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  1. What is the actual date? December 3rd 2027 Who is current holder of champions league? Tottenham (I managed them to their 2nd PL/CL Double in 3 years by beating Man Utd in the CL Final and left for Barcelona afterwards) Who is current holder of Europa League? Inter Milan Most expensive transfer on your game to date is? €66M Euros for a regen named Rui Goncalves. I went a little crazy when I got hired by Barcelona. Current England manager? Pep Guardiola (He got them to the Final of the 2026 World Cup. They lost to France on penalties. I am also France manager. ) Current Man Utd manager? Andre Villas Boas (He left Barcelona for Man Utd when Jose Mourinho retired. Barcelona finished 6th in his final season, so I am currently managing Barcelona in the freaking Europa League. He currently has Man Utd in 6th. I give him 2 seasons at United, tops.) The top 5 in your league are? Barcelona (me), Real Madrid, Zaragoza, Real Betis, Atletico Madrid What player has the highest value? Can't tell you. I'm doing this all from memory.
  2. EXACTLY. This is exactly how I signed Dempsey himself to Portland Timbers when his contract ran out.
  3. I saw flares during a MLS match, which was a bit of a shock considering how rare they are here.
  4. 2019 North American Champions League. I am 3-time defending MLS Champions Portland Timbers playing Chivas (the REAL Chivas, not the clown college in LA) in the 2nd leg of the NACL semifinals. I pipped them 1-1 in a match that I really should've won...so imagine my surprise when we go down to Mexico and get HAMMERED 5-0. Nearly everybody in defense (GKs, CBs, FBs, & DMs) had a 5 or less rating. I wasn't even mad, I was impressed at the fact that my players could lay that big of an egg.
  5. Back in FM 12, I was playing as Vancouver vs. the Galaxy & I was down a couple of goals in the 2nd half of the 2nd leg of the Western Conference Finals (the final round before MLS Cup). So, I got desperate played a 4-2-4...with 4 strikers up top, 2 central midfielders, and 4 defenders, on overload with a rigid style. The 4 strikers were set to attack, the FBs were on attack, and everybody else was on support. It was defensive suicide, and now I'm realizing that it was a completely idiotic tactic and we should've gotten scored on loads of times. However, we ended up making up the difference. As soon as we drew level in the tie, I went back to my normal tactic and played for penalties. We got it to penalties, and lost. I still can't believe that crazy tactic actually worked for the short time that I used it. I'd never use it for a full game, though.
  6. Won MLS with Portland and they built a new stadium. Now we've got the 2nd largest stadium in the league, only behind Seattle. Granted, it has gotten a little ridiculous now because Houston built a new stadium..........3 years after moving into BBVA Compass Stadium. :confused:
  7. THIS. The only time I will ever use "Aggressively: I expect you to win this match" is when we're playing lower league competition. Otherwise, they'll think it's a walk and then we'll see what many people in this thread are complaining about. Complacency also goes for the managers as well; you can't expect that it's gonna be a walk. I try to make sure that we focus on attacking & I tweak my tactics for that match to be as attacking as possible so that we overwhelm the weaker foe.
  8. Have you asked the board for more time? In one of my saves I avoided the sack after a TERRIBLE season thanks to the board basically telling me "Okay we were crap this season but we'll forget about it." Huge relief.
  9. No, he's talking about language issues between the managers & the players. If your manager is from a country that doesn't speak the language that most of the players know, you're gonna have a few problems until your manager picks up the language. Plus, this type of team talk normally comes down to the situation. If you're in the title race and you're up by a slender margin on a team who you should be beating by more, it would be the perfect time to use it. If you're playing a team that's probably equally matched (which would be the case with Arsenal & Tottenham I guess; idk how the league is in your save right now), then the "complacency" talk would be the wrong thing to use, try saying that you're happy with them being up.
  10. For anybody else playing in MLS, has anybody noticed that the trade offers have gotten significantly better? AI has gone from the extremely insulting "$150k take it or leave it" offers to now actually negotiating from $300k & up, even adding draft picks and international slots when I had to wring their arm for them to add either. Either way, now I'm actually looking at the trade offers than simply just clicking "X" for every trade offer because of the pitiful $150k offer. Good job on fixing that, whoever's in charge of MLS. Also, the dark skin is the sex.
  11. Agreed. The last ME update was A-OK in my book aside from only a small number of minor problems & this one seemed to have ironed those out. Of course, there will be some more bugs that need ironed out, but it's really looking like SI are on the right track. Really don't get the people who are saying that this has been unplayable. It's still a very fun game.
  12. The one thing I wanted fixed (defenders treating balls crossed into the box as the plague) got fixed, so I'm pretty happy with this update. That impending sense of doom when your player/opposition makes a run on the wing has finally gone away.
  13. 2D = 3D. It's all the same. I still watch the games in 2D (w/ replays in 3D) because I'm old school.
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