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  1. Loving this thread. You could give some of that budget to other Welsh clubs to see if they can bump up and attract better talent.
  2. Great work Jamie, what you paying out in wages in comparison to the other clubs?
  3. Always a pleasure to follow this, but I wish you would go back to Kafra 1 and just struggle to the top *But I understand it's up to you how you play.
  4. I know your budget is £1800, but I reckon you'd be able to find a laptop easily suiting your needs for roughly £1000 at most.
  5. FM should really introduce something where you can ask your DoF to find players that play in a certain position/role/certain cost etc. Nothing worse than a DoF trying to sign wingers when you play a narrow diamond.
  6. And people wonder why this part of the forum is especially quiet. Ozil is one of the, if not the best tactical contributor around on the forums and he's raised a legitimate issue (with evidence) which has allowed people to discuss these issues. If people think the 4-4-2 is unplayable, let them discuss that. If people want to discuss tactics to beat the system, let them do that. Don't go around locking threads because A: you disagree with their point of view or B: it doesn't suit the attitude of posters who think the ME is great.
  7. As long as they are optional in some form, then yeah sure.
  8. Same manager for me. Normally in my saves I retire managers if they're obviously too old, but this challenge is different
  9. Can't you start playing in the league more often? For this challenge to progress (at this stage anyway) you need to be winning the title every year. Especially as the other sides aren't doing anything
  10. Love this type of thread and I've got the night off so I'm gonna go through and read it throughout
  11. Wanting a laptop really, budget is at tops £900. I'll be looking to do it on finance as well. Want something that allows me to play FM17, AOE without any issues, the full amount of leagues etc. Also, I like to use packs for trophies/club logos etc so what would the laptop need in order to run this smoothly? Otherwise, I use it for studying and browsing. I had this (http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-k556uq-core-i7-7500-12gb-512gb-ssd-geforce-gtx-940m-dvd-rw-15.6-inch-w-k556uq-dm1024t/version.asp) recommended to me due to the SSD (which he said would be beneficial) but I'm open to other suggestions. Currently got a Toshiba Satellite, know it has a i7 processor but can't remember the full name. It allows me to have 80,000 ish players on FM and close to 30 leagues for 2 stars performance. PS. I know very little about specs and stuff!
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