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  1. I just think there was so much going on after she died. Charles was here, there and everywhere in the days following her death. I understand that is the protocol but it has been a very long, drawn out process. Everything being cancelled and shut doesn't make sense to me either but that isn't the fault of the royal family.
  2. I definitely agree with what you are saying but the argument would be it doesn't reflect modern day enough. Which probably leads to a wider discussion around whether the royal family have really moved with the times. It will be really interesting to see if Charles looks to change that and if William will now have a bit more influence on things.
  3. I was waiting for Everybody Loves Raymond on C4 this morning! I don't get it at all. It was even written into Operation London Bridge or whatever it is called.
  4. The thing is, they actually have! The terrestrial TV stations aren't allowed to show any comedy programmes until after the funeral! Utterly bizarre.
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