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  1. Unless you provide screenshots and more details of the fault there's not a lot i can do to help - just saying they dont work is next to useless because they do work so I really need to know what you have done to make them not work. Have you checked the files in your zip program, have you been through all the floders and checked all the files are there? Were there any errors on extraction? do you have any other logos installed? Have you put them in the right place? I could go on but i need to know everything before trying to fix the problem.
  2. I cant as the mods will just remove it - there's no direct link so Google will have to do.
  3. Yeah It's a shame that everyone downloading the Torrent does not seed to at least 100%.
  4. The MLS one is in the current FM database - the other were for a custom db maybe so you can just ignore them as they wont make any difference.
  5. It's 2.5 gig - do you know anyone who provides free hosting and enough bandwidth to cope with thousands of downloads?
  6. Yes there is a new pack put right now - It's a Torrent only until i get the split file version up. The Torrent link will be in the OP If I am allowed to post it there, but for now go to Sortitoutsi.net and get it there.
  7. Yes - If you're up to date just copy/paste it over into your FM12 folder. There will be an update very soon to bring it up to the full FM12 pack.
  8. Cant mate as I dont have direct links Visit the support threads at Sortitoutsi.net and get the new pack. FM11 logos work fine in FM12 for anyone wondering.
  9. We have had issues with the new pack which I apologize for. I will have new download links up as soon as possible.
  10. Haha yeah - I think I'm gonna make it a long term game taking Kesgrave FC into Europe The new FM12 pack will be coming very soon so dont worry. Updates will start very soon as I am already adding as many new logos as I can get my grubby mitts on.
  11. If you are up to date with the current packs then simply copy/paste it into FM12 - Any new pack will be the current one with all the updates and will be primarily for newcomers and those who update yearly.
  12. Seeding the torrent is always a problem once a few months have gone by - FM12 will no doubt be well seeded initially.
  13. Yes - as long as the sizes are the same you can just copy/paste the entire folder into FM12
  14. Yep all of England is done so it looks like an install problem - make sure you have them in the SI\Documents folder not the program one.
  15. If you are unsure then the simplest way is to extract all the files into a destination folder of your own making, say Docs\fm logos. Then just cut 'n' paste the Football Manager 2011 folder of each update over the main pack until you have done all the updates. Then just cut the whole Football Manager 2011 folder and paste it into your Documents\Sports Interactive folder and youre done - it will not overwrite or alter any files in that folder. Your graphics folder should then have this structure... Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\graphics\pictures\logos\Metallic Logos FM11.
  16. Well i could put direct links, but that would defeat the point of them being a site exclusive. Shame it's come to this.
  17. I'm still waiting for my village team to make its way into FM
  18. All English teams in the database are coverered - most English clubs not assigned to England are also done.
  19. Sorry, but because of the size it has to be that way until I can get free hosting for a 2.5 gb file. If you mean the Filefront files, you need all 3 to get them to work.
  20. Working fine here - is it just that one, or are there others not working for you? I've been unable to access the forums until now - Updates 7 & 8 are available from the OP link.
  21. Yeah I'll have a look at that Callyman. Update 6 is now available from the link in the OP - some examples
  22. Go into Display Preferences and untick the 'show id' box. CL logo is in the pack, but you will need an lnc file to fix the names on the fly so try this one http://www.sortitoutsi.net/forum/topic/47125-fm11-susie-real-names-for-clubs-competitions-and-awards-fix-updated-for-113/
  23. Update 5 released - links in the OP.
  24. Well my FM is also Steam downloaded and I'm also using Vista so thats not the problem. If you have installed them correctly then they will work fine so all i can say is delete the folder and start again, but please put them in the right place and there's no need to create any folders yourself as that may mess things up as well. Oh, and where on earth did this Metallic Skin come from?
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