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  1. Congrats to the winner and thanks to @Readingfanman for running it
  2. As usual. It is the well behaved, genuine fans that have suffered. The policing question is definitely one that should be answered.
  3. Exactly. I remember looking at it with five minutes to go and at that point England had one penalty taker on the pitch and that was Kane. The only thing I found strange was Rashford and Sancho were ready to come on as the second half of extra-time kicked off so I'm not sure why they waited so long to get them on.
  4. Southgate did say the penalty choices were on him so that should be good enough to be honest. Maybe Gareth should stay away from anything to do with penalties!
  5. Southgate definitely seems to lack that ruthless streak when it comes to going for games and finishing teams off but he will have learned a lot from this tournament as well as all of the players. He was criticised for being too cautious in the early games and ultimately that has cost him but at the same time it is a great achievement to get to the final and no disgrace to be beaten by a very good Italian side. It's easy to let the negatives take over but on the whole it has been an excellent tournament. There is a major championship every two years so I would be very surprised if England don't get very close again in the next 10 years with the crop of players they have.
  6. I flicked over to ITV to see Ian Wright doing exactly the same thing! It was worth it for the look on Roy Keane's face though!
  7. Nope. As usual there is no analysis. The best pre-match stuff has been on 5live. They have had James Horncastle on quite a bit who follows Italian football for the Athletic.
  8. It is hard to disagree with Southgate but it does seem like a very defensive selection. Like you say, we don't know until it plays out in front of us.
  9. I'm not sure that is the best way to go. I watched the ITV preview last night and there was some really good insight from Gary Neville. With Kane dropping deep he can bring Chiellini and Bonucci out creating space in behind for Sterling and Saka/Sancho. By going to a back three you are taking that possibility away unless you are going to use the wing backs to get in behind but they haven't done that all tournament. Also, are three CBs needed?
  10. Just seen the scenes from Wembley. There are definitely some fans that aren't going to see the game!
  11. What do we all think for the actual game? It's going to be tight isn't it? I can definitely see ET and penalties.
  12. The worst thing was when Matterface appealed to everyone to watch the final on ITV, implying it would be bad luck if they didn't! As well as telling people to go out and do whatever they want!
  13. I thought that was really impressive from England tonight. They showed a bit of everything to win that game. I'm chuffed for Southgate, he deserves this as much as anyone else.
  14. I don't have BT Sport so thankfully I don't have to watch him very often! A swap for Gary Neville would be great.
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