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  1. Low d-line and high pressing? Pressing starts when the opposition enters Chelsea's perimeter?
  2. Has anyone succeeded in replicating their passing pattern in FM 15? They have a passing success of 85,8 % (!), 54 % averaege posession, combined with this distribution of passes to types of passing: post image online"] post image online[/url]
  3. my_heroine: thank you for the good contribution. I tried my self (sorry dont have the screenshot here), but I placed Fabregas and Matic at the DM position with the roles respectively being DLP (S) and A (D), I had the three upfront on AM, AML and AMR positions with the one on the left having attack duty and the two others on support...
  4. Thank you but the excact same information was added yesterday after input from Cleon. Se the updated post on the top containing various stats.
  5. Thanks mate, good suggestion, I will add those to the forum. Many of the screenshots on top come from w.s
  6. Cool. Are you trying to replicate how they play in real life this season, though? I see you're using a winger. But in most screenshots taken during this season, it seems Chelsea's wide men upfront are more narrow compared to the full backs e.g. Won't a winger be more wide?
  7. General comment: sorry, I haven't had the time yet to supplement the posts on top, but I will do so as soon as I get the time. In the meantime: You have a point. They play different against the top teams. It seems they have different approaches to the different top teams as well. It was interesting to see how they played against Spurs last night. As a Spurs fan I want to say that "we" after coming behind played well enough to keep the ball (we also had most of the ball at 0-0), but I think this was a concious strategy from Chelsea. One of you also mentioned that Mourinho likes to attack on
  8. Nice input mate. I dont think they use counter attack this year. At least not the same degree. According to the table at the top they only have 1 goal this season from counter attack. But it could be about how they measure attacks...
  9. I'm not a native English speaker, brawla123. Do you mean the pressure Chelsea put on the opposition or the other way around? In the article above from outsideoftheboot they say the following about Chelsea's pressure on Liverpool: "In terms of the way Chelsea were looking to press, they were quite aggressive, but not over the top. A lot of teams like to pressure the man on the ball in an effort to directly win the ball from him, but Chelsea were trying to stop Liverpool passing the ball forward. Instead of going and attacking the man on the ball, their players were happy enough to mark and b
  10. EPLindex has a great article (http://eplindex.com/61314/chelsea-liverpool-changes-form-fortune.html) on Chelsea. Read it if you have the time. I borrowed a photo which shows some of the differences from last season to this: 20mb image hosting"] 20mb image hosting[/url] The screenshot below tells us how the players moved against Liverpool. The pictures derives from this article which I recommend to read if you have the time: http://outsideoftheboot.com/2014/11/10/tactical-analysis-liverpool-1-2-chelsea-blues-successfully-press-to-prevent-build-up-play/ hosting image"] hosting image[/ur
  11. image post"] image post[/url] upload pictures online"] upload pictures online[/url] image upload no limit"] image upload no limit[/url] free photo hosting"] free photo hosting[/url] print screen"] print screen[/url] free pic"] free pic[/url] Source: www.whoscored.com
  12. I thought it would be interested to try and replicate Mourinho's Chelsea side, based on how they play and have played this season. The posession-based game seems to get more attention, but Chelsea seem real solid in this years PL campaign. More to come Feel free to start the discussion even though everything's not ready yet Edit: added a pole. It may be silly, but I want to experiment with something.
  13. Great thread. I have a question. In another thread, one guy stated that tempo in FM was all about how fast the team went from defense to offense and not how fast they played the ball togheter. It is my interpretation that this statement is in conflict with your reasoning her. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this matter.
  14. Good track record. Give feedback when you've tested Malcom in your system also with info on how you'll play your amc now that Malcom's a trequartista up front.
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