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  1. Post your FM16 tycoon saves here.
  2. I recommend promoting Sane. He is VERY good for me. Sold Draxler as Bayern activated the clause, got patrick herrmann in as a replacement has been just as good for me. So far sitting pretty at top spot, sold and bought a few players. Most of the core is still there sold Santana and a few older players, got Romero (Both Romero's Lucas and Gaston Gil) and have Kevin Vogt coming in Jan (in November 2nd season at the moment) I like midfielders as you can probably tell.
  3. It's certainly false. Not sure what anti virus software you lot are using but I'd suggest replacing it for a better one.
  4. Just upload them guys. I will start.. Real Sociedad Tycoon, Jan 2015 Link : https://www.sendspace.com/file/i48erx Let me know if you use it and how you get on.
  5. Anyone seen any yet? I haven't and i'm quite further down in my save.
  6. Last Record Update 11 minutes ago (October 23, 2014 – 13:30:42 UTC)
  7. Gerd if you still have the Empoli save I will have that please. Tried to takeover that Sweden team takeover save and forwarded it to December however I got a board takeover not a tycoon. Thank you.
  8. Could do with a few tycoon takeovers any new ones out there?
  9. The second season is when it gets really interesting, you get 100m+ to spend which allows you to shape the squad how you want it. The squad needs alot of work it must be said defence is quite average, midfield is decent with Kondogbia and Moutinho and upfront you have Falcao. Only real creativity you have is Moutinho.. It's a good save but be prepared to see out the first season.
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