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  1. Really sorry to hear that. My cousin was killed in a car crash a few years ago. We were really close and he left a wife and three kids. I remember getting the phonecall off my Auntie when it happened and she asked me to be the 'strong one' and let everyone know. I really took that to heart and I hardly ever cried throughout that time. I would consider myself quite an emotional person so I did find it strange. I think we all deal with things in our own way to the surprise of ourselves sometimes. It has come out in different ways since then but nothing major. I think I just processe
  2. Jorg


    As long as we can replay our game against Australia from the 2015 World Cup. Yes, it still hurts!
  3. Jorg


    I find the reaction to the decisions yesterday hilarious. England can consider themselves unlucky but let's not pretend they deserved to win that game! Their discipline is shocking and has been for a long time. Only themselves to blame. Pivac made a really good point, when you give away so many penalties you would expect a yellow card at some point.
  4. The thing with English conditions is it is usually the over head conditions that play a part as well. Nobody can control those (depending on your belief system of course). There is also the question of money. It isn't really in the best interests of the ECB if all the Test matches last a couple of days. I think it will be a much better series.
  5. Good to hear. Keep us updated with how you are getting on and if it starts to get too much please reach out.
  6. Great post. I would like to think my reaction to the game would have been as strong if England had won and I think it would because I love Test cricket. That wasn't Test cricket, it was a game of chance more than anything else. However, it shouldn't cover up our inadequacies against spin. They have been evident for a long time and are just highlighted in conditions like these. Aggers spoke really well before. What sort of advert is this game for Test cricket? At a time when Test cricket is under threat from every other form of the game and that is the advert for it. It should b
  7. To be honest. I'm glad it will be over today because I don't think I could take any more of them without my mental health suffering.
  8. Yeah, I was going to say that. Archer really frustrates me to be honest. He doesn't look like he wants to be there half the time.
  9. I would probably go pitch, shots and bowling in that order. Cook just made a good point. Root is a decent bowler but has picked up five wickets!
  10. Another example of him seeing what he wants to see. Hopefully someone actually calls it out for what it is.
  11. Our 1st innings has cost us though. We definitely didn't bat well enough after winning the toss. We should have got 200 at least which would have meant a 130-140 run lead as things stand.
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