new , i had same situation in FM 2010 with Bournemouth. AI base their player valuation on reputation and not team need.It's something that is way overdue for SI to rebuild from ground up(Manager's AI that is), because AI's team building is downright terrible right now.
  5. Technically , you can run Steam on as many PC's as you want to at the same time, as long you are in offline mode on all of them but one or none(meaning all pc's offline).Only one PC can have Steam online at the time. But if you are planing to use multiplayer(in any game), then it can be only one at the time per account. Exceptions are games that have third party Steam like program in addition to Steam , like Games for Windows live and to some extent Origin and Uplay.Those you can only run one at the time.
  6. Yeah sadly you can't just edit rules for existing leagues Otherwise i would love to change it to rules from pre-Bosman era.I still can't swallow today's rules that allow team to field 11 non domestic players...
  7. I have a question , where can i changed opacity of in-match widgets? I can't see a thing with these see through ones, since my eyesight is not that great... Thanks
  8. Eh, nwm now is asking me to sign into byte defender and i am keep getting offline, no internet connection popup....and what exactly is "offline mode"? That is after i copied skins folder into drm folder....i'll try again later today if i get this byte defender online again
  9. I did copy all the files and folders and still got that message window. I am not complaining. i can run game , with byte defender(if i exclude it from Norton ..just providing feedback here, and also wondering what is "offline mode" that i am getting ..lol
  10. Yeah , i am getting message window "not able to create empty file". .After i restored original FM.exe, byte defender is telling me that internet connection is not available and it's switching me to "offline mode" (what is that ?)I can start game though, but not sure if offline mode is doing making something different.
  11. Just wanted to give you an update. My Norton suite 360 today updated virus base(it auto updates every day) and then quarantined FM.bzz again when i started game. However, after i made an exclusion for that file game worked fine. Still , it means that new virus db update for Norton doesn't necessarily contains solution for Bytesheild. P.S. just to confirm...if i lose internet connection in middle of game , does that means that game will stop working till connection is restored?If so how is this different from Ubisoft draconian online drm?
  12. I agree with that.Right now it doesn't appear to be any downfall for selling club icon. I am sure if that there would be all kinds of downfall if someone tries to sell/release players like Maldini or Raul out of their clubs, for example.That should be better represented in FM somehow.
  13. - I would like to see Ass Man giving more accurate inputs, specially Team talks feedbacks. As it is now , he is mostly blind and deaf when it comes to that. - Some feedback from team captain after the match would be nice to.He is captain after all. - To have option of your player ,possibly, chasing down referee around the pitch like headless chicken and flapping their hands around him.Every time when their ego gets to them , there should be percentage chance of them doing that - Add "inflated ego " mentality to some players , so they can go "mental" on referee after the game.
  14. Would like to see : - Liga 3 (15 groups) Spain - Liga 3 - Turkish one (this one is hard to gather info about , i know) -German Oberliga -Seria D in Italy - actualy would be nice to have one more tier in almost all leagues that only have 2-3 Tiers represented here.. - Fix British leagues,meaning lower them down to realistic lvl (England national team should be junk as it is in reality, and Scottish teams are doing way to good in CL) - Curb down clubs finances , it is so easy to make money in medium and high class teams. -It would be nice to give option of having pre- Bosman rules,as part of game setup.(if you can have Harchester , why not that also, at least it's more close to reality)
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