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  1. tiesto13

    The Great Gammon Debate

    I think the original wall of gammon wasn’t really sneering at working class people it was more sneering at middle England. Don’t really know how it’s typically used now though tbf
  2. tiesto13


    Ok, new world up and running! is the IP for anyone who hasn't already played on the server and anyone who has should already be whitelisted. If you haven't, PM me your user name and I'll whitelist you
  3. tiesto13


    Will reboot the server now then
  4. tiesto13


    Happy to reset the server and start afresh if that is what people want to do. I've got a copy of the saved game, its about 1gb in size though... not sure how the easiest way to transfer it to you is...
  5. tiesto13


    Is my server, just tried restarting it, let me know if you're still struggling to get on
  6. Is that entirely true? He actually has quite a good series of videos where he goes out and talks with people like Alistair Campbell/Anna Soubry/Nick Clegg/Andrew Adonis/Peter Hitchins and manages to have a civil interesting discussion with them.
  7. I use the discover weekly playlist on spotify a lot. Even if I only save down 3-4 tracks and then investigate one of those bands properly a week thats still a lot of new music over the course of a year. Me and my friends also set up an album club this year. Every week someone posts an album on a whatsapp group and by the end of the week we all have to listen to it 3 times and give our thoughts on it.
  8. Personally I think Spotify is one of the best value products of all time. £120 a year for unlimited access to pretty much all the music ever made. Compare that to what £120 would have gotten me previously and its a completely different ball game.
  9. Wait a second, I'm losing track of these false flags. Is this in relation to the Syria incident or the spy incident?
  10. tiesto13

    The most famous person from your school

    Just looked this up. From a secondary school with 1250 pupils at any one time, the best we seem to have done is a couple of second rate tennis players, an olympic gold medalist in womens hockey) and the Blossom twins (pro wrestlers apparently)
  11. tiesto13

    How do you view the BBC?

    I’d argue that in certain views Ian Hislop is quite right wing.
  12. tiesto13

    How do you view the BBC?

  13. tiesto13

    How do you view the BBC?

    I've never bought the whole Kuenssberg is biased chat. Just seems like loyal Corbynites unable to take any criticism of their messiah. And wasn't the hat business all proven to be a massive storm in a teacup by newsnight?
  14. Ah yes, the good old Weyland Corp approach to economics (1. Capture the universe's most dangerous, uncontrollable creature. 2. ??? 3. Profit.) Or in this case, 1. Declare war in incredibly far flung difficult place to go to war. 2. ??? 3. Profit I'm not denying that the relationship between the military, the state and the defence industry in the US is way to close and likely corrupt but the US is far from dependent on its defence industry to keep its economy alive. Its allies even less so. And don't quote ******** statistics to support your argument. If the US government spent 54% of its yearly budget on the military it would be spending a couple of trillion a year on its military which it definitely isn't. In truth, it spends about 16% of its budget and about 5% of GDP on its military.