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  1. Loving this thread. You could give some of that budget to other Welsh clubs to see if they can bump up and attract better talent.
  2. Always a pleasure to follow this, but I wish you would go back to Kafra 1 and just struggle to the top *But I understand it's up to you how you play.
  3. I know your budget is £1800, but I reckon you'd be able to find a laptop easily suiting your needs for roughly £1000 at most.
  4. Wanting a laptop really, budget is at tops £900. I'll be looking to do it on finance as well. Want something that allows me to play FM17, AOE without any issues, the full amount of leagues etc. Also, I like to use packs for trophies/club logos etc so what would the laptop need in order to run this smoothly? Otherwise, I use it for studying and browsing. I had this (http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-k556uq-core-i7-7500-12gb-512gb-ssd-geforce-gtx-940m-dvd-rw-15.6-inch-w-k556uq-dm1024t/version.asp) recommended to me due to the SSD (which he said would be beneficial) but I'm open to other su
  5. To get 8 from 12 though is a pretty good month, even if you are playing badly.
  6. Saw that a new guy was going to partner Jordan Sykes... immediately typed out an angry message about you reloading KUTGW Paul
  7. Hoping for promotion, just a little bit of consistency will do it. Rooting for you AH.
  8. Oh man I want to see you further up the leagues but tier 8 haunts you! Is there any chance you could get promotion next year?
  9. I hope you somehow overachieve before the new year sacking spree and another side takes a chance on you!
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